Monday, July 21, 2014

Happy Birthday Olfa! And the Winner is ----


We had 994 entries for our Olfa 35th anniversary giveaway!

I LOVED reading the stories that came in through the comments on how you first encountered the wonder of the rotary cutter.

I can’t live without my rotary cutter, I use it every day.

This morning when I went to use the random number generator --- can you believe it took me FIVE tries to find someone who had left their contact info??

I am so sorry for persons # 1 through #4 ---signed as either anonymous, or just a name like JANE but no email address to be able to contact you.

This isn’t the time for reminding, but if you don’t leave a contact email, or if it isn’t linked to your google profile – we have to draw again!  Remember that next time!

So…without further ado, our lucky winner –NUMBER five!!

Comment number 521!!


Lynn Czar!

Lynn, your comment linked to your Google+ profile so I left you a message there.  Please get back to me via EMAIL with your snail mail address and I’ll get the info on to Olfa for you.

There will be an Olfa goodie box winging your way soon!

This girl is home and in the basement. 

It’s a desk day.

It’s a get book orders out day.

It’s a “let’s clean the really messy side of the basement day”  but ONLY if I get to it…there is a table piled with fabric that needs to be sorted, folded and put away.

And of course that leads me down the path of “I HAVE TOO MUCH FABRIC!!!  I CAN’T BUY ANYMORE!!”  But of course, I know I will.

I am weak.

I have no willpower to resist.

I am heading to London in a couple of weeks and there is Liberty on the menu!!

Happy Monday everyone!

Oh yes…Quilt-Cam tomorrow night? 9pm Eastern?  Let’s plan on it!

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  1. I think you may be tempted by all the traders at the Festival of Quilts you are going to in Birmingham!

  2. too funny but true, we all tell ourselves the same and then do the same....have fun at liberty!

  3. Anonymous9:45 AM EDT

    Liberty of London fabric...swoon! The only place I see it is in New York, and it's knocking on the door of $40 a yard now...

  4. I am always told I can never have too much fabric....I dont like holes on my shelves! :-) Congrats to Lynn :-)

  5. I guess I am weak too, but my buying habits have changed since I started following you, Bonnie. Now I don't feel the need to buy three yards of something I like. Scrap quilting is so liberating! I can even use 1/4 yard of Liberty!

  6. compared to my friends I didn't have a very big stash to begin with...and I've been on the fabric wagon since 2001. I'm thinking I may see pretty much the end of the bulk of it some time in 2016.

    What I have introduced? Nothing but two large priority boxes of shirts :)I was blessed with by two generous ladies. I'm working with it as we speak.
    Sharyn in Kalama

  7. This mention of Liberty of London got me looking them up online. Last summer when I was in Lancaster PA I picked up 2 pieces of floral fabric just because they worked with a color story that I was attracted to. Both pieces look alot like the Tan a Lawn designs I saw online: Feedsack by Sara Morgan www.bluehillfabrics.com and 1001 Henley Flowers Outline Floral by the Henley Studio Makower UK. I don't recall exactly what I paid for them, but I was definitely bargain shopping. Absolutely no where near $40/yd!!

    Happy Shopping!

  8. hudsonzoo2:35 PM EDT

    Have a friend in SC that was born in Scotland and lived in England in her late teens, till her late 20's before Marring and moving to USA. She could not believe the difference in the fabric prices and still can't. Enjoy England and have fun for those of us who can't be with you. I finally joined through the google account hope this works.

  9. Anonymous2:54 PM EDT

    Leaving for Clifftop west virgina at the end of the week. I love to visit new quilt shops, I consider a small purchase as a thank you and I hope you are here next time. I try to work on additions to current scrap quilt, Christmas small gift ideas or a color that is low or the thing which is calling my name. Lucky for me my husband loves to drive new places. He always brings a book and his fiddle. Cindy Langdon Michigan. Sorry I don't have identity listed

  10. I say "Yes" to quilt cam tomorrow night. Looking forward to it!

  11. Anonymous3:35 PM EDT

    I've seen Libery look-alikes, even some stuff in the Garment District of NYC that was $5 a yard, but it's the delicious hand and drape of the Liberty fabric that sets it apart.

  12. I can definitely relate about too much fabric. Spent a bit of time sorting today, and barely made a dent. Hoping you did much better.

  13. Bonnie,
    I would see the historical sites in London before I spent much time at Liberty. You can get their fabrics online but you can't experience the Tower of London, St. Pauls, Westminister Abbey, etc online. Take the sightseeing bus you can jump on and off and see the sites.

  14. I got two lime green bags full from Hancocks of Paducah today! YAY!!! I got a box from Connecting Threads a few days ago and half price batting from JoAnn's a few days ago too! It's been like Merry Christmas in July to me...from me...with love..haha!! :) Oh just what I wanted! LOL! love love love fabric.
    Congrats to the winner!!! I love new cutting supplies too!!!

  15. Liberty! What we quilters LIVE for. have a winderful visit.

  16. Aw, Come on Bonnie....did ja have to spell my name in caps.....hehehe. But I be a Googler so I guess I will just accept you love my name...and Ho use my old ancient Olfa some more...congrats to the winner you will love the new "pizza cutter"

    Jane Modjeski. :0)P

  17. SO glad to see Lynn won, I knew her from the quild I use to belong to and she is a wonderful and deserving lady. Congratulations Lynn.

  18. I will have to watch the archive as I am off to pick up hubby tomorrow. I haven't seen him for 37 days. He left the day before our 30th wedding anniversary to go and help our daughter and grandson (baby sitting)who lives in Darwin her husband was on maneuvers with the army. So it will be good to actually get to see him. He has no idea that I have taken 2 days off work so I can be at the airport at 6am to pick him up he thought our children who live in Melbourne are going to pick him up.

  19. Thank you Bonnie for drawing my number! I am thrilled to pieces that I won! I also want to say to Numbers1-4, I'm sorry you didn't win. I will use my gift until it wears out, making your patterns! My husband thinks I live in my sewing room now!!!LOL


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