Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Argh Computer Issues!

I’ve spent more time on the website than I wanted to this morning.

Last week while I was in Illinois I had a thing with my paypal account that required me changing some info ---

And while I got that all to work right, I forgot that the info that I was updating also played a role in making my shopping cart on my website work.


Thanks to some emails from some frustrated shoppers, the light bulb finally went off as to what the problem was.

I’m happy to say that the shopping cart is now fixed and up and working!

If you tried to place an order on my website within the past week ----and you got this error message, please try your purchase again!

I was ever so happy when within 15 minutes of fixing it, I heard the ping of an order coming in so I know that things are back up and functional.  I apologize for any inconvenience. 

This computer stuff, what a headache and a time-suck it can be at times…but also what a wonderful tool to keep us connected the way we are.

And since I have your attention for this matter…let me remind you of Quilt-Cam tonight at 9pm!


Come to the blog at 9pm EST for the post that takes us live!

I’ve been kitting up blocks today to be able to sew tonight on what I started last night ---Yes, the spider webs will be put on hold for a while..I need a diversion!

See you then!

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  1. I spent 3 days at a Quilt Retreat basically Incognito because My Cell was out off area and wouldn't connect. Some times that can be a good thing. Glad you got your Computer troubles figured out. Getting my 12 Blocks ready to SEW during QuiltCAM tonight. I miscounted how many I power Sewed at Retreat.

  2. Thank you Bonnie for figuring it out ... I thought it was my lack of knowledge using PayPal. I'm off to set off another "ping".

    Love ya!
    Quiltygal in Mesa, AZ

  3. Mary, I'll be very incommunicado while in the UK, other than times when I'll have wifi, hopefully at hotels, so I'll be enjoying that "oh well, it's good to be away from it all" time too! :)

  4. Local quilt shop BOM blocks are cut and ready for sewing during Quilt Cam. When I finish those I'll be working on hand embroidery for a wedding gift to be given in August. Always plenty to work on.

  5. Computer issues are so frustrating. It took me a week to get the library's WebOPAC working again after Avast ate the .exe file. Main problem---the install directions for the WebOPAC program failed to mention that Internet Explorer needed to be set as the default browser in order to enter the license and activation numbers. How silly!!!

  6. Looking forward to Quilt Cam it is good that I am going to be here to enjoy it live. But I must get some other jobs done and get my sewing ready. See you soon Bonnie I might see if I can share what I am working on with you all.

  7. love your new banner photo - is it Split 9 patch??


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