Friday, July 18, 2014

Rainy Day Sewing!

It started to rain this morning.

It has not let up yet!

While no hiking or fitbit-step counting happened today due to the rather wet stuff falling from the sky, we also realized it gave us a legitimate excuse to just hunker down and sew!

We started our day out with a decadent round of hand sewing while watching “Under the Tuscan Sun” on Netflix.

It felt so much like playing hooky! 

I pressed and cut fabrics and enjoyed the movie –that doesn’t usually happen on a week day morning around here.

I have sewn eleventy thousand units ---and so far there has been no seam ripping ((at least in mass quantities)) today like there was yesterday.


Mickey’s Gone Polka Dot Crazy!


Lisa’s Been Rolling in Peppered Cottons!

These were slivers trimmed from a paper piecing project that she just couldn’t bear to toss out – and so she sewed the slivers together and it took of into a project all it’s own!  LOVE these!

As for me…oh yes, head way is being made, and for those who are speculating as to the COLORS in this year’s mystery by looking at the LINT around my feed-dogs in this morning’s photo?  Hahahahahahah!  You GUYS!  I have been string piecing on string spider web blocks, AND sewing a baby quilt for my niece, and all of those many fabrics have contributed to the lint accumulation that you saw in the photo…I had barely begun to sew mystery parts when I knew the machine needed oiling, cleaning and a new needle before continuing.

You crack me up!  Discerning possible fabric colors by LINT?!?? Hahahaha!

This little funny I am posting because I thought it was hysterical as I have lots of family in Idaho:


Mickey pulled this out of her purse and shared it with us!

Only in Idaho!  What a great visual! LOL!


Rain.   Hours later, still rain.  Mountains barely visible.

So glad we went up on the blue ridge and did our waterfall hike yesterday!

Lisa has now headed back down the mountain toward home – she has to work tomorrow so Mickey and I are once a gain a DUO.

There will be late night sewing sounds coming through the open windows of the cabin tonight…..just to let you know!

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  1. Ping pong balls, polka dots and scraps, your blog never ceases to make me smile, imakejoy@aol.com

  2. On the subject of Idaho family--how close is your mom's house to the fire currently raging near Garden Valley? Hope he r lovely
    home isn't threatened.

  3. love those peppered cottons blocks...i have that pattern on my list to use...thanks for the gorgeous preview!

  4. What a fun day you all had! I am jealous…. wish I was sewing with friends today! Love all of your projects!

  5. The project Lisa is working on has been done by paper piecing. Has she ironed her seams open and left the papers in while she pieces the blocks together

  6. Just love piecing on a rainy day -they are made for it. What else is a girl to do!? HAve fun, and sewing a lot...this weekend is supposed to be WET!

    Smiles, JuleinTN

  7. Cave Creek Maggie11:44 PM EDT

    Me thinks thou doest protesteth too much! The color lint detectives must be onto something!!! ;-)


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