Tuesday, July 15, 2014

For the Love of Yellow!

Preamble to this post:  Who is up for Quilt-Cam tonight?? 9pm Eastern!  Let’s do it!

I seem to be on a very yellow bend lately.  Or at least over the past few years!

This is Kiss in the Corner, found under the Free Patterns tab and made with chrome yellows and recycled fabrics and scraps.  Originally slated to be included in Scraps & Shirttails II, there was not enough room in the book so I offered it up as a free one.  Yep, I love yellow!

I was able to stop yesterday on my way home from Buck Mountain and match the yellow I needed for the String Spider Web.

Yellow Yellow Yellow, oh so many shades of yellow!

Did you know that the Kona Cottons sold at Joann are no different than Kona Cottons sold anywhere?  There is no such thing as different greige goods with them.  I had heard this discussion before, but I went searching for the reply that had been posted:

Found on the Missouri Quilt Co Forum:
We hope you don’t find this to be an intrusion on your privacy, but we saw this discussion, and thought we could help clear up some confusion on several issues pertaining to our Kona® Cotton Solids brand.
What is presented here is an official response from Robert Kaufman Co., Inc., to be posted and hopefully correct the inaccuracies brought to our attention, as well as answer some of the questions you might have had.
To begin with, Kona® Cotton is a brand that has been around for almost three decades. In that time, the brand has become synonymous with quality in the fabric and textile world.
Kona® Cotton Construction

Kona® Cotton is based on a standard cotton sheeting construction of 20 x 20 (20 singles) yarns and 60 x 60 thread count. However, this standard construction doesn’t provide the weight or bulk that Kona® is known for. To achieve this, we add extra yarn for a custom construction, which creates a higher thread count and adds to the overall bulk of the finished product. Our Kona® Cotton will therefore weigh more than standard cotton sheeting.

All Kona® cotton is dyed using reactive dyes and is processed and tested according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, satisfying the requirements of its product class. Click here to learn more about this testing
Country of Origin
Country of origin does not reflect upon quality whatsoever. We seek the highest quality for our Kona® Cotton brand, using only FIRST QUALITY goods, regardless of country. All of the countries we deal with are capable of producing the highest quality that we demand for our Kona® Cotton brand.
Not to be confused with Kona Cotton, Kona Premium Muslin is a high thread count muslin exclusively produced in Pakistan. Kona Cotton Solids, on the other hand, have never been produced in Pakistan, and are currently being woven and dyed in Indonesia and Thailand at mills that are capable of achieving the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. While we have discontinued production in China and Korea, some bolts may still bare those Countries of Origin on the label.
Greige Goods and the Production Process
“Greige” (pronounced “grey”) or “Greige goods” are simply terms to refer to fabric in the raw state, before bleaching, dyeing or finishing processes.
First quality goods can have variations in look and weaving pattern due to the different types of weaving machines that are used in weaving the greige goods. This difference in weave look in no way suggests a lesser quality, but only a difference in weaving style.
The first step in the dyeing process is called lab dipping. Lab dipping entails dipping a small swatch of fabric in dye to match a specific color standard. Sometimes many dips are necessary before a color is approved. Once approved, a bulk dye formulation is made. Bulk dyeing is done in lots. Lot sizes can be 2000 yards or more. This lab dipping process uses “prepared for dye” greige of the same quality that will ultimately be used for bulk production.
Robert Kaufman uses the same quality greige and dyes for all customers purchasing Kona Cotton Solids - all customers receive the same product. We have never produced a lesser grade of Kona for any customer. All seconds are rejected prior to leaving the mill.
Here are some examples of defects that would result in rejected goods:
Excessive slubs, knots, zippers, mis-weaves, contamination, holes, and color shading.
Millions of yards of Kona Cotton are produced and shipped throughout the U.S. and internationally. We are always striving to maintain the highest level of quality and provide the best product. We therefore ask you to bring to our attention any Kona Cotton that you feel does not live up to your expectations.
Please send in a 3” square swatch of the quality you feel does not meet Kona® standards. We will provide you with a detailed analysis report – the results of our testing process.
Please send your swatch to:Robert Kaufman Co., Inc.Attn: Quality Control (re: Kona test)129 W. 132nd St.Los Angeles, CA 90061Robert Kaufman Certification Badge
Did you catch that line??  I know it was long, I highlighted the important bit!

“Robert Kaufman uses the same quality greige and dyes for all customers purchasing Kona Cotton Solids - all customers receive the same product. We have never produced a lesser grade of Kona for any customer. All seconds are rejected prior to leaving the mill.” 

The Kona at Joann is the same as the Kona anywhere. But the only thing that makes it any more affordable is there is a coupon!

I bought the last 3.5 yards on the bolt, and remembered to take a photo of the bolt end so I could remember the name/color if I need more:


See that 7.99??  They actually scanned it as 8.99!!

I pointed out to the clerk at the cutting table that the bolt SAID 7.99 and that was the price I was willing to pay.  I also have a 50% off text coupon – so that brought the price down to $4.00 for me.  Still, I am shocked at how high the prices for solids have gone since they have become “popular” again.  I’ve been sewing with solids all along and was happy with the $5.00 range..boy am I grateful for my burgeoning stash!

Back to the yellow.  Several months back I misplaced a project.  An EXTREME piecing project that has taken me a couple of years to get this far.  I was just getting ready to get things to top status for inclusion in my next book ---but I could NOT find this project anywhere.  I could see it in my mind, I knew what was in the box, it was a clear project box, it should be readily visible in the studio.  NO!  I checked everywhere.  I thought it was at the cabin, HAD to be at the cabin, and I checked this week.  NO.

I panicked, wrote about it on facebook….started thinking about the last place I had worked on it – it had to be on a road trip, just had to be because the box is too big to travel in my luggage….

And then it hit me…


Would you have seen it in here?  I really can’t!

The top center bin is recycled strings.  I was working on making the string sashing for my cheddar sampler the last time I had those blocks with me…..


TADA!!  They were buried in the strings! I never would have found them!

And this is a round about way to say..yes…MORE yellow!

Florabunda also used a lot of solid yellow!  OH, I love this quilt!
Free pattern found under the Free Patterns tab above.


4 patch X from my new book MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders also uses yellow!


Lots of yellow in Blue Skies from String Fling too!

On the list today ---HAIR CUT!  The first one I’ve had since I first chopped my hair off.  I should have done it 2 weeks ago, but I’ve been too busy on my gal was booked up.  Bye bye again, hair!

The van REALLY needs a washing.  Big time.  DIRTY SHAMU.  And I may or may not have time for a pedicure.  Tomorrow morning early – I’m off to Charlotte to go get Mickey Depre!  YAY!!

See you tonight..9pm..be here!

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  1. I discovered Kona Cheddar thanks to you and I'm putting together a Cheddar bowtie top...again thanks to you! My favorite fabric store had a sale recently and I had to stock up on my Kona Cheddar and Snow. (I prefer Snow to white) Looking forward to quilt cam tonight.

    Myrna in KY.

  2. I'm so glad you found your project! Thanks for all the information on the Kona fabric. I had always purchased it at a nearby quilt shop and now that the owners retired and closed shop I can be confident in going to JoAnn's to get it there. I have not yet worked with cheddar but it's on my list!

  3. I have a lot of Kona in my stash. Your post and the Ribert Kaufman info are excellent. My only issue with Kona solids is the tendency to fray. I try to be very careful when including it in my project. Still...the colors are great.

    I wish. Could join the Web Cam all the time but when we're in our RV I'm on a limited data plan and alas I can't scream a webcam event :-(. I have thought about jumping in the car and heading to free wifi but that really wouldn't be the same...

  4. Oops, I may "scream" while quilting but I never scream while watching Bonnie's webcam. It's official, I despise auto type!

  5. Lucky enough to live near a huge independent fabric store that carries lots of Kona. Especially when they have a 20% sale! And looking forward to the new colors coming soon.

  6. I have always loved Kona Cotton and have never seen a difference either like some say the chain stores carry - to me it all felt the same, thanks for clearing that up.

  7. Thanks for the info on Kona! The Hancocks near me has Kona, too and I love getting it there. It's neat how you have worked in color phases and I love your yellows. I am still working on Celtic Solstice and it, too has great bits of yellow! Hope to make Quilt Cam tonight. Thanks.

  8. Love the yellow! So happy and makes me smile.

  9. Pat in Vermont10:02 AM EDT

    I too love yellow in quilts ! Years ago when I started quilting yellow fabric was hard to come by but we certainly have a big selection now !!!

  10. Good morning, I plan to be sewing with you tonight...I will be working on my Celtic Solstice or on my blue Kona spiderweb. See you tonight...

  11. spooky...i also need a haircut, my car also needs a cleaning AND a quilt with yellow solid is also on my list....separated at birth?

  12. Thanks for your post with the long quote about Kona Cotton. I had often wondered whether the quality of Kona at the chain stores and Kona at the independent quilt shops was the same.

    I have to say that I have never been fond of using much yellow because it reminds me of summer which is the worst season of the year in my part of Southern California. But you make yellow look great, Bonnie!

  13. I have always loved yellow and I love the Kona solids too...tried to get a bundle ordered from Paducah (sp?) this week and they were out! I have bought a lot of it from JoAnn's too...it's an hour to the nearest as of last year otherwise there wasn't one around here. I shop online a lot but the store lets you use every coupon you can come up with! and online just one...so that makes the road trip worth thinking about depending how much I need. Another color I am all of a sudden hung up on is grey!! a couple years ago I'd of probably turned it down if you gave it to me but now I have made several things with it. :) it matches everything! LOL!

  14. PS: I'm glad you posted the info on Kona...thanks. I have heard several things but I've used so much of it from JoAnn's and was happy with what I have had for years that I didn't really pay much mind to other opinions.
    Also can't wait for Quilt Cam...yay!!!

  15. Yes Yes Yes on Quilt Cam!! This gives me the boost I needed to finish organizing my sewing room so I can be ready to go! Thanks Bonnie!

  16. I'm with you on the yellow...it's my favorite happy color & so beautiful with sky blue...lavendar...red...
    Thank you for the Kona Solids information. Very interesting.
    Hope your folks are doing okay up the hill in the fires! We're hoping they are able to get things under control by the weekend...Stitch n' Snip has a batik that I want more of!

  17. yay for quilt cam!!!! Can't wait! And thank you so much for that info, it confirms my thoughts on the matter!!! Enjoy your day and see you tonight!!!

  18. Love quiltcam!

    And, speaking of 'yellow'. Studiokat Designs on FB have a link to a wonderful yellow quilt at Addictedtoquilts.blogspot.com

  19. I'm so glad you found the blocks. I understand how it is; in fact, you can almost see them but don't remember where they are. By the way, I see that buttercup is the color of yellow Kona that you were using. So what color in Kona would be the "poison green" that everyone talks about? Is the cheddar Kona the same cheddar that you put in your quilts? Would love to know.

  20. I have loved Kona solids for a couple of decades (at least!) Thanks for giving us the scoop from the manufacturer's mouth. I didn't notice any difference based on where I bought my Kona, but have 'heard' rumblings on the internet recently. Glad to have that cleared up!'
    And SO glad you found your project! I hate misplacing my little paltry ones, much less an intricate, involved, book-bound one! Looking forward to seeing the finished project!10253

  21. Nice, nice, nice long explanation on the Kona question. I have to admit I wondered about it and whether or not the Joanne's Kona was a lesser quality.
    So a big thank you from many of us.

    And you found your project! Win win!

  22. I wonder where the rejected bolts go....? I doubt they bury or burn them. there is a secondary market somewhere offering them.

  23. For those of us outside of the United States even $8 a yard is a bargain for solids.

    I'd be lucky to find anything under the $15-$20 range in a big box store in Australia.

  24. re: scanned at $8.99 rather than the listed $7.99--that would be an error either of the team member scanning the wrong bolt or an error in entering the fabric in the computer (some poor computer guy somewhere, not in the store). Always a good idea to check ANYTHING scanned to make sure you get the correct price :)


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