Sunday, July 06, 2014

Desi’s Wonky Wishes Quilts!

I have not left the cabin since this morning’s foray into the wilderness and the discovery of the plaque in the woods.

I’ve spent time enjoying family, stitching on a bit of binding while watching a movie when the guys were out on 4 wheelers, made lunch and took a NAP.

I could get used to daily naps.  What a lovely invention they are!

Though I have not wanted to do it, there are over 344 emails sitting in my inbox that need to be dealt with a bit at a time over this next week.  If I can make it through 50 a day, can I clear this inbox out??

I’d rather be sewing, but If I take baby steps of progress at it, maybe it will free up some of the guilt and leave me more time to create with a less cluttered mind as well.

In comes this email from Desi and I just have to share it with you!:

Hi Bonnie,
I was inspired by your quilt cam sessions when you were working on your Wonky Wishes Quilt and I have just finished my second one. 
Attaching pics.  The first one (Shown Above) I forgot to take a pic of it quilted before gifting to my best friend’s granddaughter who lost her home & 3 pets in a house fire, but have one of the top.  The second is my scrappy red, white, & blue version and I love it! 
My granddaughter has already spoken for the second one as I was working it on so it has a home already also.  Thanks so much for the inspiration. I really do learn so many new ways of looking at my stash from you and your beautiful quilts.
Desi Smith
I should have shared this with you on the 4th of July, but I didn’t get to it until NOW!  So here it is, and thank you for sharing it Desi!
The pattern for the Wonky Wishes block is found under the pattern singles section of the Quiltville Store.
I LOVE the patriotic color way!
Burgers will be going on the grill soon ---and family time will continue!

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  1. What a lovely quilt! That Wonky Wishes is just asking for me to make it. Since I have already made a lot of Maverick Stars, I think I need to do Wonky Wishes. It will be so much easier since I have more darks than I do lights in my scraps. Lots of muslins (different shades) appear in many of my quilts, so it will be easy to make the stars. I'm so glad others share their quilts with you and that you then share with us. Thanks, Bonnie and Desi!

  2. Just need to make one Wonky Wishes!! So pretty!


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