Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Some Outdoors, some Indoors…

First off..for those looking for Quilt-Cam...I said WEDNESDAY, it's only Tuesday!  Yesterday and Today are officially my "Weekend".  SO come back tomorrow at 9pm EST and we'll sew together!

This morning was amazingly cool and crisp for North Carolina at the end of July.

Usually at this time of year – if you were to go out in the morning you would SEE the humidity hovering over the ground like mist.

When it rains in the summer here, we do actually see steam rising from the pavement….wisps rising to meet the low hanging clouds, meeting somewhere in the middle.

I love living in North Carolina –we get the best of all 4 seasons, without the interminable length of the longest, most dreadful one…winter.

((HA!!  You thought I was going to say SUMMER, didn’t you??))

I actually don’t mind the humidity.  It feels good on my skin.  I’m used to it.  It’s the ice and cold that I can’t stand…..and the shortness of the days, the longness of the nights in winter.

But give me a long hot summer day with daylight that lasts well past 9pm and I’m a happy girl….I can get a lot out of my days in the summer.  I must be solar-powered.  I don’t tire until it is dark outside…

This morning this was the view as the sun rose through the trees on my early morning walk, about 7am:


Good Morning!!

It’s been a crazy day.  Other than the emergency post I sent up about Nancy Rink’s Stolen Quilts ((Yes, click HERE if you missed it!))  I have been on the go and not around for studio time at all.  As soon as I post this, I’m off to go sew some more.

What am I sewing?

I’m going to be an Auntie again in January!  My brother Mike and his wife Nicole are the parents of 3 year old Elizabeth.  They are now expecting #2 to arrive some time in January!  Oh, Auntie Bonnie needs to get busy…AGAIN.


Fun spool fabric!

I’m doing some test blocks.  Not quite sure what I want to do…..

Carolina Chain

Back in June of 2010  ((2010????))  my Addicted to Scraps column for Quiltmaker featured a block called Carolina Chain.  Remember it?

Just a cute little block made with strips and squares, and I never got a chance to play with it much.  The positive/negative is fun to play with and really entices me.


Assembling parts.


So far, so fun!

If you have the magazine in your stash, look it up!  4 blocks sewn together gives a 9” finished block.  It’s fairly brainless, and I won’t be giving cutting/sewing directions here…..I’m just playing, and I want to be sewing!  Click HERE for the layout that the Quiltmaker team drew up for me!

In other news….

Did you register to win a free ticket to attend the online sewing event of the year? THE SEWING PARTY!?  It’s a $40.00 value and you’ll be able to attend as many online classes as you want within the 3 month time period the Sewing Party runs!  Click HERE for more info and to leave your comment on that post to enter.  I’ll be drawing our winners in the morning!

**NOTE** I was informed that for this 2014 year, only US residents are eligible.  I KNOW I KNOW!  But they are hoping if everything goes well, that they will open it up globally next year.

And with that, I’m back to the machine..have a good evening, everyone!

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  1. Love the pictures! Outside and of the blocks. So I was sort of hoping for quiltcam tonight, but then realized you have a trip across the pond coming up. Yep that would definitely be a top priority!And yes I have been living under a rock.

    How about Jan from the Lab quilt cam. (The Lab is my sewing room) I would do that but I'm not one who looks good on the "being seen" end of the camera. So I will just have to wait until you return to the colonies.
    Have a good trip. (Not sure if the Minory is still there, but when we were there it was an excellent place to get fish and chips.)

  2. Any idea where to get that spool fabric? I'm going to do a 'jar quilt' for my sewing room and I want to put notions in my jars. That spool fabric is perfect!

  3. Spool fabric!!! Thank goodness - i thought I was looking at beer caps!! Can blame it on the 33 degree Celsius here in Calgary Canada - it never gets this hot- I must be delirious.

  4. I have no idea on the spool fabric..it was a 3.5" strip that came in a scrap bag as a gift. No selvage, and no idea how old it is either. I used every last bit of it just to get the two blocks :)

  5. Really do like your Carolina Chain blocks and layout from the magazine.

    This is one I can easily whip up and enjoy doing too. Where did you ever find the wonderful spool fabric!? Not seen this one.

    Have a peace-filled evening and enjoy!

    Smiles, JuluieinTN

  6. Sweet blocks! Love the positive/negative design, too. I'll be seeing quiltcam on youtube later because we are going to a baseball game with my office buddies. I'm taking my glove and hoping I can catch a foul ball.

  7. I would love some on line classes! I will be moving house the month before and ready for some sit down, quilting fun by then!

  8. For anyone interested, I found that spool fabric on fabric.com -- it's called Sew Retro Cotton Reels and it's by Makower Fabrics.

  9. Sorry, it's designed by the Henley Studio for Andover/Makower UK.

  10. That will be a FUN quilt for your new Niece. Gotta get them hooked on sewing stuff while they're young. I think you might have mentioned on last week's QuiltCam that we'd do it same time next week. I'll be watching on Wednesday! Gotta get my Row by Row Quilt on the Machine and quilted so I can turn it in this week!

  11. And a good morning to you, from my little part of the globe! :)
    Love your Carliina Chain Blocks; so sweet! It will make a lovely baby-quilt.
    Have a great day; maybe I'll be so bold as to stay up for Quilt-Cam tonight....
    Love from the Netherlands, Ria.

  12. Am I the only person who thinks your sunrise view looks like a Thomas Kincaid painting? I wish I had views like that here in the concrete jungle!

  13. Pick me PIck me! I love new grandbabies/nieces. We thought we were done with 4 but there is another and probably final grandchild on the way in January!

  14. I'm with you Bonnie on loving the Carolina seasons. I too don't do well in cold temps, and can deal with humidity and heat much better. Love your Carolina Chain pattern with that cute fabric. And I love your quiltcam 'shows'....watching it is a treat for me!
    Jonnie in SC

  15. Love these quiet summer evenings! I too keep busy but often end up hand sewing on the deck watching the sky change. Enjoy these few days before your fabulous trip. I love traveling with Jim.

  16. I've been in NC for seven weeks and am loving the summer here. Very different from the ones in Western Australia! The morning mists are beautiful and last night's sunset was magnificent! Have a great trip. :)


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