Friday, July 25, 2014

Illini County Stitchers and My Blue Heaven!

This is Joyce!

Joyce is a kick to be around and we had such a great day! 

Joyce was also voted “The Best Dressed to Match her Project!” in class---she was sewing with smoky toned batiks, and her blocks totally blend into her shirt as invisible against her.


It really was a great day ---I get so excited for events like this.  We had quilters with us from all over, including Arkansas, Wisconsin, Indiana, Missouri and Minnesota and it was so great getting to know everyone.


LOVE THIS tool box!

If anyone in class was missing anything, there was no doubt that a replacement to be borrowed could be found in this tool box which is always ready to grab and go for any workshop or retreat event.


Many questions already on this table…

I posted some of these photos up on our lunch time Galaxy-Gram post yesterday, but didn’t take time to mention that these lovely wood tables were made especially for our mother/daughter team.  Daughter’s machine is a 301a.


Mom’s 221 with a darker wood table…

How nice to have such a great wood craftsman in the family!


Class project: My Blue Heaven!

The free pattern for My Blue Heaven is found under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.  And I’m happy to say that ALL the free patterns ((except for listed mysteries)) are now adorned with their own thumbnail, and each thumbnail photo is linked to the pattern, so you can now just click the photo to get where you want to go.  This happened the other day on a 3 hour airport layover in Atlanta.

Click the image below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be taken to the photo album for viewing.
And if someone has a galaxy S5 phone and knows which plugin I need to make it work on my new phone, please leave me a message!  When I view it, I get “plug in not installed”  but it doesn’t tell me which plug in I need.  THANK YOU!


Last night’s Full crowd!  WOW!


Last night’s After lecture treat!  YEAH!

Today we are gathering again for a full day workshop with Crumbs Crumbs Crumbs!  We are going to be making a huge scrappy mess, and I can’t wait!

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  1. Good morning! Ha ha. My first thought when I saw the pic of Joyce was I wonder if Bonnie will mention how she dressed to match her project? Of course! That is so cool an so funny. Wish I was there!!

  2. Very nice extension tables, love the photo tour of everyone's blocks, nice to see so many colour ideas.
    Glad to hear the Free Patterns all have thumbnails, I enjoy looking through them and the thumbnails will make it easier to see them all at a glance.
    Have a great day Bonnie!!

    GwenH in stormy Sask.

  3. Always amazed by how much your groups achieve in a a day. Do they bring all the fabric precut into the right sized squares, strips, triangles etc? Enjoy making your Crumbs blocks, always my favourite leader/ender project.

  4. I'm getting an error page when I click to see photo album. Any one else having problems?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Oh,how funny is that, to open your blog post and see - Joyce!!! She was a shorttime member of the Black Forest Quilt Guild in Stuttgart,Germany, when her husband was working here. And I was lucky to be her "Big Sister", a program our guild is running to make our new members feel welcome and show them around, when they move to the area.
    I bet you had a lot of fun, she's a good sport! Greetings!

  7. would like to know the brand of the tool box and where they got it. have been looking for something like this without individual compartments in the boxes. thanks

  8. Sharon,
    that tool chest looks like the one I just picked up at the Plano Molding shop up north of you in Plano Illinois.

  9. Is there a brand name for that marvelous tool box? I've been searching for it in vain on the Internet. Any help in locating one would be appreciated! Thanks!

  10. For years I have used a tool box for sewing supplies similar to the one pictured. I got mine from ??? and it is called an Art Bin by Flambeau. Later my SIL wanted one, but found they were discontinued. The most similar one we found was located in the fishing tackle section of Bass Pro Shops! Yes, indeed, I have used mine!

  11. For the Aussie girls, I have found the tackle box at Jaycar..$16.95 website is showing out of stock but my local had them



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