Thursday, July 03, 2014

On to the Binding ---

It’s done!

And sometimes the fabric required for the binding is apparent ---you just KNOW you have the right piece in the stash,  run and grab it, hold it up to the finished quilt admiring how perfect it is and on you go to cut strips and start the binding process.

And then sometimes ----

NOTHING you pull seems to do the job!

I didn’t want red…it’s already got too much red going on in the center and I didn’t want to overpower the quilt with more red.

I don’t want cheddar…I want that to stay to the inside of the quilt.

A solid black just didn't do either, even though that was used in the cornerstones.

The green I thought I liked?  Nahhhhh ---

I didn’t want a solid.  I didn’t want a print.  And then it hit me..



Hello, Binding!!

It’s a black/grey and it will do the job I want.  It will carry through the recycled shirt theme, it isn’t black, red or cheddar, and it is dark enough to finish off the edge of the quilt with a nice accent.

Better yet – it removed one whole XL shirt from the under-the-stairs storage closet!

I quickly set to deboning it ---saving the collar, the cuffs and other small usable bits for string piecing.  I cut my binding 2” wide for a 1/4” snug binding.

If you are wondering,  I was able to get the amount I needed for this 69” X 77” quilt out of just the long sleeves, the shirt fronts and the yoke, which has double layers.  The BACK is still whole and I have loads of fabric left.


Close up of Quilting detail.  Spider Webs! FUN!


Color me HAPPY!

We are headed up to Quilt Villa to start our holiday fun with extended family who are coming in for the week from Texas.  My brother-in-law, his wife, their son and HIS wife, and their teenage daughter will be joining us for a week of North Carolina Mountain fun.  I’m hoping to get the binding sewn on so I can do the hand stitching in the evenings.

I’ll get in what sewing I can over the next week or so, but I know it will be piecemeal as we plan on doing things out together ---

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend everyone ---Yes, even those of you outside of the USA have July 4th on you calendar too!

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  1. Perfect. I was thinking it needed a dark something, navy maybe. Then I see your choice. Voila & Bingo & Boom! I'm liking this quilt more and more all the time. It's breathtaking now, all put together and quilted. Do you rent your quilts out for cuddles? haha Take care! (hope you can get some good down time).

  2. great string pieced border!

  3. I love it, Bonnie!

  4. Wonderful fun quilt, it has been fun watching it come together. Yep, we have a fourth of July in Canada too, but we had our fireworks yesterday (rain delay from the first)

  5. Way to use your Shirt Stash! Binding is on my agenda again today. I'm doing Bindings for my LQS. Just one way to get more spending $$ to buy more Quilty stuff. Happy Cabin with extra family!

  6. What a great choice! Just the right color and tone. Looking forward to seeing it finished.
    Judy in MO

  7. My first thought was too, that there wouldn't be enough shirt to make it around the quilt. This is really good to know, for I'm sure I have some shirts that could work. Thanks for the idea. Great looking quilt!

  8. This quit is pretty, but my current favorite of yours is the quilt shown at the top of your blog page. What is the name of that quilt?

  9. Hi Bonnie, have a great holiday with your family. And your right we do have July 4th! When I was little I used to think that Mum and Dad had a great celebration, as they always showed fireworks on the TV for their wedding anniversary! Fitting according to my Nan who said their were not two more independent people around. So the fourth was always special in our house in England and Australia :). Happy Holidays to all!

  10. I need to get to work but I HAVE to comment on your quilt! GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING and WONDERFUL! Thanks for sharing the fruit of your talent! WTG! XO

  11. Happy holiday to you and all your family. Good to see you take a break. It's my hubbies birthday on the 4th so lots to celebrate.

    Love the quilt and hope to see it totally finished soon.

  12. A perfect solution to the binding, good choice! Lately I've been choosing a lot of ginghams for bindings which I like too. Enjoy a well deserved rest and recharge your batteries!

  13. That shirt is perfect! It was great seeing you las night on quilt cam live i mean. Alot of projects i'm trying to complete... Don't know how you do it! Oh yes I do...You are super woman!!! Enjoy your holiday!!

  14. Same as all the others, I love this quilt, and all your scrap ones, especially the Wonky Stars at top! Do have a little question about using shirts for binding,tho - how do you cut it after it's deboned? I mean, do you cut it on the bias or straight? I wondered too if it would be enough, but figure you would know!

  15. I absolutely love, Love, LOVE this quilt. It is so happy - it just makes me smile!

  16. Perfect!! Love it Bonnie....I fell in Love with that border & found myself making string blocks today on my Kenmore 148, identical to a Singer 457. Boy, they work up quickly! I'm also hand quilting my 2nd quilt..

    Be careful of the weather..stay safe this weekend.

  17. Wow--it is absolutely gorgeous. Glad you had enough shirt to do the binding. Have a wonderful 4th of July.
    Hope you are safe from Arthur.

  18. Love the whole thing!!! Colors and shirts are perfect. Enjoy Quilt Villa...I'm spending the holiday on my longarm getting a pretty little wall hanging done. Happy 4th Carol K in PA

  19. Absolutely LOVE the shirt as the binding for this quilt - seems to bring it all together, yet not overpower or compete with the red or the cheddar!

  20. Looks perfect! enjoy your weekend!

  21. Have a wonderful Independence Day! Enjoy your family and Quiltvilla. I love the binding choice. This is one of my very favorite quilts you have ever made.

  22. This quilt is wonderful! What I love most is the cheddar, the shirtings used, and the border. Will you be telling us the size of the block used when making the string border or have you already told us what size to cut the papers and I missed it? We don't have a lot of plaids to purchase in quilt stores since they say they are "passe", but now I am going to get some plaid shirts. That is what my quilts are missing. Love it!

  23. Love the red inner border and the 1 red block that "POPS" and the shirt was perfect for the binding, as usual :-) enjoy your time at the villa, you certainly deserve it.
    Happy 4th of July to you and your family!

  24. Sandi Adger11:30 AM EDT

    Bonnie, this is Sandi in the no Bay Area, California wishing you a marvelous 4th with family and slipping some binding in. I'm enjoying family in Fort Walton Beach Florida where the breeze is nice and God is better
    I love you Lady!!
    Satin Doll


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