Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Quilt Cam 7/15/2014

This is April’s kitty, Lily!

Doesn’t she seem to be saying “Quilt-Cam AGAIN!????”

Yes, it’s AGAIN.  And I am working on the same project AGAIN.  Because it’s going to take me a long time to get this project to be where I want it to be and this is a designated time for it!

I’m back to working on the Yellow, or I should say rather the NOW Yellow block quarters that have taken over the whole thing.

I may save an additional color for the very last row around the center, but for now – yellow it is.

My reasoning?  The scraps I am sewing as the string part were just too dark against an already dark background –I needed something lighter.

I’ve had some questions on how I cut out the kite shapes.

Believe me, it’s nothing rocket science, in fact it’s rather “Old School.”  TEMPLATE TRACING!


My kite template and a sharpie.

I fold the fabric in fourths, trace the template so the units share a common side with as little waste as possible, and then I cut out on the lines with a rotary cutter through all four layers.


Quick, Easy and Accurate enough for a wonky string quilt!


I’m sewing tonight on JOE COOL!

Everyone needs a Wizard in their life, and Joe Cool is one of 3 Wizard machines that I own.  He was made in Japan by the brother sewing machine company and sold in the USA through Western Auto stores and catalogues in the 1950s, early 1960s.  All metal construction, powerful motor, straight stitch only – he hadn’t come out to play for a while so I’ve been sewing on him today.

Ready to sew with me?  Click the arrow on the screen below to start the feed, it’s Quilt-Cam time!

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  1. Working on my spools girlfriend!!! Only 100 left to make for the quilt....

    Quilty Hugs1

  2. Hi Bonnie! I'm Beth in Barberton Ohio.
    I'm working on a hexi project for my daughters wedding next may.Shhhh..don't tell.
    Big question for you. How do you find the correct sewing height for your machines? I know you travel and have to use what you can find. My back starts to bother me if I don;t get up and move every once in a while.
    Thanks for all you do!

  3. HiBonnie, I'm in Toms River and wondering how your gluten free diet is going for you. Thanks for all you do for us.

  4. Love the new hair cut Bonnie...cute and sassy! See you in October...Big Smith time!....Ana in Texas

  5. Going to try to get a pile of fabric reduced to usables for the quilt for the cruise in November. Mainly have to cut 2.5 inch squares-got the rectangles left from a project I saw on line first of the year and did not download the pattern.....couldn't find the pattern again...repurpose the rectangles to new project!!! :)

  6. Hi Bonnie, Enjoyed all the photos from your vacation at the cabin with family. I am working on 9 patch blocks tonight. First part of a new quilt i am starting. Using starters and enders.

  7. Anonymous9:22 PM EDT

    Hi, Bonnie! I'll be cutting out fabric with you once I can escape upstairs to my quilt studio....I'm Connie from Yreka, California (waaaay northern california!) and I have a fit bit because of your recommendation! i love it!!

  8. Hi Bonnie Cheryl from ohio working on quilting a leaders and Enders quilt for my Aunt. Love your picture of the mountains and your cabin.

  9. Anonymous9:25 PM EDT

    Working on sewing room curtains. Delayed a long time thinking they had to be perfect, then challenged myself to use stash fabric. I'm loving how they are turning out. Thanks so much for your generosity.

    From Debbie in Duluth

  10. This is Deb --- yep, I am watching tonight. I have three grandsons running amok in the house, but I have my priorities in order. Quilt-Cam is on. I just finished cutting Old Kentucky Album and Nifty Thrifty for grandsons gifts this fall. Best project yet though is my decision to do one of each of your 12 inch blocks all in batik in a row robin that I am in. Should be interesting.

  11. Love the new hair. A quick question. Earlier this week you shared the Hexie quilt from Gret(?). It was a beautiful blue and green quilt using 1/2" size hexies. I am new to the hexie world I was wondering if you handle the smaller hexies the same way? Meaning do you still baste the same attach the same and remove the papers as you go like what you showed us in class last year?
    Thank you in advance

  12. Do you sort you strings by color??? Or just keep them all together???

  13. just got connected - love your quiltcam and love your new due!

  14. first time I've caught you live, and so much better than watching archived :-)! Thank you! Working on my hexies tonight, and watching the AllStar game, and watching you, too...very multitasked!

  15. I am watching until it's time to go to the Lacey Lacer's Meeting tonight. We are having a Rainbow Challenge. It's going to be fun to see what everyone made with Knitting and Crochet. I thought you made Celtic Solstice for YOUR bed at the cabin. What quilt is there now?
    Have a fun time stitching. My project right now is Collecting Row By Rows. I have friends and even my son are picking them up for me. Its' going to be a fun Row Quilt to make at the Retreat I'm going to next week.

  16. Hi Bonnie! I just cut a bunch of different Sewing Themed fabrics for you...Hope you like..Love the quilt on your Longarm.....Debra in Ma.

  17. Hi Bonnie, I'm watching from New Zealand.

    Working on my hexagon 'building blocks' quilt which is called Party At My Place.

  18. bonnie, just thought I'd let you know that you can stick glue sticks in a ziplock bag in your freezer and thepull out as needed. they will last forever

  19. Bonnie,

    What kind of little iron are you using for this project. It looks just perfect.

    Barby MH ARK

  20. Hi, Bonnie. Finally caught you live! I'm working on a cross-stitched Monopoly game board for my son. Love quilt cam!
    Harlan, KY

  21. Thanks for being here tonight, Bonnie. I am string piecing 6.5 inch squares for a use to be determined later. I am trying to empty some longarm bobbins and they work great on the spool pin of my Singer 66 treadle. Happy quilting with your friend Mickie, I spent the day with quilty friends today and it is such a re-charge.
    Thanks again, Donna in MI

  22. enjoying quilt cam this evening...can't sew too much thunder and lightning in my area....got a question I have been meaning to ask you for awhile, what kind of chair do you have in your studio? it looks extra comfy.

  23. Enjoying listening to QuiltCam as I'm getting my basement ready for my longarm installation tomorrow. Very excited!
    Thanks for all your time and information.

  24. Anonymous10:12 PM EDT

    Hi Bonnie! Keeping up with you tonight as I hand sew the binding on a wall hanging I have been working on. I stupidly ironed the binding after I sewed it to the front side before pinning it to the other side to hand stitch it and melted? the batting. Who da Thunk?! I'm learning new things every day. I'm glad that it's a wall hanging and not something that will cover someone. I've collecting more and more scraps. Thankful to have found you and your leader and enders method! Thanks!
    Kathy Gates near Bedford, PA

  25. Did you know that in Steven Sondheim's musical, "A Little Night Music" there is a song that uses "hi-ho the glamorous life" as a refrain! You made me think of it when you told about your tumble down the spiral staircase. Really love this quilt you're working on. It's almost making me brave enough to try paper piecing. Thanks for everything!
    AnnMary W. in IL

  26. I wish I was watching you live from the basement, but alas I wam working...I will however be working on My Blue(Purple) Heaven tomorrow morning...putting on the last border! Started this one with you in Tuscon and finally getting it to completion--tomorrow I hope! Happy sewing Bonnie!

  27. Thanks for an enjoyable evening with you on quilt cam. Please, don't stop whistling. It makes me happy to hear someone whistle.

  28. I know this is off subject, but wow love the new haircut!!!

  29. This comment has been removed by the author.

  30. Anonymous1:22 PM EDT

    hi from katy, tx. anxious to start the xtring spiderweb like you r working on in quilt cam looks like fun and seems to go fast.....it will be for great grandchild nuber 8 due in October...


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  32. elana613@gmail.com2:22 AM EDT

    Totally agree with the person who thanked you for adding thumbnail photos on the free pattern page. Makes it sew much easier to use.
    Would you please add thumbnails of the quilts in your books on your book order page too? I want to buy one of your books, - well really I want to buy all of your books - but that is a bit beyond the budget at this point. Would make it easier for me to choose if I knew what patterns are in each book.
    Thanks! You are a constant inspiration!
    Elana, in Tzfat, Israel

  33. Hi Bonnie
    I am new to your quilt cam and love to quilt with you. I don't get to watch you live yet! but so love to sew with you. I am working on UFO's!!! And am making progress. I have finally finished one quilt I was working on for 3 years. Now I'm quilting one I've held onto for at least 25 years!!! Okay maybe not that long lol but close 18? Still, to long. So glad its getting done!! I could not have gotten motivated enough without you...Love this stuff, don't quit...


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