Thursday, July 17, 2014

Mickey Goes to Mary Jos!

We have been so busy sewing, and it’s been such a great day temperature wise, and production wise, that I was shocked when I was informed that it was already 7pm ---

And the little voice in my head says  “Did you write your evening blog blast yet??”


I guess that means that things are really good!

So I’m shooting up a few pictures just so you can share in what’s been going on in here.

Mickey, who has been back and forth to North Carolina over the past many years as a quilting educator, had never been to the infamous Mary Jo’s Cloth Store.

When we made plans to bring her up to Quilt Villa after her teaching gig in Concord, NC was done, it just seemed the right sort of southernly-neighborly thing to do to TAKE HER before heading up to the mountains.

Everyone needs to go to Mary Jo's at least once in their life time!

I picked her up at the hotel about 9:30 am and we headed over to Gastonia, about a half hour drive away.

We were ready….we came to shop, and shop we did!


Shameless Selfie as we entered the store!

And don’t worry about Mickey’s luggage being overloaded…I brought her a box!  If it fits, it SHIPS! HA!


Cutting and more cutting!

Just who’s fabric choices are THESE do you think?  Oh, there is a super secret project brewing!  And the colors and yardage requirements will be revealed in just a few months now!  Excitement is building!

We filled our baskets with everything we needed, and as we were exiting, I spied this quilt designed by one of my other favorite quilt designer/authors:


Park Bench by Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts!

It was fun to be able to take a silly photo with the display and send it off to Julie via instagram – I hope it made her smile, because it sure did me.  I love her hex n more ruler and techniques.

Grocery shopping was next on the agenda –and we are not starving by any means.  Mickey made sure of that…the woman comes armed with a grocery list and a planned menu that makes the best use of our time and resources so we can spend MORE time doing what we came here to do…SEW!


Grapefruit and watermelon Chobani??  Yes please!

And as Mickey’s shirt says…Life IS Good…very very good!

Temps are very comfortable here.  We took an afternoon jaunt out onto the Blue Ridge Parkway after a yummy lunch…it was only 66 degrees at that elevation.  Perfect!

I’ve got photos of those moments to share in tomorrow morning’s blog post.  Right now the sewing machine is calling me.

Oh, and I have one more thing to say….TRUE FRIENDS WILL help you un-sew 120 units when you’ve sewn them in the wrong order and are about to cry.  Really.  They did.

I am blessed!

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  1. You guys are having WAY to much fun :)

  2. Whoa! I am sooo glad you had extra hands to help you un-sew the booboo!
    Having too much fun I guess.

  3. Lucky girl to have friends help you reverse sew! I just hate it when I do that! I know you are having a sew good time! Keep on sewing, I am waiting for the info for this years mystery! I can hardly wait.

  4. Soon as I saw that black and white photo I thought MYSTERY! I cannot wait, seriously I love fall for many reasons but that is one of them! I met a quilter today who somehow had not heard your name...sung your praises and sent her to your website (I will see her again next week at Weight Watchers and will check in on how that went). Hoping she is your latest fan! So glad you and Mickey are getting some much needed R and R!

  5. Friends that help rip and friends that help ship...sounds like my kind of people. :)! I needed a friend to tell me I ran out of bobbin and had been pretend sewing for a good five minutes the other evening...LOL! Got it my "zen" place and didn't even look up. I couldn't believe the pile I had pretend sewed. LOL! Oh wells...you girls have fun!

  6. Bonnie, can't wait for your next mystery??
    May I ask what is Chobani, I have never heard of it? anything to help not having to stop sewing to eat is ok with me.

  7. Bonnie, can't wait for your next mystery??
    May I ask what is Chobani, I have never heard of it? anything to help not having to stop sewing to eat is ok with me.

  8. Bonnie, can't wait for your next mystery??
    May I ask what is Chobani, I have never heard of it? anything to help not having to stop sewing to eat is ok with me.

  9. I'm thinking of planning my next trip to Phoenix for right after the colors and fabric requirements are posted so I can do any necessary shopping.

  10. I'm wondering what Chobani is too...?? Sounds like you two are having waaaay too much fun!!! :)

  11. Anonymous10:27 PM EDT

    My good friend unpicked two quilt blocks because I stopped breathing when I saw the pleat running across the back of my quilt. I did her quilt as she wanted an ETE I still can't believe she trusted me as she spent a couple of hours frogging!!


  12. MaryEllen10:28 PM EDT

    Love your selfie!

  13. Lily Kangas10:59 PM EDT

    Love your sense of humour Bonnie! Enjoyed quilt cam the other night...thanks for keeping us in your loop of activities! Makes us feel like we're there!

  14. Anonymous11:03 PM EDT

    Chobani is an American brand of strained yogurt produced by Chobani Inc DELISH11

  15. I LOVE Mary Jo's! What fun!!!

  16. Thanks to your blog/website I have been to Mary Jo's! I was going to Charlotte for a business trip and asked the Quiltville friends for where I should go if I could schedule in some time between my flight and the morning's meeting. And they overwhelmingly said Mary Jo's! Thank you Quiltville peeps!

  17. Anonymous12:13 AM EDT

    Going to Mary Jo's Saturday with my sweet friend from Summerfield, NC when she comes to Charlotte for a visit! And WHERE did you find those Chobani flavors!?!?!?

  18. Oh the Mystery begins! You trickster you! Man I wish I could change the B&W to color!!! Thanks for all the quilty fun...

  19. Just itching with excitement to see the fabrics you picked! While I'm not wishing away the summer - I am looking forward to my second Bonnie Hunter Mystery!
    Un-sewing is the worst, but true friend and some more of that Talenti makes it go a little easier. Hope you all are enjoying every minute of this Girls Going Sewing.
    Since I have 3 projects to finish my month's end, I'll be in the studio with some ice cream myself thsi weekend.

  20. As if you didn't know you are blessed. But, yes, you are. I love MJs and have not had a fix in years. You are a tricky gal with the black and white photos of our next mystery fabrics. Looks like some neutrals....
    First time I have ever seen a male cutter at NJs. Did you know she is in a nursing home now? I think her kids are carrying on. Hope it never ends.;-)

  21. Haven't seen the grapefruit and watermelon yogurt yet... how are they?

  22. Those are definitely true friends. I have 3 friends coming this weekend to help celebrate my 50th year(birthday was in January).We are having a weekend of sewing and quilting too. Being with quilty friends is the best!!!

  23. I know several asked about the Chobani yogurt. How was the Watermelon flavor? Will have to look for hit here. I love Mary Jo's, my son and family live not to far and I try to get there when visiting them. What are the orange, green, and blue stickers on the fabric in Mickey's picture? Was wondering if this was some sort of sale or clearance. Quilty friends are the best, I unsewed some pieces the other day for 2 friends in a bargello class.

  24. Does it get any better than that!? Great friends, a quilt shop (that I would love to visit), an awesome cabin with perfect temps, and endless sewing!? Even if you had to unsew...at least you had a friend to give you a hand!

  25. The first time I went to Mary Jo's I just stood at the door and hyperventilated. Now I go with $$ and a plan. I live in AL so visits to Gastonia are rare but oh so worth it.

  26. You two look like you had a blast together! My daughter lives in Winston-Salem and someday when we come down for a visit she and I will schedule a trip to Gastonia.

  27. What fun you are having! I have a friend like yours that will do the unsewing for me too. We went on a retreat to the Compass Center in Mt. Calm, TX. In my hurry to get a top complete the last day I did a whole row wrong. She did the "frog Stitch" in the back seat on the way home while I drove.


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