Monday, July 28, 2014

Quiltmaker Drawing Time! Whoooot!


Happy Monday Eve, everyone!

It’s time to draw for our winner of the TWO Quiltmaker issues!

The July/Aug issue has my Wanderlust Quilt on the front cover – my first EVER cover with Quiltmaker!  And the newest issue, Sept/Oct with the cute cute  Houses by Lori Holt on the cover.

And if you weren’t drawn, don’t fret, don’t despair --

The fun continues!

I’ll be posting again with another give-away on Friday morning!  The fun with Quiltmaker and the Parade of Homes is not over yet!

Gotta love the random number generator – it makes giveaways fun!


Number 191!!


Kathy Meek!

Congrats, Kathy!  Your issues will be on their way to you as soon as you get your snail mail info to me.

And here’s a fun update from what happened in MAINE at the Maine Quilts show this past weekend:


How Many Quiltville Quilts??

These photos were pasted to my facebook wall by my friend and co-teacher/author Sarah Ann Smith.

She wrote:

I can always tell where you taught a year or two before...yuppers, Bonnie-scrap-quilts in the quilt show!

This was while helping hang Maine Quilts 2014, which opened last evening. I believe the two Celtic Solstice are by Linda Quirion and Ramona Meserve (the signs weren't up yet as we had just hung the quilts on Weds. when I took these, but got the info from the book).

The next two are Red White and Blue by Carmen Dickinson (waving to Carmen, who organized entries and did a TON of volunteer work!) and Easy Street by Holly Lutz.
On the other side of the drape there were three Jamestown Landing quilts by (L to R) Lee Priest, Patricia Beck and Carol Reed. I think I saw that you also will be teaching at Vermont Quilt Festival in 2015--me too! Maybe we'll get to be suite-mates again!

Congrats ladies!  ALL of the quilts turned out just beautiful, and such fun to have them hung near each other so we could all be blown away by your hard work!

Yes, I’ll be at the Vermont Quilt Festival next year—start planning now to come up and see me then!

And while we are talking about next year and planning…..You will notice a new calendar tab at the top of the blog.  It says Calendar of Events.  All you need to do is click the date on the calendar, and a window will open up with the guild’s info..the classes being taught, the guild website link, the link to the contact person, everything you need to get more info if I’m going to be near where you are.

The calendar updating is going to happen over time..I’ve made it as far as Feb 2015, and I’ll continue to update it when I have time.

So much for this being my “WEEKEND”  Other than my massage, I’ve been at my desk all day!

I think I’ll go sew now….

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  1. Yes, go and sew!...that's where I am headed as a reward for today's accomplishments!

  2. Congrats Kathy!! I am going to try and find those magazines...:)! I really need to get going on my sewing too. :) Sometimes in the evening I just need to make myself go down and sew a few stitches and pretty soon I'm stitching up a storm. :)

  3. Love your new calendar of events; hopefully I can come to a class sometime you are in the NW. Having the contact info for the classes right there is wonderful.

  4. Walked into my local JoAnns today to use my coupon for new rotary cutter blades and there was the July/ August issue with your quilt on the cover. It jumped right out amongst all the other quilting magazines. Sure is a pretty one!

  5. It's lovely to see several variations of your quilts all lined up like that. Different colour choices make so much difference to the finished quilt

  6. I bought the July/Aug issue when it was available, but would love to have a second copy along with the new one.

  7. Thank you for the wonderful morning slide show!

  8. Anonymous7:14 AM EDT

    Congrats Kathy!

    Jonnie in SC


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