Saturday, July 26, 2014

Playing in the Crumbs in Champaign, Illinois!

Say Hello to Miss Lilliana, or Lilly for short!

And short she is!  She should be.  She is only 7 years old, and was our youngest student in yesterday’s crumbs class. 

Here she is so proud of her trimmed up Maverick Star!  Good going, Lilly!

A model student, I think all of us wished for a granddaughter just like Lilly who was here with her grandma to spend the day with us.

She is so cute and smart -- she is going to take the 2nd grade by storm this fall!


We had a ton of fun digging in the scraps that everyone brought to share!


There is a ton of good *STUFF* in these bins!

And yes, I showed much restraint ---the only thing I picked up was a small stack of 2.5” red squares that are going right into my hexagon travel bag – I need some variety and I have a lot of flying hexie time coming up in the next week when I head to England on August 1st.  Since it went into the hexie bag, and not into the basement, I can justify it!Si

Since this day was ALL ABOUT CRUMBS and sewing them up in fun ways, we also had some great Crumb Show & Share at lunch time to inspire us--


Barb is sharing her crumb quilt with all her leftover bits and pieces.


Lilly and her Grandma are sharing a cousin’s quilt!


The alphabet gets read every night before bed time! Sweet!

It was just such a fun day, a fast paced frenzy of scrap piecing filled with loads of chatter, tons of laughter and so much inspiration!

Check out the slide show below to see what these ladies got up to during class.  Click the image below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device.  You’ll be take to the photo album for viewing.
Crumbs Workshop, Champaign, IL 2014

My evening was an easy one.  Early Dinner after class at the Black Dog BBQ:


Black Dog in Urbana – go early, and plan on waiting.  It’s worth it!

I am lucky enough to be gifted a Featherweight for my use while here, and I finally got to sew last night!


1 zip lock baggie of little scraps + paper foundations + one borrowed featherweight = 1 happy evening of hotel sewing!  That is until it got a bit late ---


Uhoh! Time for bed!

Today we will be playing with 2.5” strips and making a bunch of beautiful Sister’s Choice blocks.  Another day to play in Champaign Illinois ---

Home tomorrow!

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  1. What wonderful scrap ideas they all have! What's up,with the old Quilter's Newsletter issue? Can't read it on my IPad mini. Looks like such fun.

  2. What a wonderful memory in the making that is for that sweet Lily and her grandmother. Have fun in Illinois :-)

  3. That looks like too much fun. Bonnie, you are the best.

  4. Just wanted to get my hands in the bin of scraps. Luxury. Such an experience for young Lilianna and such a pretty name for a pretty girl.

  5. In your slide show is a picture of a column titled Memories from a Quilters Newsletter Magazine. Could you tell me the issue of the magazine it is from.

  6. In Portland we agreed, you don't do selvedges and I don't do crumbs. A girl's got to draw the line in the sand somewhere, right?

    But somehow a gallon baggie got taped to the side of my cutting table and somehow what looks like crumbs are getting in there while I work on a shirt project.

    Fabric Fairies...can't live with them can't shoot them..
    Sharyn in Kalama

  7. Bonnie, you said you had all the pieces cut and in baggies to sew on at night while traveling. Does this mean that the pictures of your flying geese are part of this year's mystery?


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