Saturday, July 05, 2014

Some of THIS and some of THAT!

The binding is ON the Cheddar Sampler.  All that remains is the handwork….

One thing I could shoot myself for ((okay, not shoot really, but maybe beat myself with a wet noodle…)) I forgot to pack a square of label fabric so that I could fold it in half on the diagonal and stitch it on the back tucking two edges of the triangle into the binding as binding went on.

The worst part?  Now I have to sew FOUR sides of a label SQUARE to the back with no edges being tucked into the binding. 

Is it the end of the world? 

Not hardly.

Just another reason why I should probably start storing stash at the cabin!

The other thing I have not decided on is whether or not to put a sleeve on this thing.  Do I have anywhere to hang it? Any reason it must HAVE a sleeve?

If I DID hang it, would it be sideways? Or straight up and down?  That depends on the wall where I would hang it and as of right now I have no need of hanging it.

It’s not for a book thing, it’s not a class teaching sample thing, it’s just a for me thing.

Okay, so no sleeve for now.  If I ever need one I can choose to sew one on.  Not the end of the world on this conundrum either.


My cutting table looks busy!

Things I can’t show you!

I’m working on the blocks for next year’s issues of my Addicted to Scraps column with Quiltmaker Magazine.  And I’m pushing myself a bit out of my comfort zone with them!

A couple months ago I was gifted a box of fabric scraps from my friend Freida:


Here they are in a tub!

I am making my column blocks out of someone else’s scraps!  And it is pushing my creativity and also providing a lot of fun as I discover pieces of fabric that are new to me and finding blocks and units that they would look good in.  I’m about 3 issues in right now, 3 issues to go –I’ll be working on the remaining blocks as I can in between dealing with family who is about to arrive!

And yes, I *AM* relaxing.  I’ve even taken decadent naps the past two days, and I’m glad, because with a full cabin, I doubt there will be time for napping on the agenda.

There may not be a whole lot of quilty updates in the next week, and I hope you won’t be bored with family photos and fun as the Hunter Texas Contingency meets the Hunter North Carolina Contingency and we show them a really good time complete with North Carolina hospitality, food, scenery, blue grass music, and everything North Carolina we can think of!

More to follow ---

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  1. Enjoy your family ... that's what is important in life!!

  2. Surely there's something in that scrap box that you could use for a label...

  3. All that fabric on your cutting table and there's no scrap that could be turned into a label????

  4. Make a pieced label using some of the lighter scraps in your box!

  5. Anonymous5:54 PM EDT

    Bonnie, why not leave a corner area of the binding unseen on the quilt where you want the label to be and finish that part when you get home. Not a big deal. Save and finish it the way you want to, you're be happier. Not you must start sharing you stash with the cabin. ❤️

  6. How about a pieced label from the fabric in your box!

    That would help you finish your quilt as you like.
    Carole Y.

  7. I love the fact that even though you are doing quilty stuff, you are taking time for other stuff you enjoy.

  8. Was going to say what anonymous said leave the corner unstitched and finish when you get home

  9. Anonymous7:04 PM EDT

    Bonnie, why don't you just leave one corner unbound and finish it off with the label when you get back home? Anne Marsaw famarsaw@aol.com

  10. I agree with what Anonymous said...don't sew the binding down on one corner and machine sew the label on when you get back home. I have a quilt that is in that position right now...and has been for a couple of years actually. But when I give it away (it's a boy baby quilt) I will give it with a personalized label (and if I make a mistake which has been know to happen I can easily remove it to correct it) and quickly finish the binding and have a great fast gift!

  11. Isn't there a scrap you could use for the label in that tote of Scraps? I see a light colored square there on top. It might not be the size you usually use but go for it! Have a great time with your family this week. Facebook posting is totally OK with me.

  12. Good'ay Bonnie! Whatever you do Bonnie, we will LOVE IT!!
    You are our friend and teacher..so go for it....we will still love your choices!
    Marietta, Brisbane

  13. Bonnie,

    You could always work on the binding and leave the corner until you get home, add the label to the unfinished corner, then finish it?!? Enjoy your time off!!

  14. Bonnie, the very best update is to know you are relaxing at the cabin - some needed off time in a way. Good to see you are working on the quilt just for yourself.

    I need to catch your last quilt cam - with John mending some, I have been rather busy or pooped in the evenings.


  15. don't give it a second thought, we know you have a life somewhere...enjoy to the max!

  16. You could hand sew everything down except for the corner where a label would go, Bonnie. Then when you get home you could put it in and Voila!!! ;-)

  17. I hope your having a great time with your family. Our time this weekend has been spent packing. I can't wait to see the blocks you make from the scraps I sent. I hope you have the best time this next week with your family.

  18. I can hardly wait to see pictures of your Texas family and pictures of your adventures as you travel around NC. Your style of writing puts me right there with you. How I wish I could be sewing with you one day. Have a great time.

  19. 3083Bonnie,

    You absolutely should have "some" of your stash at the cabin.
    Speaking of forgetting My last vacation I was visiting my LAQ. She finished my Lozenges. I had my binding made, but it was about 18 inches too short. Did I have my extra fabric with me? Of course not. I was able to finish it the day we returned just in time to give to my son for his birthday.

  20. I never put a hanging sleeve on any quilt. I invested years ago in a long wooden two piece holder for quilts from double to king. Put the quilt between the two pieces and tighten the dowel knobs and ready for the wall. I love all parts of quilt making except for some reason hate to put the sleeve on the back. Best money I ever spent.

  21. Scraps and quilting can wait! Enjoy your family. Looking forward to photos of the "Hunter Contingency Convergence" in North Carolina.
    Hugs, Allison in Plano, TX

  22. I would do what the rest said and leave the corner for later and do the rest. So glad you're getting much needed rest and relaxation. I don't know how you keep up your schedule of travel and classes and keep sane. Enjoy your time away and your family visiting. Love your posts and all your quilts.

  23. I love following your blog. You inspire me. In 8 days we will be moving from our house into an RV full time. I'm desparately trying to finish up some projects while I still have a sewing studio. My sewing, midarm and serger are coming with me but I imagine quilting will be more difficult in the RV. The midarm will ride in the storage bay and be set up when we light for a few days. My husband joked he'd have to pull a toy hauler outfitted as my sewing studio instead of the car. You never know!

    Please keep blogging. I enjoy the mountain views and your travels almost as much as your sewing prowess.


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