Tuesday, July 01, 2014

In My Snail Mail Box!!

2014 Magazine cover Spring IssueSeveral months back I was contacted by The Professional Quilter, a business journal for serious quilters –aren’t we ALL serious quilters?


They let me know that I had been nominated for Teacher of the Year --

Only this time I had to answer a whole bunch of “serious questions for serious quilters” and submit what was much like a term paper on my teaching methods and what I expected my students to learn through my classes.  It was a dicey prospect because it really made me think about how my workshops have been going, looking at what the students are learning –not just having a good time. 

ARE they learning? 

Are they fine tuning skills they already have? 

Are they learning new ways to look at things and streamline methods they already use? 

Are they pushing the walls of their own personal “Boxes” giving them a freer and more creative mindset to play in?

I hope so!

I came home to a big fat envelope on the table, and I opened it while in the process of getting all of the mail corralled and dealt with today.


Certificate in the mail!

While I didn’t win, I am extremely honored to be nominated and included in the line up of other “oh so very serious” quilters!  Who actually thought I was SERIOUS anyway??  Well, even though I am about keeping things fun most of the time, I am very serious about my quilting passion, and I am so happy to have the opportunity to share it with others.

The 2014 Professional Quilter Teacher of the Year  is: Jacquie Gering!

The runner-up nominees were Susan Brittingham, Lisa Calle, Amy Gibson, Pam Holland, Liz Kettle, Vikki Pignatelli and Christa Watson along with myself ---How fun to be included with this ((SERIOUS?!)) group of ladies!


The Meet the Nominees pages!

I’ve been deep in paper work today – no sewing has happened yet, but I’m spending this evening straightening the studio and HOPEFULLY going to load my cheddar sampler into the machine for quilting.  HOPEFULLY.

This however was accomplished:


All Caught Up!

If you ordered books while I was gone for the past 12 days, I appreciate your patience in knowing that I can’t mail out when I’m gone, and there is no one else to sign books for me anyway!  All orders are up to date and out the door on their way to you. 

Because of this…I get STUDIO TIME! YAY!

Have a great evening, everyone!

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  1. DOUBLE HURRAH -- why didn't they just contact me! Students learning? By heck Miss Bonnie, you have open my mind's eye, broken down m y box walls and made me a free quilter!!! How much more do they need to know LOL.

    I am SOOOOOOO glad to you are being recognized for the teachers you are!!! THE BEST

    Smiles ear to ear

  2. It's wonderful to be nominated! I've never taken a class but I've learned so much from your website and books. I now use your scrap users system and feel much more organized and productive. You touch so many people. And I also think you are so much fun. Wish there was a class near me. Thanks for all you do!!!!

    Robin Wells
    Baltimore MD

  3. I am pretty sure that you are a professional...LOL!! Love your books and blog!!

  4. Glad to hear that you are home safe!

    Congrats on the nomination. You are awesome.


  5. Congratulations Bonnie! You deserve the nomination! Dare I say a win!
    As for learning...heck yes! Every class I take with you.... every Quiltcam (even though it's your sewing time ) you are gently teaching all of us by answering our questions and giving little hints to help us each be better.

  6. Congrats on the nomination! There is one answer for all the questions you posed...a resounding YES! and you make it fun too! You are admired and appreciated by many quilters.

  7. Congratulations on the nomination. I can tell you with serious conviction that I would not be the quilter I am today without you. It's started with the Mystery Quilts, following you on quilt cam, reading your blogs, and finally being able to take a class from you this spring...oh I forgot to mention those books too. Seriously I would have never pushed myself to try and learn new skills without you. Thanks every so much.

  8. Anonymous9:48 PM EDT

    A big congratulations! Most of my life is very responsible and serious but quilting is just for fun and you're a very big part of that fun. I check your blog daily and I live for webcam nights.

    Susan Lyle

  9. I think you are the perfect combo of sweet, serious, sassy & fun!!! I'm honored even to be in your virtual company :-)
    Congrats again - and your description was very accurate - answering those questions was kinda like writing a term paper, LOL!!!

  10. Surprised you didn't win. I haven't had a class from you unless you consider the lessons within your books. Thank goodness your passion is contagious. So much is evidenced by your website and your always sharing all the ingredients for success. Now, why don't you get after me to quilt more. Kidding.

  11. Yours is the only name of all those names that I've been taught by. You are the best of all I know anyway! I'm so glad I can say I met and was taught by you!!! Enjoy your Studio time.

  12. Anonymous10:26 PM EDT

    Congratulations, very much deserved.


  13. Congratulations on your nomination, well deserved too! You not only teach those who are lucky enough to take your face to face classes but you teach by distance education too, with quilt cam, email, your blog and your books. I have learnt more from you than any face to face class I have taken to date. I am, being in Australia, one of your distance education students, but they are world wide. It is this teaching and patients with answering questions over and over that we thank you for every time someone thanks you for "all you do for us". We are all your students so THANK YOU so much for your time patients and sharing of your knowledge of quilting :) Julie (Australia) :)

  14. Congratulations on your well deserved nomination! I've never been lucky enough to take a class from you, but I've learned so much from your blog, your free patterns (which are amazing tutorials), your books, and even Quilt Cam. You've brought a whole new dimension to my life as a quilter.

    Glad you're going to get to sew tonight.


  15. Congratulations Bonnie!

  16. Super Congratulations on being with the IN crowd of nominees. And kudos for being SERIOUS...now let's get back to the insanity!

  17. Congratulations on your nomination. I had the privilege of taking a class from you recently. I am one who follows directions and very seldom strays from the path but in your class I learned to be a little looser in my piecing style. Thank you! You are a great teacher and you share your talents and knowledge with so many of us.

  18. OH NO, I see OFQUILT forming (gg)
    Seriously! here is their answer........how many people crowd into your classes.....how many folks around the world sign up to your web?
    Thank you for all you patterns, tips, and FUN!!!!!!

  19. This comment has been removed by the author.

  20. I am so happy you got a nomination like that, but serious??? really? I think the fix must have been in. You are the most gracious, informative, funny and enjoyable teacher/quilter I personally have ever had the privilege from whom to learn. Look at all the show and tell at your lunch breaks. The proof is in the pudding. Have you ever thought how future quilters/historians are going to find a rash of Celtic Solstices made in this 'period'? Think about that.

  21. Congratulations Bonnie!
    I am also a Distance Education student..
    I learn so much from you everyday. I talk about your methods with my quilting friends, and I end up teaching them what I have learned from you! I think we can all say the same thing...you teach so well, your students learn beyond their expectations and as a result, your teaching becomes shared learning!
    I too wish I could take a class with you, but difficult to find class space in a location within travel distance for me in Canada!
    Thank you for all you do, I think you win everyday!
    Ps I think you should print out all your comments giving you accolades, put in a binder with the certificate and then label the binder as WINNER!
    Take care, Leslie

  22. Congrats on your nomination!! You are truly worthy. :) You are too fun to win the "serious" quilter. We wouldn't want you any other way. :)

  23. Sell, I'll say this is one girl you got out of her comfort zone. I used to think a 5" square was small. But after trying some of your patterns, they look huge! Thanks for all you do for us and congrats on the nomination. It must have been rigged because I think you should have WON BIG TIME.

  24. I have never heard of any of those serious gals, may have to look them up. I will say I did not expect to learn anything in class with you (been doing your quilts for awhile so just really wanted to hang with you!) but I DID learn! First of all I learned how to correctly use that dang easy angle and now I FINALLY understand why you love it so! I also learned that it really is worth the time to get the quarter inch seam right! And to relax and have fun..all good lessons and I have no doubt at the next class with you I will learn more! :)

  25. No matter what they say Bonnie, you are the best!

  26. Congratulations Bonnie!
    An honor to be contacted, very cool. You deserve your studio time.

  27. being in Spain, I 've learned loads through your website, blog, videos, (quilt cam, tips and techniques addicted to scraps, gallery...) and I believe that being fun does not mean it is not serious.
    That is Serious AND fun!


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