Thursday, July 24, 2014

From Greensboro to Champaign!

Good morning from the beautiful little town of Champaign, Illinois!

Yesterday was a pretty hectic travel day.

It started out as normal, but quickly got crazy as we pulled onto I-40 heading East toward Greensboro and the airport only to find that the traffic was at a dead standstill for what looked like miles---this is not good when you are trying to get to the airport on time!

Quick GPS reroute had me on back country roads, winding this way and that way but still promised me an on time arrival.

However, I am sorry Mr Turtle-- You were in the wrong place at the wrong time and just did not cross the road fast enough!

And yes, if read me on facebook or instagram, you were catching this whole drama live ---

Photo: #penhoarder time for a quick and much needed clean out before boarding my flight to Atanta! Much needed! #quiltville #bonniekhunter #flyingsometimessucks

45 minutes before boarding? We really should clean out the travel bag.  HOLY COW!!

I spy at least 6 FREE hotel pens,
hotel tea bags, 2 packs of tic tacs a container of gum 2 chapsticks and…

Once at the airport things went fine, until I hit my 3 hour layover in Atlanta ---was sitting there minding my own business and it all of a sudden hit me….

Photo: This is me. In Atlanta. With the realization that I can't get into my own luggage when I reach my destination!  I plan on getting TSA to open my bags for me when I get to Bloomington,  IL. Not only do I murder turtles but I am a dufus too. #dinglehead #quiltville #bonniekhunter

Oh Brother!  I didn’t have my keys in my little roll aboard!

I wasn’t sure if I packed them in my checked luggage, or if I left them at home, but whatever the case was, it was too late to do anything about it now…I would deal with it when I got to the other end and landed in Bloomington!

Photo: Boarded in Atlanta,  bumped to first class!  I guess they are making up for the turtle murder and the left-at-home tsa lock keys. I'll take it. #flyingsometimessucks #butnotalways #quiltville #bonniekhunter

Delta must have felt bad for my morning! I got a first class upgrade from Atlanta to Bloomington!
Hexie stitching in style, baby!

I had a good long chat with the flight attendant too – she was very interested in English paper piecing and I hope I have twisted her arm enough to try it.  It really is perfect for travel ---long layovers and lots of gate sitting make good hexie time.

Photo: Hello, Bloomington,  IL!  Nor as, bad of a #dinglehead as I originally thought. Keys tucked safely in my checked luggage. I didn't have to beg TSA after all! #quiltville #bonniekhunter

All luggage present and accounted for ---

((And wonder of all brain dead wonders…the keys were in the grey suitcase!!))

Travel is just tiring.  Oh yes, it’s fun and we love adventure, but it takes a lot out of a person to schlep this stuff week in and week out.  I am so happy that Debbie was here to meet me at the baggage claim, we got my bags to the curb, loaded them up in her car, and headed about an hour away to Champaign where I’ll be the next several days.

And for those wondering…YES…I hexied on that hour too!  I was afraid if I didn’t keep my hands busy and my focus on something that I would just fall asleep and snore right then and there!

We met up with some guild girls last night for dinner ---and after dinner it was off to Jarling’s Custard Cup – I posted a Galaxy-Gram from there last night.  I think that just about catches us up on everything.

You don’t suppose they have issued a warrant for the arrest of this turtle murderer, do you?  I kind of fled the scene and ran ----


Hexies as they are this morning

I’ve added the right side border to the upper edge of the diamond unit…starting down the left side.  It’s coming!  This is the second one, there are 4 to go after this one is finished.

I’ll be making lots of progress as I fly to England NEXT WEEK!!

Have a super Thursday, Everyone – more fun photos from today’s class coming up next!

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  1. MNPennyQuilts9:46 AM EDT

    Oh my - travel!!! This is good practice for you next week, purse cleaning, keys, etc... We have all been there and smile with you. Glad you were able to enjoy a sweet treat once you arrived in Illinois. Enjoy your time, and as always thank you for sharing, the GOOD , bad, and ugly so we know we are not alone:)! Hugs from MN.

  2. Cave Creek Maggie11:13 AM EDT

    Have FUN in "Big 10" Country!

  3. Anonymous12:45 PM EDT

    Sometime, please recap what you use for scissors on a plane these days. I can make out some pink handles (?) but can't make out the rest. How big, how sharp are the points, how long are the blades, etc. Have you been stopped or have you had scissors confiscated? I'm leery of traveling with anything other than nail clippers to cut thread! :/

  4. How do you fold your hexie projects without losing papers? If I fold the project too much before the paper is ready to be taken out, I will often lose them anyway. And of course, I can't fold any of the hexies with paper in them very precisely.

  5. Not sure what Bonnie uses….When I travelled every week for my job I bought a Clover round cutter and the airlines allowed that. TSA is different in very airport as I learned when I lived in St Louis. So I keep my Clover round cutter in my travel bag!

  6. I was sorry to hear about Mr. Turtle...then on my way to work I hit a bird! Don't think he made it either...it did make me think of you though!

  7. Anonymous11:06 PM EDT

    I use an empty dental floss container- the one that cuts dental floss, to cut thread and had an added bonus of storing small amount of thread.


  8. As I loaded up my truck, I commented that for someone who loves to travel as much as I do, I sure hate packing!! Don't you just love upgrades - I got lucky and got that last summer from JFK to Heathrow and Heathrow to Boston - loved it! Have a blast in Birmingham - awesome show, but be sure to leave room for all the goodies from all the vendors - so many I didn't even get to all of them!!!


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