Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Galaxy-Gram! Cathedral Stars for Everyone!

Workshop day too weed in Live Oak, Florida is winding down!

These ladies have been going hard at it all day and they have a lot to show for their efforts.

So many colors!

So many ideas!

So many opportunities to take this quilt and make it their own. 

We had a special visitor today - I was pleased to meet Stephanie of Modern Sewciety!  Have you listened to her podcast? She has a wide selection of previous ones you can tune into and does new interviews each week with all kinds of people in the sewing industry including quilting people.

I will post a link to her website when I get a chance later, I am sending this up from my phone on my way to dinner!

After dinner I will please be presenting my trunk show--  And the Evening fun will continue!

Much love from Camp Weed,


PalmerGal said...

And can you fix the "day too" when you get a chance? :)

I love these stars. They are on my "to do" list.

sally said...

Really??? Does too or to or two really matter in the grand scheme of things? I just wish I was there with these fun ladies sewing to my heart's content with the incredible BONNIE Hunter. They really seem to be enjoying some wonderful fellowship.....and making some beautiful quilts that will bring back such peaceful memories .

sally said...
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Suzanne Carlisle said...

I would so love and appreciate the opportunity to attend a single one day workshop with Bonnie...a whole retreat? holy wow!! What a great tret.

Bonnie, so glad you are on the mend!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone was is grinning ear to ear- I am soooooo jealous!! Would love to be a part of all that fun. Beautiful job by everyone!!

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry, forgot to leave my name with the above comment- blame it on the early hours for work.....

Roger Cooper said...

Bonnie I love your posts with pics of the spring flowers and beautiful sunsets... we have had so much snow here in MD... it has been a joy to see your pics.. thank you
love all of your quilts