Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Hiking Cascade Falls!

See this photo?

We had a hankering to go out on the blue ridge parkway, see some beautiful views and walk a few trails.

Please note the second word in the description here.  LEISURELY.

No where on here does it say “precarious stone steps descending into oblivion which you must walk back UP after going DOWN!”

Maybe there just wasn’t room on the sign for small print.

But we went anyway – because we are adventurous that way.


Dappled shade from leafy treetops!


Rhododendrons growing wild all around.


Crossing streams rushing toward the falls


Photo ops…man, I need to something about these chunky arms!


And yes, stairs…LOTS of stairs!  But it was so worth it:

And further down:


This was my first time doing videos with the new camera, I need to remember to always do them sideways so they fill the whole screen on youtube..sorry about that!


And then we hiked back up!


And rested a bit along the way!


What an awesome place to be, to see, to enjoy!


30 minute leisurely hike?  Well – it was worth it!


Just can’t get enough of these mountains!


What fun can we get up to today??

After we were done, we rushed back to the cabin – I had a live radio interview with Pat Sloan for American Patchwork and Quilting!  Did you listen? If not, here are the links:

Give it a listen!  And let me know your thoughts on what we talked about – the time went so fast, it was so good to hear Pat’s voice!

Love from Buck Mountain,

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Myrna said...

Looks like a "nice" hike! I enjoyed your interview with Pat Sloan. You shared a lot of good information in 15 minutes. Great job!

Old quilter said...

A new definition for the word leisurely ! Does treadling develop the necessary muscles for this ? Thanks for the photos since I'll never be able to do this myself.

Carolyn said...

Yes, I listened. Your conversation was good. I was interested in how you plan and kit up for your travels. No wonder you get so much done.

Bev said...

We did that same Cascade Falls hike when we visited the Blue Ridge in Fall 2008. Not as much water but still beautiful.

Julie Vernon said...

It is worth the hike to see the raw beauty of our country. I like to imagine it all before hordes of people settled in ... Eden must have looked the same!


Jo said...

Stunning views. Beautiful greenery...Did it only take 30 minutes.

I'll listen to the interview tomorrow . Well done

Sue Monsey said...

Beautiful - something I will probably never see personally but with you sharing I get to.

Those chunky arms -- lol -- I hear that quilting is good for that ... that's my story and I'm sticking to it!

Virginia C said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the show. Picked up some new tips also. I was very tired so will listen to it again.

Ebony said...

Your arms are just fine, they are not chunky at all. And even if they were, they still bend in the middle just like they should, and attach your hands to your body. They lift your cases and duffle bags, pull your needles and threads through your hexies and bindings, hug your family and friends. What more do you need?

HelenMarie said...

your arms are not chunky.. they are defined muscles from carrying those duffle bags of quilts!

Yes I listened. I like tht you kit up blocks for your travels so you can get a lot done while on the road.

I sort of followed your lead for vacation this year to finish up a bunch of UFOs. I did some cutting at home and brought the xtra material with me...good thing because I got a lot more sewn than I thought I would. Bringing the xtra fabric worked out great too! I finished 5 tops!

Cindy, The Purple Quilter said...

We hiked this trail recently and it was worth every step!

grammajudyb said...

I'm envious. Of your beautiful scenery, I've never been to the Blue Ridge Mtns. and your ability to hike a trail. I really must get my feet looked at by the doc. Glad you are enjoying you vacation and your family.

Barbara said...

I hope the chiggers are treating your better or that you have found a better way to treat the bites.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

BonnieE said...

Soooo beautiful, Bonnie! And that water is right where the cottonmouths like to hang out. Hope you didn't see any.

For the arms, start with pushups, bicep curls, and tricep dips! All good. I hate to say it, but arm mess is part of getting older! Fight it as hard as you can!

Love your beautiful getaway... thanks for sharing it with us.

birdie said...

Very nice. I used to live in Black Mtn. so am familiar with the Blue Ridge Pkwy. Lots of good memories from there.

Anonymous said...

Leisurely if you're a mountain goat but so worth it for the view.

Those aren't chunky arms. You just have well defined quilting muscles.



Farm Quilter said...

Thanks for the videos of the falls and the beautiful greenery...looked so cool and inviting that it took the edge off the 100 degree heat here (hubs still needs to get the a/c units in!!).

Carole said...

What a beautiful place. I love the sound the falls make. Thank you for sharing all your photos.

Sharon Hughson said...

I listened, of course I listened when two of my fav. quilters get together and allow me to listen in...I'm in.
Loved your spot. I always learn something when you speak, Bonnie. I learned more about color families Mon.
Love your posts.

Allison in Plano said...

Oooo, that was wonderful!! Thank you for "taking us along" for the hike. During an open sew at a local quilt shop, the topic of our arms came up . . . one gal defined them as "grandma wings"!! Not angel wings--grandma wings. Enjoyed tuning into your interview with Pat Sloan; always reinforces what I've learned from you. Continue to enjoy your family time. Sage tea bags are in the mail to you for brewing up for your bottle of chigger spray. Hugs, Allison in Plano, TX USA

Andresa Strahm said...

I listened to your interview. Could tell you had fun. What I liked best was your tip to take units when traveling and get those sewn up. While I don't travel and rarely go on quilt retreats, I am thinking of getting back in the habit of attending the quilter's day out at the local quilt shop. This tip would be perfect.

AndiRae in MN

Lorna in Mn said...

Thanks for the tour, looks like you are enjoying a well deserved vaca! Loved what ebony said about the arms-but it just seems to happen to all of us!!!

kc said...

Oh my, does that ever bring back memories! We, too, saw that word, leisurely and were tricked into hiking that hike, many years ago. With an older pup...and she was too winded to even think about the hike back UP those steps...so when it was time, I scooped her up and stood at the bottom step, looking up and sighed. Loudly. Bless his heart, hubby took the hint & took the pup from my arms and carried all 18 pounds of her right back up all those steps. She never would have made it on her own, and I never would have made it carrying her...but all together, we made it. It was a lovely trip; one which we talk about and remember to this day, some 20 years later. Thanks for the memories!

DnmynnV9mcq1l.0XImz9z7wq0NDIIGY- said...

This reminds me of the Pacific NW, where I live. Rhodies grow wild everywhere here, and all that lush greenery fills every sight, too. AND, we have the Cascade Mountains in Oregon and Washington, so when I saw your heading, I thought maybe you were out here! Some day I'll see the Blue Ridge.