Sunday, October 27, 2013

When Betsy Came Home….

Remember earlier in the month when I came up to Quilt Villa by myself with Sadie – and we hit the wonderful Outdoor Antiques Festival in Downtown west Jefferson?

And then the last time I came up here and acquired the terrific China Hutch that looks prefect in the dining room?

Today we made a third trip to West Jefferson ---We are considering the benefits of a pellet stove with blower fans…instead of the old wood burning stove without fans that is in the basement at the cabin.

We were just LOOKING---and the plan was to grab things we need, have lunch and come back.  And to enjoy the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains before all the leaves are gone.  Today we have a blue sky with scattered almost corduroy looking clouds….VERY cool!

One of the other things on the agenda is setting up a “regular” tv antenna – you know…for the FREE CHANNELS that are still out there?  I do not want to pay for cable up here, we are not here often enough to make it worth while to pay for cable, I can’t get good satellite here in the trees and the mountains, and I really want this to be more of an “unplugged” location – though now that we have some internet, and a phone – it seems less and less remote all the time.


Lowes run – completed and hardware type stuff purchased.

Tractor Supply run accomplished and pellet stoves looked at and considered.

Lunch finished at the very fun Boondocks Brewing Company in downtown West Jefferson ---

And on the way home  to Quilt Villa we had to drive right past the Main Street Antique Mall and…..

Guess what came home?  After three trips in the last month, it was still there.  That was an omen!

cabin_oct2013 046

The Betsy Ross treadle by National!

Remember when I first saw it HERE?

cabin_oct2013 045

I love how it raises itself when you open the lid…see that chain?

cabin_oct2013 044

Usually when I have seen these the mechanisms have been broken…this one is fully functional!

cabin_oct2013 041

When the lid is open, the knee panel also swings silently and magically away.

It took some rearranging of the living room furniture, but not much.  We moved the couch away from the window and swapped positions, putting the couch on the opposite wall, and the two chairs on either side of the machine – I can sew inside this winter….but still look out the window over the deck rail to the view beyond.

cabin_oct2013 042

It just looks at home here, doesn’t it?

cabin_oct2013 043

The couch doesn’t look bad on that opposite wall either.  A happy switcheroo!

cabin_oct2013 047

Along with a box of attachments was this unique thing I’d never seen before. It’s a needle threader, still in its wrapper of instructions!

cabin_oct2013 048

I don’t know much about National machines – but I am about to learn.  There were a couple of good needles in this old pack that will help me find out which size they take….as well as a couple bent and rusty needles wrapped around with old yucky thread.

cabin_oct2013 049

Someone used this machine an awful lot! The decals are very worn, but this machine turns free as a bird.  I am hoping that I can get her sewing again.  See how the bobbin winder swings out of the way? When you want to wind a bobbin, it pivots back with the wheel against the belt and the belt turns the wheel to wind the bobbin….of which I have only ONE.

cabin_oct2013 050

Bobbin and shuttle present and accounted for!

When buying any vintage machine, whether electric or treadle – whether round bobbin or long bobbin…..be sure there is a bobbin case present, in this case the bullet shuttle ---and one bobbin so you have something to match to so you can find more.  Some machines it is easy to find replacements for --some -- not so much.

I’ll be on a search for more long bobbins as soon as I send this post!

And on a search to see if I can find a replacement handle for that bottom left drawer that is missing one ---

I’m excited.  Betsy has come home!

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  1. what a neat looking machine and cabinet! hope you get it working it good.

  2. You would be surprised how much heat your living room fireplace would put out with an insert. The one my daughter had would run you right out of the room. Sometimes I think an old treadle machine would be fun...I could even sew if the power went out, but how much more stuff can I cram into this LITTLE house? Your new one is certainly in a beautiful cabinet.

  3. That place is perfect for Betsy that now has a Sweet home.

  4. You two were obviously meant for each other. The more I read your blog, the more I wish I had suggested to my mother that she didn't want to move the treadle machine she inherited from my stepdad's mother. But alas, she and it moved cross country last month.

  5. Try lee valley tools for the handle, they have an amazing amount

  6. I love the way that machine looks, the fold out looks much longer than most I've seen and the condition of the cabinet, spectacular. Your living room looks so nice and uncluttered, must be a pleasure to be in there. We use some propane fire places here in the country, we find them the quickest and most effective way to heat. Sure, it's a hassle to take the bottles in town to fill. (The big propane delivery truck can't reach us.) And, electric service here can be off for hours if there's ice or a storm. WE control our environment with the propane. Turn it on when it's cold, turn it off when not needed. That's comforting. I hear pellets are ok, but you still have to go buy them and you still have to keep feeding the stove. Ken is knowledgeable about all things building so he ran hoses to the areas we wanted to heat. Works for us.

  7. Somehow I knew BETSY would find her way to your cabin! have fun!!

  8. It is a beauty! I was given a machine just like this only the cabinet is a nightmare. Decals very warn but not locked up either; one bobbin and needle as well. Just don't really know what to do with it. I should try to save it and use it but just don't know where to start!!!

  9. Beautiful Now with a wood burning stove, purchase some cole lamps and a treadle when the power goes off you can be cozy have light and still sew. Beautiful place by the way.

  10. She's so pretty! I'm sure you'll have her cleaned up and running in no time.
    I'm so impressed at how you manage to find all those great machines!

  11. Oh what a find! And in such good shape. You will have fun with that one. It will make your heart sing when you look at it.

  12. That treadle machine is a beauty! I know you will enjoy it, especially if the power goes out.

  13. Looks very much like my Two Spool Treadle. I do have one issue though. When the machine comes up, it doesn't go ALL the way up, so the left front portion of the wood panel by the machine, is about 1/4" below the rest of the area. Not that big of a deal. But it is exciting to use one of these. Let me know if you want a picture of the threading.

  14. beautiful machine and cabinet...picked up my trudy today so i am on the lookout for a cabinet at some point but alas no room for it yet...great addition to quilt villa!

  15. It looks perfect in your cabin. Enjoy! It sounds like a "quest for fire."

  16. Lucky lady!!! That all is just beautiful!!

  17. Betsy is a perfect fit for your cabin! (btw, I just talking about your collection of sewing machines at dinner, and how you name them, and my 25 year old son wanted to know why I had not named my one machine lol Guess it is time for me to come up with a name....

  18. Beautiful cabinet and machine! I'm glad you finally brought her home! Betsy looks gorgeous in front of that window. I hope you have many happy hours there together - whether or not the power goes out!

  19. Congratulations! It's also wonderful that your husband doesn't fuss about your collection. Finally, I have the same coffee table in my home.

  20. Anonymous8:03 PM EDT

    This is a gorgeous set. May you and Betsy become great pals, and make many wonderful memories!

  21. Your new Betsy is beautiful, and speaking of oldies but goodies, I have one of those old rockers. It's the one on the right in your picture, waiting for a recovering.

  22. Love your new machine....I have a New Home that is fabulous ....but have not found any long bobbins so will be fascinated to find out if you are able to buy more....would love to know your source if you find some

  23. Love It!
    By the way did you ever find the solution to your 221?

  24. What a find, beautiful machine.

  25. We have had a pellet stove at our cabin for the last 11 years. It is great. We are on our second one, that can cycle on and off by itself. Great feature. Heats the whole house, if you don't close the bedroom doors.

  26. I'm so happy that you gave her a good home. It is a beautiful machine and cabinet!

  27. Oh my, I learned to sew on this machine! Still in the family, my Sister has it.

  28. What a beauty Betsy is. I know she will enjoy many hours at your hand in front of that wonderful window with a view.

  29. When I scrolled down and first saw the picture I just gasped! That is such a perfect machine for your country cabin. Just fits right in, doesn't she? Welcome home, Betsy.

  30. I am not so interested in treadle machines (sorry), but that cabinet is beartiful. I love the look of the quarter-sawn (sp?) oak, and your cabinet is wonderful. However, I do think I would like to get a Featherweight machine. That is what I learned to sew on. Thanks for sharing. Nancy: rangerer@sbcglobal.net

  31. Betsy's sister "Gemma" is here with me! I picked her up a few months ago. She has a motor, and it works, bobbin present and accounted for (with extras). I've been trying to find tutorials or something on how to make her work, I'm scared! I've never seen a bullet bobbin before, but I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to use her. I need to get one of those tube belts you use so much though, because the belt on this lady has had it. I'll be anxious to hear updates on Betsy! Hoping to catch her on quilt cam one day! And watch you put the bullet bobbin in!

  32. You will love a pellet stove. And, Betsy is beautiful! I have a Damascus Grand that has the same mechanism as your treadle. It is a two spool treadle with a rotary bobbin. You will love not having to lift the machine for it to be level with the cabinet. Thank you for sharing information and pictures of these wonderful sewing machines! Emily

  33. Betsy is a grand gal!! Happy hunting for the drawer pull, needles and long bobbins.
    Hugs, Allison

  34. bonnie,
    i can "feel" your excitement through your message.
    I could not be happier for you!

    darlynn (IL/WI....friend of randi's and yours)


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