Saturday, October 19, 2013

Love Shack Fun & Laughter, Colorado Springs!

Isn’t this the cutest picture EVER?!

Have you ever seen such happy quilters so proud of new-to-them techniques mastered?

We had a great time in Colorado Springs with the Piecing Partners Quilt Guild over the past several days, and this was a great class to end a wonderful visit.

They came with bags, and bins and boxes and laundry baskets –and HAMPERS full of cherished scraps.  You know we ALL save this stuff ---even the smallest scrap is worth the same price per yard that we paid for it…and OH, the variety!  And the Memories that belong to each piece….we had a lot of fun digging and swapping and laughing and joking ---and the blocks came out so cute!

This is a fast paced frenzy of a workshop --- we switch gears about every 40 minutes to move onto the next unit, so no matter WHERE you are when the time to switch comes, you move on.  It’s hilarious – almost like a game of Quilter’s Musical Chairs!

Colorado_Oct2013 158

Dot was our Lime Green Queen for the day!

Don’t you love her child’s rubber boot for  holding goodies?  It got me to thinking how cute these would even be as flower vases for gift giving…They come in twos, so you’d have one for a friend, and one for yourself!

Colorado_Oct2013 155

She made a matching featherweight  protective cover…..

It protects the decals and the feed dogs from damage --- just lower the presser foot and the needle….

Colorado_Oct2013 156

Here is the underside protecting the extension bed.

She didn’t use a pattern to make this, just measure and go – but wouldn’t it be a great gift for a featherweight loving friend?  And look closer at the pjhoto..do you see that bit of orange stripe to the right?  She covered her chair to match with really fun fabric ---all the comforts of home coming to two great days of quilt class!

Currently, Love Shack is not available as a pattern, though several of the individual parts are listed in the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.  This is a combination of Happy Scrappy Houses, Maverick Stars, Wonky Hearts and String blocks, with an introduction to Word Play Quilts letters by Tonya Ricucci.  It may show up in a future book down the pipeline, but right now it is available only as a workshop.

Click the image below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device.  You will be taken directly to the photo album for viewing.

Love Shack Workshop, Colorado Springs, 2013

Today will be a busy day! I'm being hosted by Wooden Spools in Englewood, Colorado.  Wooden Spools is a very SPECIAL kind of quilting shop...

Directly from the Wooden Spools Website:

Turn Your Stash Into Cash ! At Wooden Spools, we BUY and SELL cotton quilting fabric. Give new creative life to your fabric stash by selling us your unused and excess fabric. Find other newly revived fabrics that have made their way to our shelves. A visit to Wooden Spools is like taking part in a fabric exchange every day of the week!!

I love this idea!  REVIVED fabric!  This is going to be a fun day!  Today's class is a full one with 52 students on the roll.  Stay tuned for photos and more fun! 


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  1. HEY BONNIE... how many tons of fabric are you selling to Wooden Spools rofl! ??? This is such a great idea. Trouble just might come when you go in to sell your fabrics only to find and buy someone else's!!!

    Why is it that I am been the first poster lately???? Have to wonder about this? Pondering now...

    Have a super terrific day!
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  2. I love the revived fabric idea too. i routinely buy scraps at my local quilt shop.
    It's the best way to diversify!

  3. I love the piles and bags and bins of fabrics. And the lime boot. Oh ya, so much fun.

  4. WOW! You weren't kidding - baskets and bins and boxes of fabrics - oh my! Makes me wish I'd been there to pick through all the scrappy goodness :D

  5. I'm LOVING the sound of the Wooden Spools shop - enjoy :)

  6. Hello Bonnie,

    Dot's padded cover for the Featherweight is a stroke of genius, and it wouldn't matter if she got the measurements slightly too tight because she could use it as an oven glove instead.


  7. Bonnie is that star pattern ( sort of a wonka star) on your website? It looks like it could be a great stash buster.


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