Thursday, October 17, 2013

iPhone-o-Gram! Stringing Up for Pfeffernusse!

I apologize to my German friends about the lack of umlauts in this title!

They do not exist on my very American cellphone keyboard! But my heart is there!

String blocks are in high production with the Piecing Partners guild in Colorado Springs!

Neutrals are being swapped and traded--browns are being bargained for! We are opting for the ultimate in scrappy variety!

This afternoon we will switch gears and start making hour-glass units with the help of the Companion Angle Ruler!

Check out this mountain view---this is what greeted me as I stepped out of the hotel door on my way to class this morning!


  1. You can actually have the umlauts on the iphone!! you just need to hold down the letter that you want for example A and a pop up will come up with a few different choices :)

  2. Looks like they all are having so much fun. Glad it is nice there today.

  3. Okay I punhed the a and got the options but it wouln't let me use them. Is there another trick. I need this because I have a new neice Zoe!

    1. you have to click that E with an accent.

  4. Hi there - it is standard to use an e behind the particular vowel instead of an umlaut. Thus nüsse would be written nuesse. You can also find all the signs - useful for foreign languages - on your keyboard map. Umlauted vowels are entered by simultaneously pressing the ALT key and numbers on the numberpad on your computer, thus:
    Alt132 ä
    Alt137 ë
    Alt139 ï
    Alt148 ö
    Alt129 ü
    There could well be other, more efficient ways of doing it, and certainly, using the letter e behind the umlauted vowel is quick enough.
    I made my particular list up for using with Afrikaans in South Africa, for instance:
    Alt130 é
    Alt136 ê
    Alt137 ë
    Alt138 è
    Each of the vowels in Afrikaans have those signs for certain words. Tricky !

    1. Those only work if you are on a keyboard (with a number pad, otherwise it's tricky).

  5. PS. Am not 100% certain that the extra e for Zoe would be correct though. It looks odd, doesn't it - Zoee? Double-check with her parents, I'd say.

  6. WOWOW, these are things I have never known. Thank you for sharing Pricilla. I do like the pattern so much. It looks so very difficult to make I have dare not add this one.

    My to-make-someday list is very long, I might have to live well into the 2100's to even begin to get the list done! ;)

    Have a super day Bonnie

  7. Beautiful picture, and a happy class is what I see.
    Lucky you to be able to work with the hobby as well.
    Wish you a happy weekend.
    regards from Skåne

  8. On your iPhone you need to go to settings->general->keyboards and then add German keyboard or whatever one you want. Once you do this, the above instructions for holding down the key will work.....


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