Friday, October 04, 2013

Smith Mountain Day in Peoria!

We kept the Gems of the Prairie girls hopping all day long!

When I teach a quilt like Smith Mountain Morning, I divide it up into time segments ---you make as many of each unit that you can in the amount of time given, and when it is time to move on, you leave things with the previous unit wherever they are, and move on to the next unit.  This way everyone stays up with what the class is doing --- and by the end of the day you have enough units to start pulling blocks together.

Yesterday we started right off with half-square triangles and the Easy Angle Ruler….first with the large ones, and as confidence built, down to the small ones!

Before lunch time we were doing the Tri Recs Star points, which everyone loved ---And shortly after lunch star blocks were coming together, followed by quarter square triangles with the Companion Angle ruler and then sewing those into the centers of our chimney and cornerstone blocks.  What a great day!

This first pic is of Terry and Cathy, two gals I am always happy to see when they come to spend some time with me!

We had three lovely vintage machines in class yesterday, each sporting custom tables.  I know I am going to get questions about where you can find tables like this ---but in the case of the first two, they were hand made for a mother and daughter pair by husband/father.

Peoria_IL2013 041

Mom’s Featherweight!
((No info given on the acrylic seam guide either))

Notice the wood tray at the back of the machine – that is the tray that fits inside her beautiful wood featherweight case also made by her handy DH!

Peoria_IL2013 040

Daughter received her beautiful oak table from Dad just prior to class so this was her test run with it.

Peoria_IL2013 039

This beautiful table completely surrounds the featherweight.

I don’t have vendor information on this one, but she did say she bought it from the man who makes them while visiting the show in Paducah.  If anyone has info on these tables, please leave your info in the comments section below.  I don’t have any further info ---but isn’t it beautiful?

I’ve uploaded all of our class photos into the slide show below.

If you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device, click the image below to be taken directly to the photo album.
Smith Mountain Morning, Peoria IL 2013
Smith Mountain Morning is found in my book Scraps & Shirttails II!

Today's workshop is Patches & Pinwheels, One of the free patterns found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.  Have you made one yet?

It's a great one for using all of those 2" strips and 3.5" strips in your Scrap Users System!

It promises to be another great day in Peoria -- I'm having a ball!

Happy Friday, Everyone!

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  1. Beautiful hand made wood tray and table. That acrilic guide gave a good idea. Thanks for sharing. You had a great and produtive day.

  2. What amazing work, I loved watching the slideshow and seeing all the different combinations. Thank you!

  3. Wow does that one gal have her big Janome and table that goes with it?
    Looks like everyone is having a great time :0),
    can't wait to get my hand crank out and do some sewing with you on Quiltcam.
    I haven't up packed it yet so I bet find all the pieces.

    Happy Sewing

  4. Ooooooooo, this gets me all excited about taking this class when you will teach in our area January 1st. Gotta get back to cutting for the log cabin portion. What great colorways from the gals in Peoria!!

  5. http://stores.laptophoops.com/-strse-986/Featherweight-221-Table--dsh-/Detail.bok
    Check out this site for tables for the featherweight

  6. I wish I had someone in my family that does woodworking like that. They are all beautiful!

  7. We had so much fun with Bonnie yesterday. Wish I could have been there all three days. Bonnie, thanks for all you give to quilters. You made the day special and motivational.

  8. Love the wooden table extensions for the sewing machine beds! Must show the hubs and see what he can do!


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