Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Retail Therapy?

I had a great lunch with Karen!

I agreed on her suggestion to meet at a local Whole Foods  and indulge in the salad bar.

We laughed, comparing Whole Foods to those new-fangled “by-the-pound” yogurt shops in that they only give you SUPER SIZED containers, and then we feel obligated to fill them up..

You have to be careful because your oh-so-healthy and quick-to-grab salad could end up costing you $17.99!

It was really good, and fun to sit and chat about what has been going on in our lworlds – I don’t think we saw each other for the entire month of September with the different directions our lives have been running.

After that I was off and running errands.

And it took longer than I thought because….well…Jeff wanted a TACKLE BOX.

And I took it upon myself, as is my mother’s duty, to fulfill his every want need.  Okay, more like – it is a gorgeous day out there at just over 80 degrees and it was fun to have the afternoon to run around for him so I headed to Target.

NO TACKLE BOX TO BE FOUND.  NADA.  So much for Target’s sporting department.  ((Okay, yes, I know it is OCTOBER and fishing really isn’t in season here anymore.  Hard to remember that when it is 80+ outside.))

Next Stop:

Dick’s Sporting Goods….

I passed on the little Superman tackle box..though I thought it was really cute.  Jeff is now 23.  Not 5.

shopping 005

But isn’t it CUTE?!

shopping 007

This one just might do the trick ---

shopping 006

It’s two sided!

In fact, if he doesn’t want this for a tackle box, I know just the quilter who can put it to good use! HA!

And since I was in Dick’s Sporting Goods anyway --- a trip to the shoe department was in order.

My feet are a problem.  I can’t wear flat cute little shoes.  I can’t wear high heeled and fashionable dressy shoes.  I live in my life in running shoes and clogs – always searching for comfort, for arch support, for the ability to stay on my feet for long periods of time.  I’m not a fashion plate, even when I’m speaking….

Fashion stops BELOW THE KNEES!

And I found a comfortable pair of Merrells  that instantly felt like they were a part of me:

shopping 009

Rockin’ on the front porch swing!

I’m breaking these in today before flying off to Illinois tomorrow…the real test is how they get me through the airport!  Tomorrow's flights go from Greensboro to Detroit to Peoria....I"ll be Marching to Peoria!

Funny, I feel like a little kid who gets new running shoes for the first day of school…..”Will they make me run FASTER?!” 

Or more like:

“Will these make me TREADLE FASTER?!” Open-mouthed smile

And because I was close…with a coupon burning a hole in my pocket….I had to do some fabric therapy:

shopping 010

The neutrals are because I am ALWAYS adding to my neutrals stash!

No specific project in mind – just NEED them.  Love that grey zig-zag!

And the orange?  Well, it was the last on the bolt and was marked way down, so of course I took the whole thing.

And because I was so worn out after all of that stressful shopping and shoe buying --- I completely UNDID my healthy salad-by-the-pound lunch with this:

shopping 008


I’m not usually a Mc Flurry fan – I don’t like frozen crunched up M&Ms or the gritty sandy feel of ground up oreos in my ice cream….but caramel?? And candy coated pecans?  Now you’re talking!

And I better get treadling extra fast to burn off these calories because I ATE. THE. WHOLE. THING!

((No, I did not even offer to share – I made sure the whole thing was GONE before I pulled up into the driveway at home.  I can be mean that way some times!))

Off to pack for Illinois with happy feet and a full belly and a smile on my face ---

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  1. Bonnie,
    A couple quilters here taught me about Skecher Go Walk shoes. Lightweight slip ons that are AMAZING. I do not care one iota that they are not exactly fashionable. Utter comfort!

    Lucy (in IN)

  2. Anonymous5:54 PM EDT

    Coupon? I love coupons? Where do you shop for fabric and use a coupon?

  3. Hi Bonnie, I LOVE those Plano double sided satchel/tackle boxes but I don't fish. Perfect sewing boxes. I have one dedicated to applique, 1 for hand piecing, & 1 for hand quilting.

  4. I also have a pink Plano tackle box that I use for all the feet and tools I need to ride with my class machine. Fits right in my rolling case and I never forget anything that way. Love it. Glad you had a fun day. Safe travels.

  5. Comfortable feet equals one happy lady, I hate when my feet hurt.
    I'm with you forget about the styling :0)
    Oh that caramel drink looks so good........I must resist the temptation!!!

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  6. Anonymous9:08 PM EDT

    I feel your footwear pain/dilemma...I swear by the original Earth shoes. Not that cute, but great for plantar fascitis and/or being on your feet all day. I spend most of my days walking the floor at the dialysis clinic so comfy, sturdy shoes are a must

  7. Real question is WHY does Jeff need a tackle box??? Love the new shoes!! Merrill makes very comfy shoes. Have a great trip!

  8. I am happy for your happy feet which i call' the base' and a full belly of ice cream and a smile on your face . You deserve them

  9. hmmm.....my cousin and I are both named Karen....and we didn't get invited to lunch. :)
    but I know that I enjoyed your lunch, shopping, and the McFlurry (no calories since all I did was drool over the pic).
    I do hope you have fun on your travels, and enjoy that new "tackle" box. Looking forward to Oct 2014 when I get to see you in person! =)

  10. I have problem feet but tried Keen Sandals this year and they are wonderful I even worked a double shift I do alot of walking and they are awesome Cant believe they are so comfortable for my narrow fallen arched feet! try a pair!

  11. You put a smile on my face just hearing about your day!

    sao in Midlothian, VA

  12. Hmm, have you tried seeing a podiatrist and getting orthotics? I wouldn't be without mine (cos it puts my back out big time) and while it makes buying shoes a bit tricky, there are certainly more options then just hiking boots...including sandals for summer weather. Besides addressing the big picture now might save you needing hip or knee surgery later. Sorry to be so negative, but its a bit like your diet changes, you will see a difference if you give it a go!


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