Tuesday, October 15, 2013

14 Hours to Here ----

I've just checked into my hotel in Colorado Springs.

Catching 3 different planes can be a challenge sometimes.  This was one of THOSE times.

We were a bit late getting into Chicago --- but luckily my next gate was in the same concourse and not that far down, so I ran --- they were already boarding, and on I went thinking I had it made.

And then we sat.  And we sat and sat ---and when it was finally time to move we were like #47 for take off….

We landed in Denver just as  my flight to Colorado Springs was pushing back from the gate --- so close but yet so far!

I missed my connection.

I was helped by a very congenial gate agent who put me on standby on the next two flights, but gave me a confirmed seat on the 3rd flight down the line  ---and I began to play the waiting game.  Would I make it on or wouldn't I? If I didn't, would I make it on to the next or would I have to wait for the confirmed one?

I got lucky.  I made it to Colorado Springs on the first stand by flight – only 1.5 hours later than planned.

Luggage arrived.


I've had a lovely drive through downtown Colorado Springs.  We've had a delicious lunch out – and spent jaw dropping time driving through Garden of the Gods – photos of that to come later.

It’s now more than 14 hours since I left my front doorstep ---and all I want is a bed for a nap.

So while I snooze…..let me share with you the beautiful view flying over Lake Michigan and into Chicago this morning --- LOVELY!

Colorado_Oct2013 001

The sun was barely coming up…..the sky, a vibrant pink and purple.

Colorado_Oct2013 004

More of the lake shore comes into view ---

Colorado_Oct2013 005

The sun rises like a big orange ball of liquid light ---

Colorado_Oct2013 007

We wave good morning to the awakening city below --

Colorado_Oct2013 008

Good Morning, Chicago, it’s going to be a glorious day!

And it has been….missed connections and delays included.

And oh yes, there were hexies ----

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  1. Thank you Bonnie for the beautiful pictures. I never tire of God's beautiful creation.

  2. Hope you enjoy your stay in our beautiful state. I live north in Longmont and just love it here. Welcome!!

  3. What gorgeous photos, I love how you put some non-quilty stuff in too. Now I feel like I have been in an aeroplane today and seen the sunrise. Thank You.

  4. my hometown - great pics thanks

  5. how you can stand all that flying! it would wear me out - have fun at Garden of the Gods - take a walk through it if you can it is so beautiful we see it every time we go through that area.

  6. Stunning pictures. You deserve a rest time.

  7. Love Garden of the Gods......well named isn't it?
    Great pictures :0) nobody does color like mother nature!

    Sleep well and happy sewing

  8. Bless your heart. Such a long day for you. Garden of the Gods is one of my favorite places.

  9. Welcome to the beautiful state of Colorado. I'm sure you see snow on Pikes Peak. Enjoy your stay as I wave from just southwestof Rocky Mountain National Park!

  10. you have way more fortitude than i miss bonnie....sleep well and relax!

  11. Sounds like a full day to me!! Garden of the Gods is AWESOME!!! Aren't airports fun?? Trying to get home from England after going with my quilting buddies to the Birmingham International Quilt Show, my travel buddy and I got to spend an extra two nights in London because we could not get a flight out...two days at Heathrow, hustling from gate to gate in hopes of catching a pair of seats home...good people watching in Heathrow though!! Glad you were only delayed a short time...but it does make for a long day for you.

  12. We may not have luggage carts but do they have glutten free pizza? LOL

  13. Your sky shots are beautiful Bonnie. We are not allowed to take photos inside the plane or from the windows anymore in Ireland - such a pain. That was a long hanging around day, not good for the back. I hope you do Pilates as it would sort all those niggling back aches out. Take care of yourself. Rita.

  14. Glad you have arrived safely in Co.
    You also got to see that beautiful sunrise over Lake Michigan that we are so lucky to see every day, stunning! Thanks for sharing.

  15. They have an airpot in Peoria? Who knew. Gorgeous photos of Chicago lakeshore-thanks for sharing!


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