Friday, October 11, 2013

Autumn Round Here!

Hello from the comfort of my dining room table!  The dining room looks out onto the back deck….which looks down over a very leaf covered lawn!

You can see the deck railing, and part of the gazebo where the hot tub is.

I was amazed after being gone 9 days how much has changed.  We stopped last night to get the Hubster’s pick-up---it had been in the shop the past few days and he had been using my Shamu.

I drove on home with Sadie, while he went off to an appointment --- and I took in my surroundings.  WOW!  What a difference 9 days makes!

When I left for Illinois and Texas there weren't any leaves down yet.

Not a whole lot of leaves turning color here, but there has been a lot of rain, and quite a bit of wind and they are falling on the ground!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 239

I love the smell of the leaves in the fall!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 243

My driveway is covered since we are surrounded by woods.

There will be much leaf blowing going on soon……things were very wet, and wet leaves don’t blow ---gotta wait until they dry.

I was also greeted by this lovely surprise:

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 240

White Camellias in Bloom!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 241

It LOVES these cooler fall temps and is bursting with blossoms in every direction.

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 242

So pretty!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 244

Chloe even loves the cooler temps!  She was very chatty this morning and winding around my ankles for attention – which NEVER happens.  She is usually quite stand-offish and just wants your attention for FOOD, not for petting – but this morning she was purring up a storm and pushing her head into my hand for “more, mama, more!”

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 245

Okay, now you can feed me!

I had always heard that Ragdolls were cuddly – not so this one!  She may let you pet her a bit, but don’t try to pick her up – she will scramble to get down and get away ---we take her loves as she offers them, few and far between, and are happy with what she allows us.  LOL

Today is a busy bustling day!  Guess what was on my doorstep last night when I arrived home:

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 237

Pre-Orders will start filling today, and orders will go out in the order that they were received.   I’m hoping to have those in-waiting out by Tuesday when I leave for Colorado.

If you haven't ordered yet --take a visit to my online book store HERE

We are headed to the cabin late this afternoon for the weekend ---where I will be putting our Mystery Quilt top together ---deadlines are swirling all around me, but we will getter done!

In looking at my calendar and figuring out WHEN is the best time to send out Yardage Requirements, it looks like it's going to be October 23rd after I get home from Colorado.  I want to be sure that I have this right and I am going over every unit to make sure we list the correct amounts (This is not a piece of cake when offering 2 sizes)

And I've got to pick up our paint chips at Lowes! :)

I've been asked when the next Quilt-Cam will be -- so I'm giving you a heads up for Monday Night at 9pm Eastern, and that is a MAYBE.  It depends if I can get all done I need to do before leaving for Colorado on Tuesday.  So stay tuned for updates on that.

Much love back home in NC,

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  1. aiyee, so much work to do. Glad your ragdoll wanted some love.

  2. I am so excited! I'm getting an iPhone tonight and will finally be able to see quilt cam! Also I won't be running around trying to find a place to see the reveal of the mystery quilt, before I had to beg someone to print it for me. Now I'll be able to see it right away.

  3. Always enjoy your posts, Bonnie. I am hoping to participate in my FIRST mystery quilt - excited to see the color choices. Circling October 23 on my calendar!!

  4. You live in a beautiful place. I miss the fall colors. Grew up in upstate NY and Vermont. Now live in desserty area of Eastern Washington. Not many trees. Also love your kitty. Mine are like yours. Love me on my terms. I take what I can get. Enjoy your weekend at the cabin. Gloria

  5. Chloe is beautiful.. I have a SIamese that looks almost like Chloe in the face. She is 14. Love the leaves and wish they would start to change here. Just not enough cool weather yet. Maybe by the end of Oct.

  6. Miss Chloe looks to be a sweetie. Any chance you could go to Home Depot or Walmart for color swatches, our nearest Lowes is 3 hours away. Looking forward to the new mystery and thank you for all your hard work!

    1. Hi Dorothy,
      I would be happy to pick you up a set of colors from Lowes when I get mine.
      Just email me your address. My email is jodylovering@gmail.com.

  7. Miss Chloe looks to be a sweetie. Any chance you could go to Home Depot or Walmart for color swatches, our nearest Lowes is 3 hours away. Looking forward to the new mystery and thank you for all your hard work!

  8. Oh boy! almost mystery time, I'm looking forward to it and truly hope I can pick all fabrics from my stash. With my husband's unemployment, I won't be buying anything! Chloe's behavior is like both our cats, and I was amazed that last night one of them jumped up and curled up in my lap on the blanket I'd thrown over my legs. She NEVER does that!! And she stayed there for an hour and a half. I believe it's the cooler weather affecting this change in the kitties :)

  9. Nice to have such a peaceful haven to come home to!
    Chloe is beautiful! I know you would love to be able to cuddle her. Is it possible she could be a Snowshoe Siamese and not a Ragdoll. We had a neighborhood Snowshoe left behind when a family moved. She looked a lot like Chloe! She was friendly enough, but did not want to be held at all. She ended up at our house and gifted us with babies twice. She disappeared with the second batch one night and we never saw them again.

  10. I am looking forward to the mystery quilt, Easy Street was my first one. It's not quilted yet but I have a finished top. My DD2 is getting married 1-4-14 and wants a wedding quilt, that's my first priority. I will keep all the clues and save for later. I will love everyone eye candy till I can work on it.
    Thank you so much, Bonnie for all you give and share with us. Enjoy your weekend at the cabin! Blessings!

  11. Bonnie, not hibiscus, that's a camelia you lucky lucky girl! What a beautiful one!!!

  12. So excited about this years mystery quilt, I am planning to play along for this one instead of waiting a year or two to do one. Just finished the Carolina Christmas mystery in a king size, I already quilted it and the binding just needs to be hand stitched to the back. It will be on my bed in time for Christmas :0) Thank You so much for all you do for us!

  13. So glad you are home again. The Fall leaves and Camellias look wonderful. I am anxiously waiting for the new mystery quilt to start. I just need to finish quilting the Easy Street quilt for my daughter. Maybe that is what I will work on this weekend. Enjoy your weekend at the Cabin.

  14. Looking forward to this Mystery Quilt!
    You'll LOVE Fall here in Colorado. I won't get to meet you because we no longer live down in the Springs (we live up NW by Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado) Glad you have a weekend at the cabin!

  15. Looking forward to this Mystery Quilt!
    You'll LOVE Fall here in Colorado. I won't get to meet you because we no longer live down in the Springs (we live up NW by Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado) Glad you have a weekend at the cabin!

  16. OOOO, it is so hard awaiting the new Mystery, I did Easy Street, my first quilt with Bonnie it was such a wonderful experience, and learned bunches. Bonnie gives the BEST instructions you will ever come across. My quit got a ribbon at the fair, and I was tickled as a kid with a new toy. So Bonnie know that you have many a quilter just itching to get stitching with you. Thanks for all your hard work Bonnie, your the quilters angel. Wishing you much joy in you cabin days. Crystal, in Perry Ga.

  17. So looking forward to your arrival in Colorado on Tuesday! See you bright and early next Wednesday morning. Have a great weekend...

  18. Is Chloe a Snowshoe? She is a pretty kitty.

  19. Looking forward to the mystery quilt; this will be my first one with you.

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