Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Good Things in Small Packages!

Or the bestest most lucky story ever!

Remember last night’s discovery about finding out that I had left my computer cord plugged into the wall at my LAST hotel, and finding myself 50 miles away with no way to retrieve it?

These ladies know how to take care of me so well….

And at the same time I am so happy that I got on it right away, calling the hotel to be sure it was there. ((it was))  Emailing Linda to let her know….

At this point I was so tired that I went to bed and I didn’t know what was going on behind the scenes….

But Linda made a call to Judy, who I had borrowed a featherweight from while in Huntsville.

Judy said “No problem, I have a dentist appointment in Bryan in the morning….”

I woke up to  a message that said “ have cord, on our way”.

What were the odds that Judy would be headed 50 miles away from Huntsville in this direction for a dentist appointment ---on the last day that I am in Texas?

If I had waited to send that mail until morning, none of this would have been resolved – is it luck? Is it timing? is it just Quilt Angels watching over us?

We had just started setting up for class this morning when one of the ladies wheeled in her machine case carrying this clear baggie with my cord in it for all to see…..YAY!  Judy's hubby had passed it off to another quilter who would pass it off to me.

Class was amazing ---afterwards, extra books were dropped off at FedEx for shipping, and I returned to my hotel.

I decided to go solo tonight – sometimes when out and about like this week has been, lecturing to hundreds and teaching close to 200 students if you count the 6 classes I have given since last Thursday.  Sometimes your brain just gets to where it can’t send coherent thoughts anymore and you can’t form words and get them out of your mouth!

I came back to the hotel for a bit of a rest  ---and when I was hungry, I asked at the desk if there were any other restaurants within walking distance besides the ihop that is in the parking lot.

A short walk found me at a local Mexican Cantina.

And I blew my diet big time! LOL!!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 224

Yes, this is a foodie post!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 225

South Texas is famous for …..STUFFED AVOCADOS!! Holy Moly Guacamole!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 226

It’s half an avocado stuffed with chicken and cheese and breaded with the same breading they use on chile rellenos.  Yes I know…it is breaded.  I have been trying so hard to be gluten-free.  I really have been good for months and months and months….

But every once in a while a girl has got to use her “Get Out of Gluten-Free Card” and splurge a little---every once in a while.  Life is very, very short.

And now my belly is very, very full ---

There is a big smile on my face, and I am planning to spend my evening packing up my goodies, getting ready for my 6:30am pick up for the ride back to the airport in Houston, and heading home to my family.

It’s been a great visit, Texas!  And I’ll be back again next month!

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  1. Sew glad you got your computer cord back! I've done the very same thing, but didn't have a quilt brigade to get it back to me. You've earned that good karma many times over! Now get some rest!

  2. That is a great story!!! Thanks for sharing!! I remember once I had left a hunter's red and black plaid jacket at a hotel (I wore it as a housecoat in my teen years) they mailed it back to me but! Instead of my big cozy cotton hunter coat, they sent a woolen one! I wasn't too happy then but now I realize I got a better deal!!

  3. I'd call it Quiltville karma - and you so deserve it! Yum, now I am hungry looking at your pics...
    Safe travels back home!

  4. Oh, it's Quilt Angels all right. :) both in human bodies and the ethereal kind. :) Your dinner looks so delicious and satisfying. Thanks for the good news and I hope to catch up with you at a class sometime soon.

  5. yep, here in Tx, people can put together help so fast, it makes you wonder what the angels are capeable of. Wish i had known you were in Bryan, worth traveling to also. So glad everything worked out for you!

  6. Anonymous9:40 PM EDT

    You have not said much about the gluten free stuff lately. I would be interested to know how you feel tomorrow. If when you indulge - if you can tell a difference? I am very close to going gluten free as wiping dairy out also helped minimize headaches, etc.

  7. That food looks fantastic.

  8. Anonymous9:42 PM EDT

    Another thought, I had an idea that that cord would find you before you left Texas, those towns down there are tight..... those that live in Bryan do so because they don't want to live in Houston but often have to travel there many times a week......

  9. Glad you had a good time here, Got your cord back and enjoyed some authentic Tex- Mex. That is my favorite food... nothing like good cheese enchiladas and pork tamales. Hope you have a safe trip back to North Carolina... Also glad you had a little down time.. Take care.. your Texas friend Vicki

  10. How great is that to get your cord back!! What a blessing!!! (Somebody deserves an autographed copy of a book I think!!). Your dinner looks delicious. I bet you are ready for a cabin weekend! Safe travels!

  11. Great Quilter Cooperation!!!!! Happy you got your cords...makes life a lot easier ;)

    By the way, oou best Mex restaurant has the fried avocado ... menu says it is 1650 CALORIES.... but oh they are so good. Smiles, JulieinTN

  12. Now I knew that someone wonderful was going to get that cord to you! It just goes to show you we quilters are special people!! How nice, I'm sure you were delighted to get it back too.

    Okay that food looks amazing............I hope you don't feel awful for breaking your gluten free diet.......maybe it was worth it :0).

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  13. I've lost a number of power cords in hotel rooms. Delighted to hear yours was found and such thoughtful quilters helped to get it back to you.

    Had never heard of a stuffed avocado. Looks yummy and not on my diet either, but I think I'd still endulge just to try it. I'm on the fence about to jump off eating "wheat", or at least US wheat.


  14. Quilters are such good people aren't they? And who knew they made stuffed and breaded avocados? They sure look yummy! I want one!

  15. You are such a lucky gal. But you have the talent and kindness/goodness to warrant it. I love reading all your posts about the things that happen to you and the wonderful quilters you meet. Yes, quilters are wonderful people. Thanks for sharing your talents with all of us. And about that Mexican food? Oh my, my favorite, and that looked yummy.

  16. I think Texas is on your schedule every month, at least this half of the year. Maybe you should just move back! Ha Ha!

  17. You look so healthy on the glutton free diet. Can you tell the difference in how you feel from eating glutton free food verses food with glutton?

  18. Blessed with good friends, and GREAT FOOD!

  19. So glad you got your computer cord back! I think its the work of guardian angels.

  20. So glad they brought you your cord! We are used to driving all over in Texas. 58 miles is a commute for some people, believe it or not...
    And your pics look like you might have eaten at Margarita's! LOVE that place!


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