Friday, October 18, 2013

Pfeffernüsse with the Piecing Partners of Colorado Springs!

Hello Winter Wonderland!

This is what I woke up to this morning -----I’m not sure I’m ready for this yet, but it sure is pretty.    It is snowing in Colorado Springs, and this morning it is cold enough to STICK!

Strings and strings and more strings – and quarter square triangles!

That’s how quilters make Pfeffernüsse, the QUILT kind, not the delectable edible kind – which I have a huge hankering for every time I teach this class.

There will be the edible kind in Germany in DECEMBER!  Hopefully I’ll be sharing some with YOU!

It was just the most glorious Autumn day yesterday – bright blue skies, sunshine, clear mountain views ---so I really didn’t expect to open my curtains to find THIS outside!

Colorado_Oct2013 109

We had a rip roaring silly good time yesterday!

Colorado_Oct2013 101

Fun at the ironing station!

You know how all the good gossip is said to happen around the water cooler at the office?  Well, you can always find interesting conversation and tid bits at the ironing stations in quilt class!

The variations of quilts and color ways were many!  We had browns and greens, ,or pinks and brows, or reds and blues, and even though this next photo is from THIS class, it was posted by Charlotte, a former student to our Quiltville Friends facebook page yestderday and I’m including it here as design inspiration….Turquoise and ORANGE!  Whoowhooo!


Isn’t this fun? I think I like hers better than mine:

Colorado_Oct2013 090

Pfeffernüsse is found in my book String Fling.  Signed copies can be ordered HERE.

Remember, that quilt patterns are like recipes – just guidelines and you are free to choose your own colors, style, settings, borders ---it’s a jumping off point, not having to be made exactly as the pattern is written!  Have fun with it!

Click the image below if the slide show doesn’t play on your mobile device to be taken directly to the photo album.
Pfeffernusse Workshop, Colorado Springs, CO 2013

Today we will be digging more into the crumbs for a Love Shack workshop! It promises to be a load of fun with Maverick Stars, Wonky hearts, an intro to pieced letters, a whole lot of laughter, chatter, and friendship.

And of course, making a huge mess in the process --isn't that the most fun of all?

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  1. Beautiful!! On all counts!!! We've got a lot of snow up here in the NW mountains of Colorado too! Thanks for the wonderful pictures!

  2. What happy happy pictures; ooooh, I am on lo-carb diet to shed my poundage (oof-dah!!) ----so the only way I'll get a taste of pfeffernusse is by making a quilt!! (yummy!!)
    Love your peeks into classes--Wish you were in SE CT...hugs, Julierose

  3. Oh, I love that Quilt that you are doing the class on today. I Have made so many of the Wonky Letters ala Word Quilts Tonja's book. I wonder if any of my DD friends are with you in CS?? Wish I was there today...Hoping my Cold clears up so I CAN go to a Quilt Show. That snow makes me feel colder. BRRRR

  4. wow, look how the locals are dressed!?!? long sleeves and vests and heavy jeans...
    the last shot showed the snow coming down the mountain and it must be nice to breathe in the cool crisp air!

  5. I love looking at the workshop pictures, especially when I see some of "my" scrap fabric showing up in others' blocks!

  6. Every time you post class pictures I can hardly keepmyself from starting the quilt you are working on. And my poor RRCB is still in pieces. I really must get going because I have all of your books (except the new hexie one) and there are sooo many quilts I want to make.


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