Saturday, October 05, 2013

Show & Share in Peoria!

We have had quite the show and share over the past few days, and boy do I love to see it!

These quilters do absolutely fantastic work, and I love seeing the variety of scraps, colors and fabrics the pull together to make the quilts sing!

Some of the ladies I have met before, and their names have stuck with me since I have known them from other places.  I feel really bad when I can’t remember someone’s name and they all blur together ---we’ve had 4  full classes, with 24 slots for students in each class, some students were duplicates, but it’s still well over 80 people in 3 days so I hope you will forgive me if your name escapes me…your smile and your voice and the fun we had will stay with me and I will remember your face next time!

This is Sharon and her Roll Roll Cotton Boll from Scraps & Shirttails II!  Isn’t it beautiful?

Peoria_IL2013 054

She also shared her Tulip Fields from String Fling!

Peoria_IL2013 055

Nancy shared her Easy Street – aren’t the colors great?

Peoria_IL2013 057

Sue’s Lazy Sunday in Progress – see the border thrown over her shoulder?

Peoria_IL2013 060

Another Easy Street in Autumn tones!

Talk about perfect piecing, how about perfect pressing – with seams all open!

Peoria_IL2013 059

This top laid so nice and flat!

Peoria_IL2013 061

I love this picture even though her eyes are closed ---

She’s got Tumalo Trail from Scraps & Shirttails II in progress.

Peoria_IL2013 062

Check out the back of Winston Ways, also in progress!

Peoria_IL2013 063

Front of block!  Is she a happy scrapper or what?

Peoria_IL2013 064

Another Lazy Sunday in progress!  oooh, I really like these soft desert colors!

Peoria_IL2013 126

Cathy brought in her very LARGE Roll Roll Cotton Boll!

Peoria_IL2013 127

I think the first class Cathy took with me a few years back was String Spider Web.

Love this in neutrals with just a few pastels thrown in!

Peoria_IL2013 128

See the soft colors?  NICE!

String Spider Web is a freebie under the Free Patterns Tab!

Peoria_IL2013 129

She made Blue Ridge Beauty from Adventures with Leaders & Enders –Completely as a Leader & Ender project!

Peoria_IL2013 178

Marcia shared her bed runner, it’s layered and ready for quilting!

Peoria_IL2013 195

Rozanna made her Easy Street in yummy berry tones and soft green!

Peoria_IL2013 196

She also jumped on to the Crumb Geese craze!
The directions for the Crumb Geese are under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog.

Peoria_IL2013 197

This layout I LOVE!  I’ve never seen another like it!

This was our Leader & Ender challenge from a couple of years ago –also under the free patterns tab, click Cheddar Bow-Ties!

Peoria_IL2013 198

Close up of one corner, isn’t this fun?!

Peoria_IL2013 199

Crab Apples from Adventures with Leaders & Enders is ready for quilting!

Peoria_IL2013 200

Scrappy Trips from the Free Patterns tab!

Peoria_IL2013 201

Bricks & Stepping Stones from the Free Patterns Tab!

Peoria_IL2013 204

Four Ever Nines was a block from my Addicted to Scraps Column with Quiltmaker Magazine!
I love this rainbow layout – all the 9 patch blocks were from a swap and the article gave her an idea for the setting!

Peoria_IL2013 208

A special Sampler quilt for when her mom goes to chemo.

Peoria_IL2013 205

And This completely took my breath away!

How about Smith Mountain Morning from Scraps & Shirttails II in KING SIZE?!


Peoria_IL2013 206


I haven’t done a red/white/blue quilt for quite some time, I think I’m going to have to put one on my MUST DO list!

Ladies, thank you for hosting me in Peoria!  We’ve had a great time.  I’ve loved being here!

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  1. ooh, love that red and pink string geese quilt!

  2. Looks like all had a good time and many seams were sewn. I live 90 miles North and wished I could have been there. This trip measures all your success as a great teacher. Chris

  3. They all look so beautiful! Thanks so much for bringing all these for us to see ladies and thank you Bonnie for showing them to us!

  4. Remembering names and faces is hard. Especially when there is one instructor and upteen students. I know are I instruct other Scouters and they remember me but after teaching 100+ Scouters in one day it can be very hard.
    Hope to see you next year when you visit Florida!

    Jeannette in Sunny Saint Augustine, FL

  5. Beautiful quilts. I love show and share. You all had a great time together.

  6. Bonnie, you must feel like a proud momma, seeing all your gals producing all you have taught, and so well. Looking forward to class with you in January in Fl. PGH AKA(Piffle)

  7. Such beautiful quilts! They are a testament to your wonderful designs. I especially love the red,white & blue Smith Mountain Morning.

  8. Wow, wow, wow, they sure did make some beauties, and I'm in awe of Rozana's bow-tie with the unique layout, awesome! I'm so glad I have Scraps & Shirttails II, because I've really liked Tumalo Trail every time I see it, right along with Smith Mountain Morning. I love these Show & Shares and seeing the variations from color and layout of your patterns.

  9. wow! just fantastic!!!!

  10. Oh my goodness Bonnie how does it feel to inspire all that quilty creativeness?
    That is amazing slide show!

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  11. These are stunning! Thank you for sharing. How does that lady match all her seams that are pressed open? If they don't "nest" together, how do you match them?

  12. Seeing all the quilts that were made from your patterns, made me think of how many of your patterns I have made. You are the only pattern maker that I have made more than one of. And there are so many more of yours on my list both from your free patterns and the books that I have bought. I need to get all of the rest to support your instructions. Without that support, there wouldn't be any more patterns.

    Thank you so much!

  13. LOVE seeing all those different interpretations of your patterns. Every time you show something like this it reminds me of another couple of patterns I want/need to make! Thanks so much for sharing with us :)

  14. Thanks for sharing so many quilts. I love seeing how they change with a different color wave. It is inspiring!

  15. The quilt show was spectacular and the fact that they are from your books is even better. I love scrap quilts and you are the Queen!! Now I want to make even more. Thanks so much for sharing all the varieties with us. You are certainly an inspiration to many quilters.

  16. That is great show and tell,

  17. You sure found a bunch of prolific quilters there!

  18. Wonderful group of quilts and quilters! Thank you for sharing all of this beautiful inspiration!!!

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