Thursday, October 03, 2013

Hello, Peoria, IL!

I need a map.  A wall map.  The kind you can stick little red pins in to mark places you've been!

Yesterday I flew into Peoria, Illinois – a place I've never been before.

If you've followed along with me and my crazy life of the itinerant traveling quilter, you know the kind of luggage I haul when transporting an entire trunk show via plane.

I wish I could have captured this scene by camera, but I was laughing so hard that I just could not stop and think to take photos.

Imagine me – showing up at this beautiful brand new airport – complete with “New Airport Smell” ((Think New Car Smell ---)) and I wind my way down to the baggage claim and --- there are my two 50 lb quilt duffles sitting on the baggage claim belt….

And.  THERE IS NOT A SINGLE LUGGAGE CART to be found in the entirety of the Peoria Airport.

They don’t have any!  Peoria, this is a problem!

I am one person ----and there is that whole “do not leave luggage unattended” thing.  I can’t carry them all at once, nor do I want to leave ANYTHING at the curb while I go retrieve the others ---These bags do NOT have wheels!


To the rescue – a couple of  female airport employees saw my predicament and grabbed a couple of WHEEL CHAIRS ---we loaded the Quilt Bags up on the chairs and they paraded me outside to the curb where Marcia had pulled up with her van to haul me away.  I’m sure we presented quite the sight ---Me, pulling my carry on with my clothes and class supplies and wearing my big backpack, and the two airport employees each with a wheelchair escorting a 50 lb canvas duffle each!

Thank you for rescuing me, ladies.

Seriously.  I was told the airport had FIFTY wheel chairs.  But not a single luggage cart.  Someone needs to rethink this, don’t you agree?

Instead of me and one luggage cart that I would glady pay a $4 to $5 rental fee for, it took me and two employees to get my luggage to the curb ---is this a good use of man woman-power or what?  I can only tell you that I believe it was NOT a decision made by any WOMAN out there to NOT  have luggage carts ---Nope, that takes a Y Chromosome or a (WHY!? Chromosome!) to come up with that hair brained idea to cut costs!

But we made it.

As we drove through town, I could see how much more the leaves are turning up north, compared to the south where I live:

Peoria_IL2013 009

Beautiful yellows!

Peoria_IL2013 008

It might look like fall, but it was 83 degrees!

Last nights Guild Meeting was held at the Anshai Emeth Temple in Peoria.

Peoria_IL2013 032

What a beautiful building!

Peoria_IL2013 030

I sent photos to my friend Randy who informed me this beautiful tree is a Tree of Life.  The leaves represent donations by members of the temple.

Peoria_IL2013 029

I see not only a beautiful Star of David, but a lovely quilt block!

Peoria_IL2013 026

A full house!

I did post a couple of photos from my phone last evening, but it wasn't until I went to upload them to the laptop that I noticed I caught the lady in the front row with her hand in her shirt…..LOL!  Oh, I am so sorry! Hahahaha – it wasn't intentional, I promise!

Peoria_IL2013 025

I wish I had gotten a closer shot of the beautiful hanging that is on the far wall!

The perfect end to a great day?

Peoria_IL2013 033

YES PLEASE!!  Can you read by the hats on the guys where I am??

Peoria_IL2013 034

Happy Girls Go To Culvers!

I’m being picked up in about 1/2 hour for a Smith Mountain Morning workshop and I am very excited – I have several repeat students who I am happy to see whenever I get close enough for them to come sew for the day ---

A sweet gal has loaned me her featherweight for my use while I’m here – and I’m planning on a sew-evening working on more mystery quilt parts – it’s getting closer!  I’m pedal to the metal trying to get this done so we can get our yardage requirements etc out in a couple weeks time.

Have a great day, everyone!  I’ll keep you updated so, watch for more posts!

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  1. Wouldn't it be neat if you had a wall map with all the states pieced and appliqued on? Easiest way would be to cut out each state and fuse to a large back ground. Well, now that would make a quilt for the wall!

  2. Bonnie, you are close to my old stomping grounds, which is 88 miles due north of Peoria. I always thought it funny that my uncle was a naval recruiter in that town, and hardly any water around. Of course, that was when I was 14, so the brain didn't know any better. Have fun there, lots of interesting things to see.

  3. Welcome to Illinois! Wish I was there to share a day with you. Sorry to hear of your airport crisis. At least there were two friendly airport employees to assist you. Small town Midwesterners are a friendly sort. May your return trip be uneventful.

  4. Bonnie you are such a tease! Here we are dying for the mystery quilt and you're mentioning it again and again but not telling us anything. Can't wait!!!!

  5. I would assume that the airport authorities were thinking that everybody's luggage has wheels now - NOT MINE! - and that we travel much lighter now that the airlines are skimpier about how many bags we can have. It occurred to me that those two duffels must cost you a fortune to schlep around the country.

    Thanks for the photos - oh, the poor lady with the itch or whatever it was, how mortifying. I was also looking at the gray-haired lady in the center of that row with her head drooping - was she asleep? Guess that what mom said is true - someone is ALWAYS looking so be careful what you do in public - and that was before cell phones with cameras!

  6. Oh my, the adventures you have Bonnie!
    I'm sure you could write a book about traveling how tos :0)

    Happy Sewing

  7. Bonnie, look at the other ladies on the front row in all the photos from that meeting. Someone on quiltville chat asked if they had a bug problem there.....and said she will remind herself NOT to ever sit on the front row.....oh too funny..of course I know there's no bug problem! Just everyone scratching, adjusting, etc... at the same moment. Lol.

  8. Bonnie, I sent an email to the Peoria airport manager and director of operations, providing a link to your blog post. Hopefully they will listen and not try to pass the wheelchair solution as a quirky but acceptable way to handle extra luggage. - Sandy

  9. I make maps for our local council when I'm not on mummy leave, and I've always wanted to combine two of my fav hobbies! that quilt will make itself one day :)

  10. I like the idea of a Star of David block. I have friends that would love a small wall quilt for the high holidays.

    Now in your spare time ;-) will you design the block?

  11. Hmm, I've flown into and out of the Peoria airport many times, but did not know they had no luggage carts. I grew up just South of Peoria and travelled that way many times to see my parents and in-laws when they were still living. I guess I never had that much luggage with me to notice. Also there were usually a group of people meeting my flight! Hope you enjoy Peoria. It really is a nice city. Last time I stayed there I stayed at the Pere Marquette while attending and working at the NQA show there a lot of years ago.

  12. Can't wait for the mystety!

  13. Glad they were there to help cart you and I'm with Pauline on the map quilt idea.

  14. They have that many wheelchairs in part because they do Honor Flights for our veterans out of that airport. But the lack of luggage carts cracks me up! Welcome to central IL!

    Kathleen - who is a strippin' quilter this upcoming 2 weekends!


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