Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Colorado Bound!

I’m at the airport waiting for my first flight to board.

I tell ya what, that 3:45am wake up alarm came awful early ---mumble grumble ---I hope to sleep on the plane a bit this morning, hexies can wait until I can see to stitch something!

Because we did Quilt-Cam last night and I was running like a crazy fool trying to get all the mail order done before leaving for the airport this morning ((Yes, it is ALL done so all pre-orders and orders of Ring Around the Hexies are going out today!)) I’ve been burning my candle at both ends AND in the middle.

No lecture tonight though, so I think it will be early to bed for me so the fun can start with the Piecing Partners Quilt Guild in Colorado Springs tomorrow morning.

Because I didn’t get a chance to write a post ahead of time ---I thought I’d share some  wonderful photos with  you that have been sent to me!

The following comment came from Nann who writes:

Good morning, Bonnie --
My long-time friend Verdi  Johnson posted this to our online group, the Magpies.   I asked  blogging friend Vic if she were going to the guild show that Verdi mentions. 
She was, and she obligingly took pictures of Verdi's quilts.  You can see them here:
Verdi got two ribbons!  

The following photos are from Victoria’s Blog linked above --- be sure to visit her post for the REST of the show, it’s a wonderful recap!
Verdi’s Weeds & Wildflowers, a take on Scrappy Trips!
Verdi’s Stripes & Stars Forever, another take on Scrappy Trips!
Both quilts took ribbons, a third and a second. Nice work, Verdi!

Scrappy Trips is found under the free patterns tab at the top of the blog.
There was also a 3rd Quiltville sighting at the show:
Rectangle Wrangle by Debbie Shepard!
Would you guess that Scrappy Trips and Rectangle Wrangle are related?  They are variations on the same technique!  Beautiful work Debbie!

You will find Rectangle Wrangle in the pages of Scraps & Shirttails II, one of my faves from that book!
And with that, I’m ready to board my plane --- first stop Chicago, second stop Denver, third stop Colorado Springs!
Westward, Ho!!

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  1. Have fun Bonnie and it sounds like a little nap is in order on the first leg!

  2. too funny that photo caught that woman touching that quilt right in front of the "do not touch" sign !! beautiful quilts...

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  4. Bonnie, you look like crud in that picture. I expect you to be your radiant self at all times. .... giggle

  5. See you tomorrow and Thursday and Friday....Figures you would come with a little cold snap going on here.

  6. I have found the only bad thing about flying west from the east is an early flight. The good thing is you get where you're going early and still have some play time :)

  7. Oh man I don't know how you do it! Up so early and traveling again!

    Last night by the time I unpacked my handcrank, wound a bobbin,
    set the 1/4 inch seam allowance my feed to your quiltcam dropped!
    Oh dear, I did enjoy what I did get to see though.
    What machine were you using?
    Mine is an old singer that I converted from electrical to crank after
    finding it in my MIL's garage with the wiring and motor rotted and rodent
    damaged ( why do they love to chew on wiring?).
    It was made on 9-22-1925 along 20,000 other model 128s.
    It still stitches very evenly and I have most of the attachments for the machine,
    which were stored in the house not in the garage. I even have 5 tiny bobbins
    in very good shape. I hope next time you get your hand crank machine going I can sew along :0).

    Happy Sewing and safe travels

  8. Beautiful interpretations of your inspiring designs! Go West, young woman!

  9. I went to the Quilt Museum whole I was there and took 5 quilts. I enjoyed it, thanks for the heads up. I wish I could be there for Sandra Dallas Book signing the end of OCT too. My lucky DD #2 lives there. The mountains are Beautiful!

  10. Thanks for sharing! I like the Rectangle Wrangle, with the star block border. So pretty! Have a super day!

  11. I just received my Ring Around the Hexies booklet!

  12. I love Colo Springs. The Gardens are awesome! Check out old Colo Springs if you can and Buckskin Joe's.

  13. I can't wait to make the rectangle wrangle. It looks so nice.


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