Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Road to South Carolina!

I left around 11:30am this morning – pointing Shamu Southwest down I-85 and making my way through Charlotte towards Spartanburg and the South Carolina Border.

How fortuitous!

I-85 goes DIRECTLY past not only IKEA, which is right off the intersate, but through  Gastonia – and MARY JOs….ALSO right off the interstate!

Let’s just say that if a girl has to stop and stretch her legs and find a restroom – she could do worse than to stop at IKEA and Mary Jos!

I did have an agenda – even if it was planned at the last minute to make an IKEA run ---

I needed a couple more clamp lamps.  I want to clamp them on the headboard of the guest room bed as reading lights. 

SO in I went ---but of course I had to start at the beginning and wind my way through the whole place.  I’m also looking at some twin bed frames for the guest room at the cabin.

I stopped to get lunch……..and as I was clearing my place I was stopped by a woman who asked if I was “Bonnie Hunter”.  I’m still not used to this!  But we had a great little chat.  She lives in the Charlotte area and she and her hubby were just shopping about and having a bite of lunch.  FUN!


Me with Janice at Ikea!  Small World!!

I no sooner had gone down stairs to where the lighting department is in search of my clip on light….and ANOTHER woman stops me…”Oh, my gosh, are YOU Bonnie Hunter?!”  Twice in one day!  Janice is visiting her son who also lives in Charlotte.

And it is a smaller world than that.  Last year her son contacted me to see if he could come by and pick up a book to give his mother as a gift.  Who can resist a son like that?  And now I got to meet the mother he was shopping for.  We had a great little photo op ---a few laughs, and I was back on my way grabbing what I needed and hitting the road again.

All the while I’m thinking I should have dressed better than my jeans and “If you mess with my fabric I’ll rip out your stitches” tshirt, hair in a pony tail and running shoes on my feet.  I’d been trying to tell myself that this is ALSO a day off…and I was taking it casual.  I may have to rethink that.  LOL

Thank you, Ladies….you made my day!

SC_Oct2013 003

Next Stop!  Mary Jo’s!

If you’ve never been to Mary Jo’s in Gastonia….GO.  Prices are about 25%  to 30% less than what you’d find in a regular quilt shop.  They don’t have all brands all the time, but rarely do I go in here when I don’t find something that has to come home with me.  It’s about the size of a Target store ---and it is wall to wall fabric of every variety you can think of from quilting, to bridal to car upholstery.  EVERYTHING.

Do not go here expecting to see loads of great quilting samples.  It’s like a warehouse.  Go knowing what you need to find and search for it!

SC_Oct2013 004

They have a SEA of batiks!

SC_Oct2013 005

And on and on it goes!

SC_Oct2013 006

I loved the row of Riley Blake zig zags….FUN!

SC_Oct2013 007

And even more fun to find Pepper Cory’s Peppered Cottons after we had just been discussing them on her facebook page just YESTERDAY!  Oh, these are indeed luscious, they are “shot” cottons,, so the weft is a slightly different shade than the warp…the sheen is woven in, not just over dyed.  I petted.  And I drooled!  And I sent her pictures!

SC_Oct2013 011

As you head on out of Gastonia further down I-85 there is another landmark you can’t help but see ---the big giant PEACH water tower right out of Gaffney.

I have driven this road many times, and let me tell you – in the right light, this in no way represents a peach, it represents  a hind-end, bottoms up!  ((Dare you not to see it now!!))

SC_Oct2013 012


It’s just a few hours drive from home, but the terrain and climate changes so much.

Where we had blowing leaves in North Carolina – a beautiful autumn day that lets you know that yes, fall IS falling ---Here in SC I am surrounded by green pine trees and palms.  I loved living in South Carolina and hearing the breeze waft the palm fronds.  Isn’t it amazing how close yet so different these two worlds are?

SC_Oct2013 013

All set up and ready to sew!

I brought “Wild & Goosey” parts to sew.  A large bucket of crumbs, some foundation papers and my School Bus Baby!  She’s the perfect shade to contrast with a deep red orange for our Mystery colors posted just this morning.  Did you check it out?  Exciting things happening! I always look forward to mystery time!

I’m meeting up with the guild gals at 8:30 in the morning.  Until then…..I’m in my happy place with scraps to sew!

Have a great evening, everyone

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  1. Anonymous7:14 PM EDT

    small world indeed. love your yellow sewing machine. i went to Lowes got my paint chips and hit the fabric store. i will also be going thru my stash to see what gems i might find there.
    safe travels Bonnie.

  2. Bonnie, thanks for the big belly laugh over the water tower...and you're absolutely right! You're a real celebrity, but don't be worrying about being seen in jeans and a tee shirt. You're genuine and down-to-earth and people love that about you in addition to your great quilting skills. Have a great trip!

    Myrna in KY.

  3. Was very excited to see the mystery reveal this morning and went to Lowe's to get the chips. They are going to wonder what is happening to their stock of those four paint chips all over the country! What did you decide you couldn't live without at Mary Jo's?
    Have a great evening sewing on your bright little machine!

  4. I wish I could go to Mary Jo's to pick up fabric for the Mystery!!! But my MIL and FIL moved from NC back to Florida!!

  5. Wheee, Mary Jo's - so dangerous. Have you watched the Netflix original House of Cards? (Compared to the earlier, and far better, British series on which it is based) The peach ass makes an appearance - I didn't realize it was a real thing.

  6. Anonymous8:34 PM EDT

    I love Mary Jo's. I went there when I was at a quilting retreat in 2011 . loved it. Got my paint chips and looking in my stash before I go shopping. can't wait to start. thank s again.

  7. Anonymous8:35 PM EDT

    I love Mary Jo's. I went there when I was at a quilting retreat in 2011 . loved it. Got my paint chips and looking in my stash before I go shopping. can't wait to start. thank s again.

  8. I am happy to see your School Bus coloured featherweight out to play. I was just thinking that it has been quite some time since I have seen it.

  9. I love Mary Jo's and the peach water tower was a road mark while traveling to Atlanta many times. When you come to Woodbridge in June there is an IKEA across the road from the hotel you stayed last time. Oh, Ott lights has a cute folding light that is extremely bright with a clip. I figured it would be good for plane travel. Nancy

  10. GLORY! Ikea and MaryJo's in one day!!! Both are to die for places. Can't wait for our next visit to both. Do I have a list or what ;).

    Enjoy South Carolina...slower pace, easy going folks....
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  11. Honestly it was probably the shirt that got you recognized!!! Who else but a quilter would wear it?!?! And OMG that fabric store! How did you get out of it w/o dropping hundreds of dollars?? Oh I know, you spent it all at Ikea!! That's another store that can suck the credit off a card...... LOVE your little singer. So cute!

  12. Bonnie, I lived in Gastonia awhile and actually moved there for Mary Jo's. She is one sprite lady and works every day (or at least she did 2 years ago).Whenever you show pics or talk about NC it warms my heart as I am very fond of your state. Florida is my home though and even though I do not like heat, I can appreciate it in the winter.I think it is time to become a snowbird.

  13. Anonymous7:45 AM EDT

    The Gaffney peach is also featured in one episode of "House of Cards" on Netflix. Stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright

  14. WOW; that store in Gastonia looks like a candy shop to me!! Mary Jo's is going on my bucket list. How could I have missed it on the drive to see the grandkids last Christmas????

  15. Not to worry....if you dressed any different you might not get recognized! You are who you are and no apologies are needed. Everyone needs a day off and you certainly deserve one!!or more!! Have been to IKEA but not Mary Jo's, but it looks like a candy store must to kids!!

  16. Have you checked out Long Creek Mills in Gastonia?


    I stopped in there (and also Mary Jo's) on the way to Virginia, from Florida, last year and the thread selection is fabulous! The owner is a real gem as well, and gave me a big goody bag of various threads for FREE!

    And if you ever decide to do a big Blue Ridge Parkway drive, Fancy Gap pottery (Fancy Gap, Virginia, by the Parkway) has a great shop with fabric and trims at good prices. I always stock up on their P&B solids, and can always find good quilting prints cheap, cheap, cheap. They don't have the 'latest' designs, mostly stuff that isn't manufactured anymore, but hey, it's all beautiful.

  17. I just love Mary Jo's -- we always stopped on the way from Ohio to south carolina -- it's been too long since i've been there -- thanks for the peek!!


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