Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Quilts on the Courthouse Square!

I just did the dumbest thing.

Okay, not JUST did – but about 15 hours ago did!

I left my laptop cord back at the hotel in Huntsville, and I’m now 60 miles or so away in Bryan.

And my laptop has half a battery charge left!

I have a call into them……it’s there – and an email into my guild contact to let them know so they can pick it up and they can mail it home to me..but for now? What do I do?

Write a couple blog posts quick before the battery dies and just know that I am going to have to deal without a laptop once this battery is gone!

Therefore – I’m saving the last of the class photos from this trip for when I can do them from a big computer because it takes a lot of battery power and TIME to edit down photos!

So how about some quilts?

I love this framed 9 patch – it’s framed with the same fabric in the blog --- all solids….Nice!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 034

More Nine Patches!

This one had really great fabric ---love those greens blues and yellows!  Take a closer look:

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 035S

Sweet!  1950s, maybe?

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 036

Sort i\of strings, sort of shirts maybe? Definitely scrap bag!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 037

Gingham in all directions!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 044

One shop had hung pictures on TOP of quilts and quilt tops…how do they expect us to see anything?!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 045

Great printy fabrics here….also 1940s and 50s

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 046

Pld Bowtie top with fun indigos, ginghams and solids.

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 048

This was one section of a great string quilt…the rest was covered with pictures in frames!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 049

How big are these blocks?

About THIS big:

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 050

What are the smallest strings you’ve ever done?  These were about 2-1/2”

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 053

THIS was a fun one!  3 solid triangles in each pyramid and a variety of prings…

And that bubble gum pink!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 054

Oh, I love this!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 059

A classic double wedding ring!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 060

With each arc being made of two fabrics only…except for where she ran out of something!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 061

This is a love!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 064

Stylized tulips in applique!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 068

But this one was REALLY fun!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 069

Diagonal rows of planned rosettes!

The path is a warm brown.

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 070

Lots of stripes and plaids and more masculine fabrics….a definite scrap bag project.

I really loved this one!

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 076

Country style churn dashes in plaids and stripes and solids…isn’t the fan quilting great?

Huntsville_BryanTX2013 077

Happy Gold Gingham!

I’ll try to stay updated through my return home on Thursday via my phone.  Boy do I feel like a dunce..left the cord plugged right into the wall!

I’m reserving battery power as much as possible ----good thing this happened at the end of my trip, and that I didn’t leave the cord in Peoria!

Today’s class is Sister’s Choice.  It’s going to be a fun day, and I’ll take lots of photos to share when I get home!

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  1. Wish I had a way to contact you directly.

    Go to the front desk of the hotel where you're staying. Tell them you need a cord. They'll pull a big box of cords out and you can see if there's one that will power your laptop. Likely they'll just give it to you, but if necessary you can return it to them when you check out.

    People leave cords in hotel rooms All. The. Time.

    Hope you see this. If someone knows how to reach Bonnie, please give her a call and tell her to check at the front desk of the hotel where she's staying now.

    1. That is exactly what I would recommend!!!

  2. Call the guild president and see if one of the members has the same type and maybe you can charge while you teach.

  3. Yep, I know the hotel trick too...don't ask!

  4. Did you notice the block turned the wrong way in the bowtie quilt?

  5. love that string quilt. and fans. lovely

    1. Tonya! REALLY enjoying your book, Word Play Quilts. It is a great tutorial for crumb piecing AND I'm building words now too. Thank you for being an UnRuly Quilter and being inspired by Gwen Marston's Liberated Quiltmaking!! So glad that Bonnie carries your book on her website too! Thanks again, Allison

  6. Go to the local library! While there, browse the quilt books and use a computer.

  7. She is human!! Like Dorothy said, it happens all the time. OOooh, thanks for all the vintage quilt eye candy! I always know where to get my fix of quilter fun, vintage machines and lovely quilts both old and new. Thanks Bonnie. Hugs, Allison

  8. People often leave cords at hotels. I stayed at a hotel where they had a pile of computer/phone charging cords on a table. Guess they were left and no one called about them. The hotel you are staying at one night might have one you could borrow and use. Goodwill also has lots of orphan computer and phone charging cords. Just a thought.

    1. I was just going to suggest the same thing! One hotel even gave me the cord to take home, as they had a huge box of unclaimed power cords.

  9. Saw a tut on the web yesterday, intended to mark it, but cannot locate it now.
    If I describe it to you, I am sure you will be able to sew one.
    Cut five circles of bright fabric the size needed to hold your wound cord. Press four pieces in half and arrange on the top of the fifth. Weaving the last two, just like the stem wear costers. Stitch around the outside, turn, and you have a bright holder for your cord to remind you take it with you. Plus you did not have toput in a zipper. I plan to make one for my portable machine cord, but will use a double layer of fabric for the fifth circle to give it more body.

  10. Thanks for the droolfest. Glad your laptop lasted through it all. You travel so much that I think you have earned a few forgotten items.

  11. Oh those beautiful antique quilts! thanks for the mini quilt show.
    Just out of curiosity when you go into a shop and take all these
    pictures how does the shop owner react?

    Happy Sewing, safe travels and I hope you get your cord back asap

  12. Great !! Beatifull !! i love it !!

  13. Of all the batches quilts you've shown us from antique store trips, this batch is one of my favorites. So many great ones! Love the blue/gold/red scrappy gingham diamonds, and the pyramids on pink. Also love how the guy-friendly shirt stripes and brown paths change the usually feminine Gma's Flower Garden pattern into something completely different. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. Love those old quilts! Each one looks so "feely" and snuggly. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Go to best buy and buy a generic power cord. It comes with multiple connections so you can customize the connection.

  16. Being 'unplugged' isn't such a bad thing ... whatever did we do before computers were such a huge part of our lives ... we waited until we got home to share our pictures. Have fun, we can wait for the next time you are 'plugged in'. I do like the idea for a cord carrier that was posted earlier -

  17. The yellow gingham diamonds is my favourite, I may have to make one!

  18. To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln;
    "You can remember where most things are most of the time, but you can't remember where everything is all of the time!"-Victoria Carroll-Parkhill

  19. Yummy quilts! LOVE the yellow gingham scrapbag, the tiny strings blocks, and that churn dash at the end! I'm afraid they're being added to my 'must make' list! Dang! LOL

  20. Thanks for sharing these awesome quilts, Bonnie. Love, love that bubblegum pink!

  21. Love this batch of quilts!


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