Friday, October 25, 2013

Lunch Date with Jason!

I had a great lunch date with my son Jason near Downtown Columbia, SC!

His birthday is coming up, and I had to grab this opportunity to spend face to face time with my sweet boy ----I can’t believe he is going to be 30 in just a few weeks.

How can that be possible when I am only 37, right?!

He suggested Harpers down by Five Points – and I was all for it.

Nothing beats South Carolina cuisine --- this is smoked brisket tacos on corn tortillas (hand made and gluten free!) and it was YUMMY!

SC_Oct2013 126

I don’t know…IS there a family resemblance?

Afterwards we headed back toward downtown, parked on a side street and walked to take advantage of the beautiful October afternoon.

We passed the  South Carolina Supreme Court building:

SC_Oct2013 134

And wound up at the State House:

SC_Oct2013 136

More photos to come – time is short.  I’ve just checked into my hotel in Columbia and am getting ready for my presentation tonight with the Greater Columbia Quilters!

Much love from South Carolina--

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  1. I loved visiting Columbia,and the five points area! Thanks for the photos, and now, I am hungry! Happy Bday to your son!

  2. I know what you mean. Where does the time go. My boy just turned 29 and I still think of him as a young boy. Have a good time tonight!

  3. Great spending time with our kids when we can. Hope you had a wonderful visit.

  4. My son turned thirty a month ago....it is hard to believe they are that age already! Happy Birthday to Jason. 1983 was a wonderful year!!

  5. I always tell parents of little ones to enjoy the time and cherish the moments. Long days and sleepless nights will soon be distant memories; before we know it our children are adults.

    Yes, I think Jason looks like you - the same lovely eyes and beautiful, quick smile. How wonderful that you were able to spend some time with him. Happy Birthday, Jason!

  6. Good for you... You have to grab your grown children whenever you get a chance. Our children come into our live and are out again way too soon, we have to grab ahold when we can.

  7. So happy you got to spend time with you boy. Happy Birthday, Jason. My one and only boy will be 45 tomorrow! It just can't be. And he is 300 miles away. Hug them while you can.

  8. Bonnie, I know well I think you can't read each and every comment but if you see this one I need a bit more help with the colors for the mystery quilt.
    So I got the sample cards from Lowes
    Now I think I need to go through my fabrics and pick ones that are near to any of the ones on each sample card or only near the darker sample of each card ?
    I figure I need to go by the card or you'd have just said
    I am of Irish decent and would love to go one day to see where my people came from

  9. Very cute pic and major family resemblance :) hope he has a great bday!

  10. it is always nice to spend time with our kids even if it is only lunch and an afternoon walk - they grow away from us so quickly

  11. The eyes are the same. And both have earrings! LOL

  12. You both have the same eyes and smile, but his whiskers are darker than yours, Bonnie. Have a great b-day Jason.

  13. Geez, I miss Harper's...we used to have one here in Louisville but it closed a few years ago. I'm glad you had a great day with Jason!


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