Monday, October 28, 2013

Scrappy Trippin’ with the Greater Columbia Quilters of SC!

I’m a couple days behind in my posts – and I think that is okay.  Sometimes it is nice to spread it out a while, and put a little bit of “living in the now” as in yesterday’s Bringing Betsy Home post – instead of making myself stay on such a rigid schedule of what gets posted when and by what time…even my timing is a bit later this morning – I’m still up at the cabin!

It feels like I’m playing hooky on a Monday, my posts are showing up later in the morning and that is okay with me!  Who made these “must post by 7am” rules anyway?

We will head home probably this afternoon.  The Hubster is able to do some of his work from here, and so can I.  And it is so peaceful to sit with my mug of hot tea at the little dining room table and gaze out at the autumn colors and the clouds hanging over the mountains.  This is the view this morning ---the temps are quite warm and there is absolutely no wind.  That might mean that rain is on the way.

The leaves on the trees are not as brilliantly colored as you’d see up north, say in Maine – but it is definitely autumn and leaves are dropping – winter is on the way.

Even in Columbia, SC where I was teaching on Saturday – we woke up to 31 degrees, frost on the palm trees! Brrrrr!

SC_Oct2013 184

But we were all gathered inside…and the sun soon warmed the outside while we were happily sewing away!

Our quilters came from as far away as Myrtle Beach and even Savannah, GA!  24 machines -----and you know how it goes when using a large church hall?  The best place to set up your machine is near a wall outlet…so we were gathered all around the edges wherever we could find plugs!

SC_Oct2013 193

Some even up on stage ---they got to oversee everyone else while they sewed!

SC_Oct2013 194

Even though we were spread out, there was lots of wandering and visiting going on!

SC_Oct2013 186

Our three samples were placed where everyone could see them.  Did you know that Rectangle Wrangle from Scraps & Shirttails II is a close cousin to Scrappy Trips?  One idea leads to another and we have to try all the variables, don’t we?

You will also notice in the slide show below that some ladies chose to work with 2" strips instead of 2-1/2".  The change in scale is amazing -- you'll see the same in the photo above.  The one on the chair is a smaller quilt -- 16 blocks, 12" each.  The quilt hanging with the green border is made with 2" strips --24 blocks set 6 X 8.  The blocks with 2" strips finish at 9".  

Click the image below if you can’t view the slide show on your mobile device.  You will be taken directly to the photo album page.

We had a great time, and I’m sure you can see that by the pictures below!
Scrappy Trips, Columbia, SC 2013

Have a great Monday everyone -- it's the last Monday we'll ever have in October of 2013! Do something memorable with it!

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  1. 1. There is just something so wrong about the phrase, " frost on the palm trees". Palms trees signify beaches and tropical temps to me. :)

    2. I'm still asleep at 7am so you have MY permission to post later. I enjoy the posts any time of day.

    I'm glad you got to spend a relaxing fall weekend at your cabin.

  2. Beautiful blocks! I saw some Millenium fabric in there! LOL! Have a great day and safe drive home.....

  3. Have made this pattern several times and love every one. Need to make the Rectangle version tho. I'm sure I have the scraps to do it.

  4. Thank you so much for posting these photos of the different sizes of Scrappy Trip blocks. I always thought I had to stay with the size given in your instructions for the quilt, and I don't have a lot of 2 ½" strips. It might seem dumb to others that I thought I had to stay with the size you wrote in your instructions, but I tend to stick with instructions and not vary. I always thought the quilt would come out wrong. I am learning, through you, Bonnie, that varying is okay.

  5. There is such variety in the almost infinite interpretation of this pattern. No two quilters with the same selection of fabrics. And another millennium fabric I hadn't seen before! This pattern is growing on me every time I see others' interpretation of it.

  6. No problem at all with later posts by you Bonnie, especially when you are out at your cabin and getting some well-deserved rest. I'm in the Pacific time zone, so you still beat my awake time by an hour or so! I love how great every Scrappy Trips turns out! What a great pattern. I think I may have to try the 2" strip version.

  7. I think most people will just enjoy your posts whenever they are posted. Enjoy life along the way, we only get one go at it! Love this pattern am using it as a border on a black/white/grey quilt and it's looking great! Have a great Monday, mine was! Julie.

  8. A post from you is welcome anytime. You have to grab those moments that come along that feed your soul and recharge your batteries.

    I just spent three days at my first quilt retreat and worked on your Scrappy Trips and Scrappy Mountain Majesties. How many ways can a girl have fun? Thanks Bonnie!

  9. Thanks Bonnie for the friendly reminder!!

  10. What fantastic blocks these ladies have made, so much colour and movement. Thank-you for showing us.


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