Monday, October 21, 2013

Feeling PINK!

I have a backing to piece.

Actually, I already pieced a backing, the quilt and backing sat – and I just wasn’t happy with what I had decided to match with what.  I KNOW – RIGHT?!

That is so unlike me….

But never fear, I’ll use the rejected back on something else….

Meanwhile…while I was in Huntsville, TX a couple of weeks ago ---I happened on a half price rack at Fabric Carousel…remember?

While putting fabric away today, I was about to refold this piece, and discovered that….WOAH!  There is ENOUGH here and it looks really great with the top it is to be matched with!

So what does a girl in a pink mood do?

Pull out a pink machine and dress it up with pink thread and a pink crocheted and gifted spool pin doily!

vintagemachines 131

I’m feeling pink all over!!

I love big prints for backs…they hide a multitude of sins!

This is Barbie, my 1950s pink class 15 Japanese import.  Remember how she came to be?

I love the “MODERN” badge on her – she is definitely a Modern Girl, and if you look close you can see her crown, or is it a tiara?

vintagemachines 134

She is a De Luxe Push-O-Matic!

She sews like a dream, and I am glad to have her out for a run around the block ---

You know things are really bad when it only took me 5 minutes to skim through a month’s worth of Craigslist to find out that there is nothing interesting in the way of vintage machines in my neck of the woods ---

Which means MORE SEWING TIME for me!

I also did a bit of picking up today…can you guess what I was after?

vintagemachines 129

Hahahaha!  I know --- what a tease!

Just a couple days now…..and we will be under way!  Let the fabric gathering begin in earnest!

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  1. Anonymous7:35 PM EDT

    Twenty Third - right???? ready, meaning found last years box of fab and pieces and thought to myself,,,,, wonder wonder wonder if I can repurpose these to this year's mystery???

  2. And I am tickled pink that we'll soon be pulling fabrics from our stash!
    Oh happy day! I had to miss last year because of moving and it is the first
    mystery I did not do....so I am more than ready this year.

    Enjoy your short time at home and
    Happy Sewing

  3. Glad I beat you to the Singer 185 I found in Clemmons. She is now happily at home in my dining room!!!!

    1. You didn't beat me, Becky! I already have one :-)

  4. You are SUCH a tease!! Can't wait to see what colors you have come up with for the mystery :)

  5. Excited to start my first Bonnie mystery quilt. When will we get our first hint? :)

  6. So excited about the start of the mystery reveal! LOVE the print on the backing fabric you are piecing!

  7. We picked up some Valspar paint cards... alas to paint a room

  8. Hey, I know where that Spool Doily came from... Washington State! Sew fun to see it on Barbie! Can hardly wait for the 23rd! Choosing colors is just part of the fun of a Mystery!

  9. Love the look of your pink "Barbie"!

  10. Bonnie, I can't wait for fabric selections and I am guessing the pink back is going with the mystery quilt :):):):):)

  11. If that pink backing goes with the mystery quilt, my best friend is going to be thrilled!

  12. just wondering what purpose a spool doily serves? other than looking pretty ;)

  13. I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas morning....is it time?, can I have a peak?, can I have a hint? The 23rd can't come fast enough ;0) looking forward to this years mystery; planning on playing along instead of sitting on the side lines. Thank you so much for all you do for us.

  14. OK - let me set my record straight - I...what to say and how to say this...dislike pink to the nth degree. Now am wondering what other colors this quilt would look good in!? Worries worries ;)

    I like those larger prints for backings also -- adds life and breath to backings.

    Now I can not wait to see the pattern. Stash at the ready!

    1. so pleased someone else really dislikes pink, I had two girls poor souls never wore pink ever

  15. Stash at the ready!! Looking forward to this years mystery as it will be my second Bonnie mystery. Loved doing easy street last year. As for colours, don't think I have a lot of pink in my stash if that will be one of the colours this year but you can always substitute with different colours. My easy street was made with red,aqua,gold,black,and tan and it worked out great.

  16. Love pink!! Hmmm, wondering if that is the backing for this years mystery? .....I am going to try to make the binding today for my Easy St. (Wicked head cold). Sew it & the label on and Fini!!

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  18. This will be my first actual mystery, I did lazy Sunday but only after I saw the finished quilt, I know I cheated! This time I trust Bonnie knows what she is doing and will play along with everyone else. The info won't be out till the 24th for us here but since the 22nd is over there isn't long to wait, excitement is building! Julie (Aust)

  19. How about Pink and Yellow like that backing you showed us? LOL

  20. OK - Now I know I have to get in gear.....I'm still working on Easy Street! I love the pink thread doily, they would make wonderful gifts. Anyone have a pattern?

  21. Hmmm, pink is a clue for the mystery? And someone said the 23rd? That's TOMORROW!! :) :) :) Pink isn't my 'favorite', but I have lots of leftover pink scraps from a quilt I did for my sister...just no lime green or aqua, lol (as in last year's mystery). On pins and needles!

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