Tuesday, August 12, 2014

When Tired Girls Return Home! ((Drawing Time!))

I have never been so happy to see this sign!  ((Pardon the dirty splotchy windshield!))

My son Jeff picked me up at the airport…carried my luggage, and DROVE me home….It took 2 days to get me home from Birmingham, I can only imagine what those folks felt like who spent 3 months on a ship to cross that ocean!

It was however, the very FIRST time that I got to fly on the upper deck of a 747 Jumbo.

Yes, I was giddy.

Fewer passengers to share the one lavatory up on that level.  Sitting bulkhead and having legroom were a definite benefit on this flight!

For those wondering how many hexagons you can stitch on a 10 day whirlwind tour around England, here you go:


79 hexagons in this section, two more to add!

Yes, you can have small scissors on a plane, but I don’t travel with them – I use the thread cutter on my needle threader.  And always be prepared for confiscation at any time at any airport.  Even when I have ben able to fly with scissors from here to there, that doesn’t mean you can go back from there to here with them. 


Unpacking my goodies!

I love unpacking my fabrics…but also had to buy the Yardley Lily of the Valley  because it smells like my Grannie. When I was young I felt so grown up when she would dab a bit behind my ears and on my wrists. Oh I loved her so!


I celebrated my homecoming with tea!

Thank you Anne for the Liberty hearts mini, Muv for the tea cozy , Dawn for the lovely tea, and Raynor for the Tim Tams brought all the way from Australia! My great granny's teacup and saucer and milk pitcher add a nice touch, don't you think?

I’ve not accomplished much else.  I’m hoping the copious amounts of tea will keep me up past 10 pm so I can get my body back on schedule ---this morning I was up at 4am.  ACCCCKK…boy does that make a girl tired in the afternoon!


Sadie Jane, sticking like glue!

She hasn’t left my side since I walked through the door, so I took the opportunity to trim her nails.  Girls have got to do what girls have got to do!

So, to keep me awake, let’s draw!

Remember this drawing?!?



Congrats, Jacki!




Congrats, Pat V!

Now who would guess that the random number generator would take the same 3 digits and just scramble them?  I guess that is how random is!

Get back  to me with your snail mail addresses, ladies and I’ll get the info to Quiltmaker so they can get those issues out to you.


I don’t think I’m going to make it until 10pm.  I’m fading already, dang it!

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  1. Yeah, you're home safely! Looking forward to Quilt Cam when you're available. Have had foot surgery and am in a hard cast for six long weeks. Living in a Texas, you can imagine how comfortable I am. Okay, no whining:(!

  2. Glad you're safely home! Get some rest and goof off until the jet lag wears off. we love you!!!

  3. Bonnie, you have made me feel old! I used to wear Yardley of London when I was a teenager! Glad you had a great trip and are home safely!

  4. I'm so happy that you had such a wonderful trip! Thanks for sharing it all with us. I felt like I was there with you.

    Congratulations to the two winners. This is a great issue of Quiltmaker. Enjoy.

  5. So glad you are safe and sound and getting to sleep in your own bed, that's the best part.

  6. Anonymous10:01 PM EDT

    I have so enjoyed your posts/pics from England -- we lived there in the mid 80's and had been to so many of the places you visited. Was like a return to past years that were magical! Good things never change!

  7. Nothing like coming home to the adoring eyes of your Sadie Jane. How sweet! Lucky dog!

  8. Welcome home! I know there is nothing like sleeping in your own bed. Get some rest, the stuff of everyday life can wait a while longer.

  9. Welcome home! Thanks for all the pictures. It gets me excited about going someday. Hope you get some good rest.

  10. good to read you arrived home safe and sound, not surprised you were tired after your whirlwind trip, I am still recovering after just spending 3 days at the quilt show and I live in the UK

  11. I had a flight attendant stop and ask me if I was a quilter as I worked on one of my two hexagon quilts. We flew back home to Houston through Chicago. She said she always has a two or three hand projects of some kind to keep her busy, and EPP is an easy one to travel with. I kept my hands busy on the flight, and had to use a splitter to listen to music with my daughter since my phone was dead. She was nice to let me listen in. Welcome home Bonnie!

  12. Good to read you arrived safely home. And all those great presents; so lovely.
    Just look at cute Sadie..... what a sweet dog! She missed you so much; those shiny eyes....... ;)


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