Tuesday, August 26, 2014

August 26th–National Dog Day!

Photo: Loving some front porch tome with #sadiejaner. #quilt #quilting #patchwork #quiltville #bonniekhunter #quiltvilla

 I just NOW found out that today, August 26th is NATIONAL DOG DAY.

I guess that explains why Sadie was so disgusted with us…we didn’t heap praises and gifts of adoration ((And people food)) on her ---


Well, TONYA sewed.  On a secret project.  That I am sworn not to divulge.  So I won’t.

But it is fabulous!

As for me….I was bitten by the cutting bug.  And when the cutting bug hits it must be obeyed.


My dining room table was piled high!

The scraps that had been sorted and piled and gone through over the past few days needed to be kitted up into block parts so blocks can travel with me – I leave for Bloomington Illinois on Wednesday, and I’ve started to accept that my long awaited for August Month Off is drawing to a close.


Cookie sheets are not just for cookies!

I use NEW cookie sheets at home to carry my parts from cutting table to sewing machine, but in a pinch I grabbed the old ones that I designated for cabin use.  I got these cookie sheets as a wedding gift 33 years ago!  It isn’t pretty, but it’s doing a fine job of holding my kitted up block parts so I can sew.


There are about 75 or so blocks ready to go on this pan!


This is block #2 sewn today!  All the rest of the time I’ve been cutting!


Fishy Fabric!  FUN!

This will make it easier.  Before I was cutting a couple blocks, sewing a couple blocks, cutting a couple more, sewing a couple more…I just can’t work that way – it’s too disjointed!  Now that everything is kitted up I can just sit and put the pieces through ---this makes me a happy motivated girl!

Oh, and the dining room table?  It’s clean again!

For info on the box kite block, click the Addicted to Scraps tab at the top of the blog.  This block was featured in the May/June issue of Quiltmaker Magazine.

Our retreat has gone by so quickly.  Tonya will be leaving in the morning and it will be just me and Sadie here until Friday evening when the holiday weekend gets kicked into gear.  There will be much four wheeler riding and BBQing with neighbors going on, probably not a lot of time for sewing, so I’m happy I’ve had the time I have up here.

If you are a dog lover, a dog owner ---happy National Dog Day to your dog-kids! 

I’m going to go take mine for her evening walk, and maybe give her an extra treat when we get back.  She’s put up with a lot of neglect while machines have been humming!

Have a great evening, everyone!

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  1. I use cookie sheets too! They work great and stack easily. Pretty sure you'll give Sadie a big love, whether it's National Dog Day or not. Lorinda in MO

  2. I think Miss Sadie should be the picture at the top of the blog.... what a cutie

  3. Cookie sheets!! What a great idea. Why have I never thought of that? I use a cutting board to layer things in my casserole holder that I'm carrying to a potluck, but never thought of cookie sheets for block parts. I think I'll buy a brand new one! I'm envious of your time at the cabin, especially with a friend to sew with. I have a guild retreat coming up in October, and I can't wait!

  4. OMGoodness ... she is ADORABLE in that picture. Yes, please give her extra treats for the day ... she deserves them!! Cute block ... might have to give that one a try ;-) Linda

  5. I have to get some Cooky sheets and kit up my blocks, I have been cutting two blocks sew then repeat . It no fun. I want to sew sew sew! Thanks for the tip Bonnie.

  6. I agree about the cutting bug, but then...I just love cutting! It's one of my favorite things to do.

  7. Sadie probably gets lots of lovin when you are home, she seems to be very contented.The walk you are going to take with her will make her very happy. Just keep on enjoying youe self

  8. I just found out, too. Why isn't this headline news? I'm going to try to convince our babies that it's tomorrow!

  9. Anonymous10:17 PM EDT

    Please explain what you mean by "kitting up blocks". How do you travel with the kits after cookie sheet time? Happy Dog Day Bonnie, I appreciate your sewing and cutting, I have completed 'My Blue Heaven' great pattern to learn value, 'Easy Street', almost have 'Celtic Solstice' assembled (went with the KING size - there were times I didn't think I would ever get the blocks completed!) great pattern to lose the "I can't have these matching fabrics together in the same block- itis" and my first Bonnie quilt was a'Playing with Jacks' . Thank you Bonnie. P.S. You would absolutely love Mackinac Island now - so much color - thanks for sharing your trip there this spring!


  10. AH such a pretty doggie girl Sadie is. She is so patient. waiting for those special Mom & Doggie times, out walking. Imagine all she can smell...the scents must be intoxicating.

    Those kite-like blocks are so cute. Gonna have to make some up for a future great grandchildren quilt. None on the way...but things happen :)

    Have a special evening

  11. Just returned from taking my dog Hoover on his last walk for the night. It is always so pleasant. Just me, the dogs, and thousands of insects providing a concert.

  12. I've had a couple of cutting days, too. Yesterday and this morning it's 1.5, 2, and 2.5 inch strips. I need bigger boxes. Mine are now all full and I have more to cut.

    Tonight it was cutting triangles for HSTs with an easy angle type ruler in anticipation of starting on Wonderlust. I drafted the design of one block to start with to help me inderstand it. I'm sorry but I found the Quiltmaker instructions very confusing and disjointed.

    And Scraps and Shirttails II came today, so now I know its not your instructions, which are wonderfully clear.

    And Tumalo Trail is also coming together. But it will have to be named Tallahassee Trail for mine. :-)

    Yes, an extra treat for that good dog, Sadie. Tomorrow it's back to work again.

  13. Looks like you're making great use of your fabric time. I'm sure Sadie is just enjoying the time she is getting to be with/near you because you travel away so much :)

  14. When I do a lot of cutting, I use the cut down boxes I scoop us from Costco. I can chose a size that works for me and the sides are a little higher than cookie sheets. I, too, am curious how you carry your 'kitted' project. How do you keep the pieces flat and in Order when traveling?

  15. Cutting up scraps into usable sizes too. I have a new puppy and with our 12 year old dog too...this is the best I can do so I can watch them and make sure the puppy isn't bothering the older dog. So national dog day times 2 for me!!!

  16. I use cookie sheets too! I have 3 big ones (bakery size) that have gotten a lot of use over the years. I've baked clay stuff on them, dried my wooden buttons I've dyed and painted, and now am using them for quilting. I got them just for my creativity and not my kitchen. Ha. When my mom passed away I was left with some boxes of her stuff and in one I found some lap trays she used to serve lunch on to her PEO ladies. I use those too. They are flat with a tiny edge. Great for organizing and stacking. Happy Belated Dog Day to Sadie.

  17. Everyday is Dog Day around here! Chaco is the princess of the house!

  18. oh, bonnie, you give that sadie girl lots of lovin! just last friday we lost our four year old dog, ivy, to cancer. it was heartbreaking. one week she was fine, next week she was sick, third week she was gone.

  19. Dianne Gillin11:06 AM EDT

    I enjoy reading your blogs every day Bonnie...you seem like such a delightful, engaging lady. Would love to get our guild to invite you to our beautiful corner of the USA...in central Washington State.
    Dianne in Wenatchee


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