Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Show & Share Wednesday!

Photo: Good morning from my outdoor office on the deck! #sadiejaner and I have already had two and a half mile hike, and I am settling in with my laptop to write this morning's blog post. Followed by a whole day of quilty piecing! What's up for your day? #quiltville #bonniekhunter #quiltvilla #northcarolina #blueridgemountains

Welcome to my outdoor office!

Sadie Jane and I have already hiked 2.5 miles this morning, and I am relaxing on the front porch and writing my post in the open air with the sound of birds chirping and bugs humming….oh yeah, and Sadie snoring softly at my feet!  Poor girl – I think I wore her out.

I don’t usually DO Show and Share on a Wednesday, but here I am at Quilt Villa working heavy on our November mystery and there isn't anything I can show you!

My plan is to get as far on the mystery as I can between yesterday and Friday when I have to go back home….so that I can sew on OTHER fun stuff when Tonya and Siobhan are here and we CAN post pictures of that.  ((Yes, there is a certain string spider web nagging at me!))

Some really awesome quilts have come in so let’s take a peek!

Lorinda sent me this photo and it just knocked my socks off!  Just when you think you have seen every kind of Scrappy Trips variation out there, along comes this one…AWESOME with ALL THE SAUCE!


Lorinda’s Scrappy Trips!

Lorinda writes;

I left a message on your blog but DH says that I should send you a picture of the recycled plaids baby quilt I made for a guy he works with. 

There's another baby due with the other guy he works with so I've putting together another one.  As I said, thank you for your commitment and help through your blog and fb.  You're just awesome! 

Lorinda in Missouri 
I will never get tired of working with recycled fabrics and I love seeing what you’ve done with them.  Thanks for sharing….this quilt is just SO terrific!  You will find the free pattern for Scrappy Trips under the Free Patterns tab at the top of the blog!

While I was at the Birmingham Festival of Quilts, there was a booth that was selling Jelly Rolls of recycled fabric, and the fabrics looked SO pleasing all rolled and packaged up.  There is a whole CLOSET of shirts waiting to be quilts in the “under the stairs” closet in the basement studio…and I haven’t worked with recycled fabrics since I finished the Cheddar Sampler.  I feel some recycled-shirt-love coming in my near future!

Nancy sent a photo of her Tumelo Trail from Scraps & Shirttails II!



Nancy writes:

This is my Tumalo Trail top I just finished. I know the block on the bottom row is turned wrong---It has been fixed and it's off to my quilter.

Loved this pattern ever since I first saw it draped over you longarm on one of your quilt cams months ago.
Have a great time at Quiltvilla!
Nancy, it’s just beautiful!  Thanks for sharing!


Virginia Bound from Scraps & Shirttails!

Doris sent in her photo with a very sweet caption:

I love my quilt. A friend is 80 years old on August 2.  I will give it to her. I named the quilt.  Celebrating 80 years.  ( 80 blocks - lol ).
I love all the pink, Doris!  There are 80 block quarters in this quilt, and it takes us a while just to get one made…and when students finish one, we cheer and say “Only 79 to go!!”  to much laughter and groans!  I am sure your friend is going to be LOVING this quilt, it really is a gift of love, Doris!
We also have ANOTHER Virginia Bound, this time by Ann!
Love the scenery in the background, too!
Ann writes:
Hi Bonnie,

I took this class with you in Feb, 2011 with the Denton, TX Quilt Guild.  I was finally motivated to finish and I’m so glad I finally have it on my bed!

Your directions for the border were spot on and I’m so proud I actually read the directions to have that beautiful border turn out so well

Thanks a bunch!
So happy you are pleased with your quilt, it is one of my favorites of all time!
Fiona’s Hopscotch Butterscotch from Adventures with Leaders & Enders!
Hi Bonnie,

Thanks so much for your scrap quilt ideas. I started patchwork about 15 years ago making small things, wall hangings etc. I bought fabric a little at a time . Buying what I liked with no real idea how to use it in a quilt.
I loved scrap quilts then but had no real idea how to go about making one. Your tips are great and the scrap savers system means I now use all my lovely small pieces building quilts with lovely memories.

I have just completed Hopscotch , butterscotch from Adventures with leaders and enders.  I love the colors so bright and cheery.

Fiona from - Sebastopol , Victoria , Australia .
I love her sentiments about her scraps!  All of our pieces are valuable, we just need a way to corral them and put them to good use…beautiful quilt, Fiona!

Anne in AZ is sending in a photo of her 4-Patch X!


She writes:

Bonnie, when I saw this pattern in Quiltmaker under your Addicted to Scraps column, I knew it was for me to make. So I started it, but as I was still working, it got put in a sack and stuck away. After retiring in January, I started working on the bunches of UFO's in my sewing room. I found this sack in May and decided to finish it at a retreat in Tucson in June.
This one is for my 40 year old daughter in Denver, CO, for Christmas. She has seen a picture, but I haven't sent it to her yet.
I just want to say Thanks for a great pattern and to tell you that I have a pile of leaders/enders working beside my machine for a Christmas themed scrappy quilt.
Hugs, Anne in Arizona

I love your quilt, Anne! I loved this block so much that I had to make a complete quilt with it too..you will find my version in my newest book, MORE Adventures with Leaders & Enders!

Quilty Gal is sharing her My Blue Heaven from the Free Patterns Tab!


Isn't this so great?? LOVE how the inner border stops the motion!

She writes:

Hi Bonnie -
I thought you might enjoy, yet another version of your wonderful free pattern, My Blue Heaven. This was the one that you helped me with on the inside border.
Your advice was spot on and I feel like I have grown so much in my skill with both Celtic Solstice and now My Blue Heaven. Feel free to share with the group, I don't do Facebook or I would. Have an absolutely wonderful time in England.
Thank you so much for sharing your quilts with me, Ladies!  BEAUTIFUL work, each and every one of them!
And please keep them coming!
There is more to share, and I’m planning on sharing more of your photos on a more regular basis – but right now, this girl needs to get sewing!
Have an awesome Wednesday, everyone!

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  1. Beautiful quilts - thanks for sharing.

  2. What wonderful inspiration!! Such fun to have a mini quilt show in the morning. I'm off to finish longarming a really cute ALL npolka dot fabric quilt for a customer. Enjoy your Wednesday everyone! Hugs, Allison in Plano, TX

  3. What wonderful inspiration!! Such fun to have a mini quilt show in the morning. I'm off to finish longarming a really cute ALL polka dot fabric quilt for a customer. Enjoy your Wednesday everyone! Hugs, Allison in Plano, TX

  4. Awesome! Thank you for the beautiful readers quilt show this morning. I'm inspired and ready to sew. Have a super day!

  5. The quilts are fabulous. Puts me to shame. Have had fabric pressed in my sewing room to start cutting but keep chickening out. Suppose I just have to bite the bullet and get cutting.

  6. My "Quilts to Make" list grows each time I read your blog. Scrappy Trips, Tumelo Trail, and Virginia Bound have now made the list.

  7. Beautiful Inspiration Quilts! Just Lovely, thanks so much for sharing ! Happy Quilting!

  8. Beautiful quilts ladies!! Bonnie I can't WAIT to do another mystery!! It will be quilt #5 of yours for me!! My favorite being the version of Blue Ridge Beauty I made ( http://jocrazymama.blogspot.com/2014/04/orange-blue-beauty.html )
    Thanks so much for all ya do for us!! And thanks again for letting us travel with you!!


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