Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cabin-y Things!

Laminate floor is IN!!

This floor came from Sam’s Cub…and I love it.  It has the padding already attached to the underside of each plank.

It is thicker than most laminates, and the price was really good.

Not only that, you could buy the molding kit to go with it, I don't know if you can see around the tile threshold that there is trim around the tile?  It finished off so nice!

Of course, I can’t claim any part of getting this floor in.  It happened while I was gone.

Bye bye ugly white berber  ((that was more stained than white!)) and hello, easy clean!


Trim where laminate meets tile in the sewing area!

It’s just SO NICE!


Picked up an area rug at Lowes for in front of the TV.

The paneling on the walls is going to go, with the plan to put in pine planks so the downstairs matches the upstairs.  No rush on that.  Just “some day.”


Under the stairs!

There is a wood circle “coupling” that goes around the large pole to the spiral stairs that is not in place yet, but it’s coming.  Treadle machine in the parlor cabinet, and 2 bins of fabric in the back corner!


Sadie on this morning’s walk….taking off into the woods.

I love my morning walks up there, which will switch to afternoon walks after the time changes and mornings are too cool to want to go out early.


Blazing a trail with her nose!

It just smells SO good up on the mountain.  There is nothing like it. In fact, I’m probably headed back up on Tuesday to move things around for when Siobhan and Tonya come up next weekend.

Here’s a bit of Sadie after our walk!

I didn’t get all done that I wanted to this weekend, but we did have fun with neighbors for dinner and a long full-of-hilarity game of Farkle to follow.  Time out with friends is better than moving things around for retreat.

And while my wi-fi was down today ---

I pulled out THIS quilt to share:


Gifted to me….by someone who knows how I love string quilts!


I love how some of the diamonds have strings and some are plain!


And what about that string and 9 patch border?

I think it is only on there to make the quilt big enough! It’s only on one side…..one LONG side, not across the top!

Contains 1920s and 1930s fabrics, some feed sacks and flour sacking and loads of clothing scraps.  Total love.

SO, here I am at home for a couple of days.  My columns are done for Quiltmaker.  The mystery quilt is underway and right on schedule.  I have plans to go back up to Quilt Villa on Tuesday….

How about QUILT-CAM tomorrow night, Monday, Aug 18 at 9pm EST??! 

I’ll be ready!

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  1. Yes, quiltcam! It means I'll be sewing hexies at 3:00 a.m., but I'm off the day after to sleep off! Thank you! Monica from W Europe

  2. I'm glad you could spend some more time up at QuiltVilla! QuiltCam on Monday sounds great. Congrats on making the deadlines for the Mystery, QM and 100 Blocks. Can't wait to see them all.

  3. I love reading you blog and don't thank you often enough.
    I am tickled that I am off tomorrow night and can watch Quiltcam live.


  4. Yea! I was hoping to see some pics of the work at Quilt Villa 😊. I'm in the midst of some remodeling. I love to see the completed pictures...brings me hope that jobs actually get done 😉. The flooring looks great! Did you like the gravel in your parking area?
    Sadie looks so happy!

  5. I am in for Quilt Cam! I will be off work early enough to catch you! Maybe I will sneak in another Wild and Goosey block (set a goal of one per week!) because I am just one more block from another row! :)

  6. I don't always comment, but I do read all of your blog posts and love the video of your dog. And your thoughts on all the antique quilts you post. Just wanted to say thanks!

  7. So glad to see you post again, Would LOVE to have one of those magazines. I will share it after reading. I am sure that Sadie was glad to see you and be back up in the mountain for her walk. Waiting for that next mystery,.

  8. Cant wait for quilt cam. I almost have a king size quilt completed Only like the borders. They are pieced just not on the quilt yet. As soon as I figure out how to attach a picture to one of these comments I will send a picture. I am calling it Nine squared. I will be adding border tonight and piecing along.

  9. Quilt cam sounds good! Sewing on my lozenges challenge. Lots of seams to line up!!

  10. I LOVE SADIE!! Such a good girl! Hope to be awake for Quiltcam ... pretty tired today ;-\

  11. Have been thinking about flooring that you have put in the cabin. Are you still pleased with it? Does the extra backing help with keeping the room warm? Anyother information will be greatly appreciated. Will check at Sam's this week. Thanks, have a great visit at the cabin.

  12. Great floor!!!! We put in EXACTLY that laminate from Sam's club almost 8 years ago. IT IS FANTASTIC!!! It stands up to 2 (for a long time, 3) really big ball-chasing dogs, and 2 lazy housecleaners and with a quick run of a dry-mop it still looks like the day we finished installing it. It is wearing better than the tile and is easier to clean!
    -Maria in Tucson


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