Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Sewing Box Kite Blocks!

This was last night’s LAST BLOCK sewn before heading to bed.

I’m loving these little gems.  Each one so quirky and fun!

FUN is the main thing here….maybe I’ve sewn my share of stuffy straight-laced quilts during my life time as a quilter, or maybe in my 50’s this is my version of MID LIFE CRISIS ---

But sewing funny blocks out of ridiculous fabrics and strange combos just makes me feel SO ALIVE!

Hello Kitty with Cheddar ((Of course!)) And red batik!  Heck YEAH!


Tonya and I toasting our retreat time with root beer floats!


This morning I’m back at it again!

My friend Brenda gifted this lovely piece of Canada fabric to me at the end of our time together in England.  I brought it with me wanting to give it a special place, not just put it in the scrap bin for later..and here it is!  I’ve paired it with a fun black on white….

Here is my block all sewn:




Tonya hard at work!

Yes, the girl is at the machine and creating wonderful Tonya things.  Will take more photos as the day progresses. 

She will be heading home to Florida tomorrow.  I’ve so enjoyed having her here!

If you are wondering where to find the pattern for Box Kite, this block was just featured in the May/June 2014 issue of Quiltmaker Magazine. Click the Addicted to Scraps tab at the top of the blog for more info.

Feel free to join in with me…I need at least 100 of these!  How many more can I get done through the weekend??

I guess we’ll find out!

Happy Tuesday, everyone --- go sew something!

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  1. Love the box kite block, particularly the cheddar one. Hope you and Tonya enjoy your remaining time together. I have had yardage on my cutting area for a few days now still trying to get the courage up to use the scissors on it! Looking forward to seeing what else you both do.
    Linda .

  2. It's nice to see what you are playing with this week. Fun fabrics you are throwing together for the Box Kites. I'm cutting fabric for my Demos at our Local Fair. L/E are on the mind too. I get to Sit N Sew while I watch the people who come by. How far can I go without a break in the Thread? I've been waiting all year for this!

  3. Love love love the fabrics you are pairing for your blocks! It's right up my alley, down my street & on my front porch. Isn't it fun to work with bits of fabric that just make you SMILE?!? Your retreat week has gone by WAAAAY too fast! Enjoy the last bit of it.

  4. YES! Oh Canada... come to Canada! (she says in a whiney voice!) I know, I have to come to the US :)

  5. your my kind of gal. i love to buy novelty prints, then i don't know where to use them. at age 66 i feel silly with a tossed puppies and kittens, mushrooms and little red riding hood (i forgot gnomes)fabrics in my quilt. if bonnie hunter can do it, so can i. you're such a rebel!!!

  6. I love it! I always play 'safe' but I love your fun combinations!

  7. Old quilter1:00 PM EDT

    Regarding those who think you are doing it wrong - many years ago Mom worked on quilts with the church ladies and commented "you know some people put the strangest things together, and yet when they're quilted and finished, every one of them is beautiful !

    So, "Begone quilt police" we want to see Bonnie quilts done her own way !

  8. Hello Kitty & now Canada!! I am envious! I know that Canada fabric was a gift but where oh where do you find all the other fun! fun! fun! fabrics! You have started my day on such a fun cheery high!!

  9. Sewing and quilting Should be fun!!!
    Keep doing your kind of work your way--

  10. Love the way you rock the scraps. Youve taught me to just go with it. Think outside the box now. I look at fabrics so differently now.

  11. Nice kite blocks especially the "I Love Canada" one. I wonder where she got that fabric at. I need some!


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