Saturday, August 02, 2014

I Heart London!

This is my first ever view of England below as we descended below the cloud cover, coming closer and closer to the beautiful country below ----

And then the countryside ended and big city began.  We touched down in Heathrow.  ENGLAND!

This is such a dream come true for me.  English linage on both my dad’s mother’s and father’s side.  My bloodlines flow through England, and I want to discover this country of my heritage.

After making it through immigration and gathering our luggage, we assembled as a group in the area outide of baggage claim, meeting up with Jim West from Sew Many Places, and our guide who would take us on a city tour of popular sites, filling up our morning and early afternoon as we couldn’t check into our hotel until 3pm.

I have taken SO many photos that I honest don’t know where to begin!  I’m going to have to break it into chapters…and is there any place better to start than Buckingham Palace?


CROWDS of people! 

Every nationality you can imagine seems to be vacationing in London, England!


Mounted brigade of guards on horseback!


Awesome royal gates!


This is because I can’t believe I’m standing in front of Buckingham Palace!


Beautiful parks with walking trails surround the palace grounds.


Yes I took shots from every angle..can you see the flag flying?

Our guide walked us to some really great areas with good vantage points…but it was SO CROWDED!!  Everyone wants a piece of royal.  But think of the history that has happened here…gives me goose bumps!


Changing of the guard!


Guy across the yard from the OTHER guy…

I took a little video of what it was like to see the guards change.  Of course there is a huge benefit in being TALL..I could shoot over short people’s shoulders.  Kind of herky jerky, but I think you can get it.  Fun to watch, and steeped in tradition.



Oh yes, I definitely heart London!

More to follow over the next couple of weeks, I’m sure it will take me that long just to post everything from this ONE DAY!  And there are many more days to come.

Shop window display

Wifi is limited at this hotel.  It’s only free in the lobby, which means I write the post in my room on the 4th floor, editing photos and using Windows Live Writer, and then trek the computer down to the lobby to hook up to the wifi and publish the post from there.  Not super convenient, but the free lobby price beats the 14 POUNDS a day price for wifi in my room.  That’s like almost $28 per day for wifi when I’m not spending that much time in my room.

Tomorrow is the Victoria & Albert Museum!

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  1. You will really enjoy the Museum. It is lovely

  2. Looks as though you are having decent weather. Have a biscuit and tea for me. I remember the hotel rooms in England had electric kettles, tea bags, tra cups, and biscuits. Often they were Walker's shortbread.

  3. Wonderful! Enjoy the sites and scenes!

  4. Oh Bonnie you look so slim and svelte hugging that English phone box!! I hope you have a wonderful time...hugs, Julierose

  5. I love London. My hubby was born in the Midlands. I know you will have an amazing trip and look forward to your posts. Enjoy! TaTa!!!

  6. If you get some free time a trip to the Museum of London at the Barbican is wonderful and well worth the effort. It's one of my favourite places in London. I am sure you would enjoy it. Check it out on the internet.

  7. Did you know that the flag only flies over the Palace when the Queen is in residence? So maybe she was looking out the window and saw you! My husband is from Yorkshire England so I am the ultimate Anglophile. :-)

  8. I am green with envy Bonnie. You quilters will take England by storm. I have both English and Scottish and possibly Welsh heritage so I would love an extended visit to the British Isle.

  9. You will love the museum you can even take photos. I was amazed at this because in Australia you can't take photos. I have great memories of England.

  10. Love the London photos and video. It's funny, but the changing of the guard reminded me of the munchkins marching in the Wizard of Oz!! LOL

  11. Thank you for sharing your trip with us. Looking at your pics, I get a little excited, as if I was there. I will keep enjoying the sights, vicariously, with you.

  12. Anonymous10:30 PM EDT

    May your trip be blessed with amazingly good weather, exciting adventures and wonderful new friends.. It looks like you are off to a fabulous start!! And don't forget to let the Queen know that instead of looking out the window at you she can find you at Quiltville. com!!! I know she will rest in ease over that!! Carolyn Barnett

  13. Bonnie, I feel like I've just been to England for a visit. Thanks for sharing your good times while you are there. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's pictures.

  14. How interesting. It was a great video.
    I am envious of your tomorrow. It has always been my dream to go to the Victoria and Albert. Between my first quilt bug bite in the 70's and being reinfected in the 2000's, I was an avid needle worker and I understand they have wonderful things to see there.
    Hope you have a wonderful time and I will live vicariously through you.

  15. Have a great time, try and get off the tourist trail to see the real England - love Jane

  16. A big welcome to out great country. Have a wonderful time, the V & A is a great place to visit. I am sure you will cram in lots of visits to lovely places and take home wonderful memories.

  17. The brave menfolk with you will be alright at the quilt show - there is a pub at the NEC.... I bet you take a photo of the café area at the V&A today! Enjoy.

  18. My son, DIL and grandchildren live in the Midlands, not far from the NEC by train...hoping to get over to the show next year...enjoy the UK. It's my other home!

  19. Lived in the UK for 3 years when hubby was stationed at RAF Croughton, I would love to go back and visit again :) So jealous

  20. Visited London 25+ years ago when Princess Diana was alive. The people were friendly, it was STILL expensive even back then but what great memories we had. Like you it was amazing to realize how much history had been made in those places. The USA is about 238 years old ... some of those buildings are older than THAT! A&V is an amazing place ... especially their textile areas. Enjoy it all and thanks for sharing with us!

  21. Enjoy your time in England, what is not to love? Grab something Cath Kidston, some Liberty fabrics, visit the museums please on our behalf. Its been a few years since I was there, and I only had 3 days. I spent most of it at a wetland centre, being a poor, mad scientist type. Now, now I would do it differently.

  22. I plan to read every one of your England posts cuz my heritage is English, too, and I will never get to be there. So enjoy, learn, and share a little just for me. ;-)


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