Sunday, August 24, 2014

Questions and Answers on a Rainy Morning!

With all of the getting ready to come back up to the cabin to retreat with friends this week, I forgot to mention the Winston Salem Open tennis tourney!

I’ve had a couple of emails and comments saying “Waiting to hear!”  “How’d it go”"?”  “Did you take hexies?!”

No, I decided to be a good “normal” spectator and spend my time with eyes honestly on the court instead of in my lap.

But by hour 3.5 I was wishing I had relented and brought them!

It was fun.  It was festive.  It was good to participate in something local that not everyone gets to see.

It was also hot.  It was stifling.  There was no breeze.  And let me tell you when your shins are dripping sweat and you are just sitting there, then you know what humidity is!  I kept praying for a breeze!


There was music as you entered the stadium area!

Music and the smell of yummy food and folks milling around the “Beer garden” area…..all I wanted was a coke…and I had to settle for a diet pepsi at $6.00.  I thought I was back in England!  ((Yes, this is me grumbling about the cost of a nearly warm pepsi costing the same as 1/2 yard of good fabric!))


I got to hug a yellow fuzzy ball!

And yes, that is my $6.00 pepsi.  Sheesh.  Water was $4.00 and I just won’t pay for water like that, so at least the pepsi had SOMETHING worth paying for.  Next time I’ll carry a bigger purse and carry contraband!


Our seats.  Nearly center court!


Janowicz has a mean 138 mph serve!


Little kids loved the tennis ball guy during break!


The stadium as the sun went down giving us a crazy show of light

((And still no breeze!))


And Janowicz takes the match!

I understand he lost last night in the finals, such a pity, he was a fun player to watch….mean fast serve and you never could anticipate where he was going to hit the ball.

Funny story….I posted this photo on google+ right after taking the photo.  The next morning if you googled JANOWICZ TENNIS My photo came up as #2 in the google line up, even ahead of all of the news and sports channel websites..HILARIOUS!

So that was my foray into the world of professional tennis.  Would I go again? YES!  I would dress cooler, carry a big purse with my own bevvies, have a paper fan to create my own breeze, and maybe smuggle in those hexies after all….there was a lot of down time in between sets and in between the singles match, followed by the doubles match.

All in all it was a fun evening out and I’m glad I had a chance to go.


Last night’s pile of Carolina Chain blocks!

My rule for myself this week is Mystery Quilt before dinner, but after dinner I can sew on whatever I want.  These Carolina Chain blocks were quickly assembled while talking with Tonya as she did more shirt deboning!  And today we get to do it all again!


Our day ---so far!

It’s cloudy, misty and and ominous out there.  Sadie and I took a short “necessary” walk this morning through the mist, hurrying and hoping that the sky wouldn’t just open up on us and drench us before returning home.  I think this makes it a great day to stay in and sew, don’t you?

Have a super Sunday, everyone!

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  1. I have been wondering where you got the little light attached to your machine? That looks very helpful. Thanks.

  2. I am a huge tennis fan and always went down to the US Open when I lived in NY, sorry you didn't get to see any of the big stars as they are all resting before the last slam of the season starting tomorrow!
    You do get to appreciate how hard they work in the heat and what good athletes they are to endure their sport.

    Have fun with Tonya, looks like a great time sewing with friends.
    Happy Sewing

  3. to seveneleven the light is from IKEA there is a reference to it in the tips section above :) happy sewing!

  4. Thanks for the update on the tennis outing :) Have a great time sewing today!! Sew looking forward to the mystery!

  5. OHHHH Bonnie girl - you are a much better woman than I!!!! To sit and have to watch ANY sport in the SUN and HEAT, even when my grands played, was just something I will not do. Far too many things I want to do in life that doesn't require being mean to myself LOLOLOL

    I love those blocks you are working on. As soon as I get the wedding quilt made up, they are next!

    Smiles, and hugs

  6. It is really stuffy here in KY. too.
    We had a weekend retreat at the farmhouse and had a wonderful time. We all accomplished alot. Have fun at the cabin this week. Paula

  7. I was thinking the whole time how miserable the tennis ball guy had to be in the suit!! Holy heatwave! I am not bragging but it was 44 degrees here and 20 mile an hour winds this morning after we got a much needed 1/2 an inch of rain here in Wyo. I'm not ready for that kind of cool off yet! Think it's supposed to be colder tonight...hope it doesn't freeze my pitiful hailed off garden that's been trying to survive. :) Wishing I had some friends to sew with too...thanks for the post!


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