Tuesday, August 19, 2014

All in a Dog’s Day!

This is what it's like to drive up to the cabin with Sadie Jane.

Riding shot-gun.

Loving whatever sunny spot she can squeeze her cute self into!

We hit the road about 10:30 am this morning, after a quick stop at the post office to drop off a smattering of book orders ….AND….all of the blocks for my Addicted to Scraps column and a block for a future 100 blocks by 100 designers issue….They are OUT THE DOOR!  Whoowhooo!

I can’t tell you, that feels so good to have that one crossed off my white board.

It’s been a lovely but hot day --- too hot for a hike.  When it gets like this it’s like “reverse winter”.  So still and so humid you really don’t want to be out in it, but it sure is pretty from the inside looking out!

However, It doesn’t seem to bother Sadie at all…she claimed her favorite sunning spot within 5 minutes of arrival!


Oh yeah….stretch it out…it feels so good!

While Sadie was sunning herself I took care of dinner for the next few nights:


Chicken Vegetable soup in the crock pot!

Over the week of 4th of July, while family was up here, we made a quick meal with a couple of rotisserie chickens from the local grocery store deli.  I didn’t have time to do it then, but those chicken carcasses make WONDERFUL chicken broth and soup, so I popped them into a gallon zip-lock bag and froze them, knowing I’d be able to do this with them later.

They are simmering today until all the meat falls off the bones, I will separate the meat from the bones and chill the broth to bring the fat to the top so I can skim it after it solidifies and then I’m turning it into Chicken Taco Soup for this week!

Recipe found under the Recipe tab!  Or just click HERE. 


View from Above!

I wanted to be sure that everything would work with moving the sewing stuff to the main level so Tonya with her iffy knees and Siobhan with her MS don’t have to deal with repeated trips up and down my iffy spiral stairs in the cabin.  We are going to keep it all on ONE LEVEL to make it easy for everyone…


Seating for 3!

I’m sewing on the 301 in the table at the rear, closest to the fire place.  Tonya will have the Bernina in the sew-ezi table, and It’s going to be just great!  And we have a gorgeous view out of the front windows overlooking the Blue Ridge Parkway in the distance ---

I’m already sewing ---secret mystery stuff!  EXCITING!

Well, not so exciting when I found I had sewn several pieces upside down and had to un-stitch again…..but I’m excited about this one.

If you are on the fence about the mystery, DON’T BE.  If you liked Easy Street and found it very manageable…then you won’t want to miss this one, because it is, in my opinion, much simpler and much more stress free than last year’s Celtic Solstice.  I know you need a break.  And I need a break!  And I have designed a quilt that even a beginner can do and enjoy.  So I hope you’ll be joining in!

Love from Buck Mountain ---

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  1. Anonymous7:58 PM EDT

    Easy enough for a beginner! If that isn't the most appealing hook for this year's Mystery, I don't know what is! You are making it hard to resist for sure!!

    Catherine in Steamy SW Indiana

  2. I am going to have to make this years mystery. Easy Street is by far my favorite so far. I am working on it right now. So if it is like Easy Street I will have to play too.

  3. looks like an ideal set up and i am right with you on the soup....have a blast!

  4. I like your sewing set up...it will be great for chatting too! I just spent 7 hrs in my sewing studio working on donation quilts. I'm looking forward to this year's mystery. I made a Celtic Solstice wall hanging last year but I'm ready to jump in with something larger this year.

  5. Ooooooooooh, can I come too????
    My closest sewing buddy is a 4 hour ride away! I think I have to pay her a visit ASAP! Have fun!

  6. Does "EASY" require any foundation paper piecing this year? I loved making Easy Street and Celtic Solstice because you promised none of that. I have a 2nd Celtic Solstice started but might turn it into something else just to have a different quilt. The soup looks good. I might have to go get me a Chicken at the Albertson's for my dinner.

  7. Earlier this year when you started mentioning the next mystery quilt I almost wrote to suggest maybe this one could be a little easier but didn't want to be a whiner. Ha ha. Can't wait until the mystery begins!!!!!
    Thanks for doing the really hard part while the rest of us just get to enjoy the process!!

  8. ahhh...Sadie & the sunspot...my 2 pups are the same way, even have a "bed" set up in the bay window just for them. Have a great week with great friends, doing what you love! Lynne in MN

  9. yay for all of that. esp wonderful to see sweetie Sadie!

  10. Oh I can't wait for the mystery quilt. Last year was my first one and I loved it! I just wish I could know the colors before we go on vacation, the end of September. We stop at fabric stores on the way. Any hints ;-). Oh well, I'll still buy to add to my meager stash. Thanks for all the great quilt patterns, tips, techniques and your time that you share!

  11. Ok I'm convinced. Sign me up! Mary in Boston!!!

  12. I can't wait for the mystery to begin either. CS was my first ever mystery quilt and only my 3rd quilt. Easier sounds great, but I did enjoy the challenges of CS-it pushed me!

  13. Mary Ed Williams10:16 PM EDT

    You gotta' love that smiling face!

  14. Well Easy Street is on my list, but I have finished Celtic Soltice so count me in, can we start tomorrow? Lol just teasing , I am ready!

  15. I am recruiting all the new folks I can for the mystery...one Bonnie quilt and you are hooked! :)

  16. Sadie love going anywhere with her mom! Love the sewing setup....you girls will be able to just sew & sew and gab & gab. :)

  17. Sadie was smiling doggie style, she had her MOM all to herself. AND they were riding in the car. In DOG-ville that is the best thing ever...next to endless treats LOL

    I see you also have a FW table and an IKEA light... set up like I do mine. Sounds like you will be having a great time...enjoy and relax.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  18. Can't wait - this will be my first time to make your mystery quilt!

  19. I have just finished CS...I was doing the King but decided to make it Queen...I only needed 5 more blocks to make the twin size...So tonight I have finished cutting all the necessary pieces to begin tomorrow night...I quite agree CS was a challenger! So many times I wanted to quit! Easy Street was my first mystery and I absolutely loved it: the color scheme and the way it turned out.
    Hope you have a wonder "Quilt
    Fest with friends.

  20. Oh how I envy you. I have no buddies to sew with so always have to motivate myself. Have never done your mysteries before but this year, I am definitely going to give it a go.

  21. Anonymous2:05 AM EDT

    Bonnie: Would you please tell Tonya some of us miss reading her blog?! Wish I had some time away with girlfriends for creating and re-creating. Will have to live vicariously through you ... so post LOTS! -- ldp

  22. Love the reverse winter day analogy. We had one of those too-so true.

  23. I did the last mystery quilt, still needs quilting, and was on the fence about the next ........but now I am intrigued and just might.

  24. Anonymous8:36 AM EDT

    Love your little sewing set up for friends and yourself. Nothing like sewing w/ buds! Pineapple Crazy has me totally consumed! I go to bed at 9 p.m. and I was up till midnight with threads in my hair. So I'll be printing off the mystery for a later time. PC is going to be fabo if I live long enough.

  25. I've had too much life get in the way of getting CS done this year... still on step one!! (rolling eyes here) I've got grandson #3 expected in November, so we will see if I have time to start the new easy mystery...maybe using CS as an L/E :)

  26. Celtic Solstice was the first mystery quilt of yours I made and I love it! I can't wait for the next one, but I guess I'll have to. Chicken soup is a great idea. Freezing your leftover chicken and bones was super. I used to freeze leftover vegetables (the type I thought I would want in vegetable soup) in a big zippie bag and then after the broth was finished I would add the veggies. Yummy! And so inexpensive! I'll have to try your soup recipe. Have fun!

  27. Anonymous9:15 AM EDT

    Melissa in Texas: Oh boy! Sewing escape with the girls! Ya'll have fun!! My Celtic Solstice is my current leader and ender, sometimes claiming top spot for a good push. I'm moving to step 5 next, but I keep getting distracted with my new obsession with clothes refashions! CAN'T wait for this years mystery! Thanks Bonnie!

  28. Not to throw a bucket of cold water on your retreat ... we had to put OUR Sadie down today ... we are absolutely heartbroken. She was very, very special. She looked just like YOUR Sadie and the pictures of her riding shotgun made me smile because our Sadie was the same way. ALWAYS up for a ride. Have a wonderful retreat ... there is nothing like sewing with friends ... even those absent with their presence but always in our hearts ;-) Linda

  29. I loved doing CS and enjoyed sharing at General Butler retreat. However, I am going brave this year and picking out colors already for the new mystery. My travel time to shops is now so I have been gathering beautiful, bright. greys, yellows, and blues with a grey tone. I know, buying fabrics and not using scraps, but my stash needs some serious updating. So fun!

  30. I was a very beginner quilter last year when I started Celtic Solstice. I still have not finished it. I wish I had more lead time on the colors as I do not have a stash and even that would help me at the beginning. Last year I had to run around to get enough reasonably priced fabric to even begin cutting pieces. I have joined and become active in a Guild and numerous Bees so I have more support now and have taken several classes as well as much reading so have vastly improved my knowledge. (I did use Inklingo for it last year to help me in accuracy.) Thank you for your Blog and encouragement. I am glad to hear this years Mystery might be more attainable to finish.

  31. You got me with "if you liked Easy Street." I love mine so if this one is even easier than that, count me in. I do, however, have the Celtic Solstice fabrics cut and ready to make into block pieces so maybe I'll get both of them done in the next year.

  32. The hard part of the mystery quilt is three months until we start.


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