Friday, August 29, 2014

Back to the Chain Gang!

Yesterday’s No-Sew day left me not much to post about this morning, but that’s okay with me!

For those who are more interested in where I go and what I do while on the road, don’t worry – I fly out again on Wednesday, spending a few days with the quilters in Bloomington, IL!

September is going to be a crazy travel month and that is why I am so happy to have had as much cabin time as I have in August.

I'll go from Illinois to home to Ketchikan, AK directly to Buffalo, NY on a red eye flight then home and on to Davison, MI to Sault Ste Marie, MI and home again!  There won't be cabin time in September at all by the looks of it.

I’ve cut down ALL of the neutral scraps I can scavenge in the cabin.  I need 28  Carolina Chain blocks with light on the outside like the Winnie the Pooh block you see laid out here ((I KNOW!!  CUTE, right?!? Anything works, as long as it is a light!)) and 28 with the dark outsides.

I’m using what is available.  I will make this work.  My goal is to have this to top status by the end of the weekend.  Not sure about borders yet…but I want the center done before I go home on Monday night.

I’ll get back to the Box Kite blocks when this is together. 

I want to go home with LESS UFO’s – not more!


Pirate treasure map with giant chickens!  HA!

Thank heavens for fun fabrics that keep the sewing fun --- if I keep it a bit on the ridiculous side, I stand a much better choice of pushing this through to completion!


It’s overcast, cool and cloudy today on the mountain.


A bit of digging ---

We have a guy here removing a stump from the front yard….and then we are working on leveling this ground a bit better.  You may notice a gravel path around the wall to the basement door…that is new too! 

With two sets of spiral stairs, it’s sometimes easier to bring big items around the wall to the basement door than to have to try to carry them down spiral stairs.  That goes for sewing machines and bins of fabric too…I want the path a little wider, but I can already tell you how nice it is to not get muddy shoes when the ground is wet from rain.

For your viewing enjoyment – our friend Fiddley Bits has uploaded a new video sharing how to use a ruffler on her old Wilcox & Gibbs machine!

Isn't this fascinating!  Thank you so much for posting this video!

I’ll be cutting out block parts this morning to the sound of the back hoe, and hopefully sewing by afternoon! I’m thinking it’s treadle in the basement time….I haven’t given the singer 99 in the parlor cabinet that I brought home from Tennessee much of a workout, and we need some bonding time.

It’s another great day to be on Buck Mountain!

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  1. Good morning, Bonnie. Your contentment sure comes through in these posts. I can almost feel it myself as I enjoy a few minutes of morning air before my commute downtown to work. Love the pirate's treasure map.

  2. Your Winnie the Pooh fabric in the block is adorable.

  3. I am thinking after I drop Gus(our lab) off at the dog keeper I need to sit and sew a bit on my Carolina Chain. We are headed to CA for a few days and then to CO for a few more. A much needed vacation. I will be visiting my daughter & son in law in San Fran. She posted a photo the other day of being snuggled up in one of the quilts I made using one of your patterns. We all love them. Even though she does not enjoy quilting, she loves hearing all the stories behind the fabrics. Enjoy your time at Buck Mountain and I'll enjoy mine here is beautiful Ohio! It is so nice and cool this morning, but the heat returns on Saturday 90 degrees. Glad I'm leaving early!

  4. What a fun quilt, looks like almost a "I spy". Love the fabric choices.

  5. It's been fun to see the blocks multiply at the Cabin. You are never lonely when the machine is Humming along. Day 3 for me at the Fair Sitting and Stitching all day. Wish I could take my Quilting machine there to finish off some UFO's.

  6. LOL! I have been working on the SAME Pooh Bear blocks for a soon to be born addition to our family - my grandson! (who, by the time he is born, will probably have enough quilts to cover all the newborns in Westfield! LOL!) The pattern I'm using is a baby-sized version of "I Spy a 4-Patch!" and I'm having fun with it!

  7. Such adorable fabrics. My daughter loves Winnie and would be green with envy if she could see your blocks. Yes, you really deserve your down time this past week and no doubt your batteries will be charged for your forthcoming travels.

  8. When I finish the wedding quilt, Carolina Chain is next. Thinking I have enough odds and ends in icey to deeper turquoise. Want to make a Sea Glass quilt, whatever size it comes out.

    Loved the video. Amazing, just when we think something new has been invented in sewing... we see it over 100 years old.

    Thanks Bonnie
    Smiles, JulieinTN

  9. I love reading about your sewing and assorted adventures out and about and at the cabin. Love the Winnie the Pooh fabric and dear little Piglet. You seem to have set yourself a huge target ( for me) but no doubt you will achieve it easily. So, the quieter time in August is soon going to change as you dash from one event to another, stacking up the air miles on the way. Wow!

  10. Have been enjoying you energy and enthusiasm, did the Celtic solstice last fall..first for me, but I learned a lot...thanks! Looking forward to meeting you in May!

  11. Hi Bonnie, is that a Dritz rotary cutter on your mat?? Have you tried the pressure sensitive cutter? I saw it on Ebay.

  12. Enjoy your time in the Mountains, I truly enjoyed the Video, how very cool to put ruffles in the middle of two fabrics at one time. Amazing what these vintage machines can do ... Love them all!

  13. OMG...I have that POOH fabric too. Pooh is one of my favs. I also have it in a pink toille and blue toille(that I have used already for a baby quilt). Wishing you a "top" finish this weekend!

  14. Can't wait for you to come to Buffalo!! Taking your crumb piecing class. You are responsible for getting me into treadling and leader and Enders and multiple scraps!

  15. I have that Winnie the Pooh fabric, too. It's been in several kids quilts and I still have some small pieces left to play with. Enjoy your holiday weekend.

  16. I would really like to have that Pooh and Piglet block you have done.It just speaks to me. I collect Piglets and have all kinds of things from puppets to lunch boxes to rattles and stuffed ones galore. Otherwise I will have to just find it in your quilt!

  17. When I was looking for Classic Winnie the Pooh fabric a year ago, for a quilt for a great grandson, all I could find was Disney Pooh. It turned out ok, but it would have been wonderful with Classic Winnie the Pooh. I'm a little jealous! LOL

  18. I have just finished making my 4th baby quilt using 4 different Pooh fabrics - 2 new and 2 recyled. Also I loved watching the ruffle video.

  19. THE BONNIE BUMP!! I spent the last few days wondering why in the world this video was getting so many hits over the two others showing W&G attachments. Should have known!! Bonnie embedded the video. LOL!! THANKS BON! Becky L, E. WA, aka FiddleyBits, aka TreadleToes


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