Tuesday, August 05, 2014

From Bath with Love ---

We left London this morning, exuberant at the things we saw, did, ate, bought, heard, touched, smelled and committed to memory!

I’m jumping around a bit here because there was SO MUCH in London that I could spend the entire rest of the trip still posting on London and I thought tonight would be a good time to skip ahead a bit.

You can tell by the clouds above me it was a very “soft” day ---it sprinkled on and off, but no driving rain that kept us from making our journey and still getting out after arriving in Bath to do a bit of exploring.

One word describes my first impression of Bath.


And if you wimp out and decide to take the easy way DOWN first…remember, you are going to have to come right back UP that hill at some point!

Today was also the day for this:


Stone Henge!

And believe me, these stones are so massive that you can NOT fit the whole thing on to your camera if you were even ABLE to get up close. As it is, there is a fence keeping everyone away, and all you are able to do is walk the fence line, thereby taking your photo through a fence.

It was even better from the ROAD..because there was no fence to obscure my view!  See the crowds of people?  BUSY.  If you want really great photos, do yourself a favor and just buy the calendar.

But I can say that I took these, I was here, I saw this, and I am still amazed.




We are staying here for the next two nights.

The Francis Hotel!


Charmingly posh!


Ahhhh heaven!  With polkadots!


And with a cute desk with an imperial phone on the desk!


And the cutest loo ever!


My shower has a mural of the Roman Baths of Bath! HA!


Oh how lovely!


Flocked  “Jane Austen” style wall paper!


The view from my room window!


We spent time here…at the Jane Austen Center!


Colored doors in a row – uphill!


We are going to have a great time exploring Bath!

Tomorrow is our tour of the American Museum of Bath, and the quilt collections.  Can’t wait.

But for now, it’s past 10pm here and I’m headed to bed….more photos and fun to come!

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  1. I used to run a pub in Bath called the Saracens Head, the oldest pub in Bath. Out of the hotel, you can see Kingsmead square, I used to sunbathe in a bikini!, I was younger then. My husband is from Bath! He was the best souvenir.

  2. If you get a chance, go to Sally Lunn in Bath to eat & make sure you visit basement. Not too far from the Roman Baths. One of the women at the Baths tired to "pick up" my hubby. Too funny! Have fun. Beautiful country!

  3. I loved the doors everywhere. No door knobs but doors that love paint, love to say HERE WE AM! :)
    Sharyn in Kalama

  4. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! For posting all the pics and taking me along with you on your travels and explorations. I am enjoying everything you post. I love England, hope to go back one day. In the meantime I will enjoy your tour.

  5. Bonnie I echo Rosa Taylor.. thank you! Though I have yet to visit the UK. Your photos are a mini-vacation by proxy. :)
    ~ Christina in Cleveland

  6. Isn't Stonehenge amazing! I had the good fortune to see it when there was no fence. Much fun in Bath!


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