Friday, August 22, 2014

She’ll be Comin’ round the Mountain ---

This morning’s view on a very windy hike!

A warm wind was blowing from the south --- oh, it’s going to be a hot one! 

Unless some storm clouds can gather and rain down to cool everything off.

I’m feeling SO productive!  I am nearly ready to assemble blocks for the mystery!

I know there are some that are the “one block at a time because I have to see how it is going to really look and I don’t want to be bored on the assembly line” type ---as for me, I’m a unit girl.  I power through.
If there are 509 9 patches in a quilt….I’ll do them.  ALL.  Before moving on to the next unit.  I just get into a rhythm and I go.  This quilt is no different….I’m working on the units the same way I will write the directions so I can see how it is going to come together for everyone.  I want it fun, and at the same time I want it scrambled enough to keep you guessing until the end!

Last night I’d gone about as far as I could with the mystery productivity and I switched gears:


Carolina Chain Blocks!

All of the blocks with the light chains are done ---now I’m working on the ones with the dark chains.

This is that productivity thing again.  Working on one thing at a time keeps me from screwing up --- or I screw up LESS anyway.  But it took until last night to have enough of both kinds of blocks before I could start laying them out:


I need more variety!


Sadie thinks so too!

But it is going to be a cute quilt and it has used up a ton of scrap strips….I’ve been RUTHLESS!  There is stuff from the 1970s on forward in here.  Just playing color on neutral, neutral on color.


Sadie wondering if it is safe to come down stairs with all the quilt mess!

I’m headed back home this morning.  There are book orders to fill – I’ll get them to the post office tomorrow morning on my way back up to meet Tonya  Siobhan.

Tonight I’m going to watch some Tennis.  I will probably also LEARN more about Tennis than I ever wanted to know, but there is a bit tournament or match or whatever you want to call it in Winston Salem tonight and we are going.

In my mind I’m wondering…..

Can I sneak in my busy bag and my hexies??

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  1. Anonymous9:37 AM EDT

    Did you really say 509 nine patches = wholly cow. Count me in...


  2. When I had my friends over for a quilt retreat my dog always wanted to lay under our tables in the middle of the floor...not sure why!
    I agree with you sometimes you need blocks to challenge your brain but especially at night I like to sew on "no thinking" blocks! Have fun with your friends!

  3. Yeah, I am one of those "I want to make one block to see how it looks, if I like the colors, etc." people, but I'll trust you. This will be my first mystery. :-)

  4. Like Carrie just asked... 509? This should be one heck of a quilt! :)

    Sadie was looking a tad cautious through the railing. But "where Mom goes, I go too" ... she has to make the most of her Mom-time.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  5. After watching the last quilt cam, I decided I should make the Carolina Chains. I am using a single light fabric and am loving the way it is coming together. I am sure once my friend see this tomorrow, they will want to make one too! I took you advice and cut my shortest 2" strips first and ended up with almost enough. I also found a huge container of scraps that I must have been saving for string blocks. Guess what my next project is?
    I know you will have a wonderful girly quilty weekend. Enjoy!

  6. I like to make one block first to see how it looks, to check that it measures right and to serve as a quick visual as I go along. Then it's pedal to the metal. Best of both worlds.

  7. I'm like you Bonnie! And I love the blocks you are working on, can't wait to see how they look in the end, and what pattern is this? Or is it a new one you are working on?

  8. Anonymous3:23 PM EDT

    Bonnie didn't say her quilt would have 509 patches—she said "if." Read carefully and stay calm.

  9. Yes, bring the busy bag! :)

  10. Yay tennis! Hope you see someone awesome. US open starts Monday. I'm watching baseball and getting ready to sew tonight. Love sports + sewing.

  11. Approximately how many Carolina Chain blocks are "we" shooting for, Bonnie? Working along with you....

  12. Make as many blocks as you want, Treadle! It's your quilt! :)

  13. Oh Dear...I realize it is mine...But I thought that you said you were working on a different setting for this block...so thought that would need certain amount of each color way.....obviously I'm overthinking this....


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