Sunday, August 24, 2014

Rainy Days for Retreating!

The living room looks like a fabric-filled bomb went off…full of good things!

I brought up several boxes and bags of random scraps that had not been sorted yet on request from Tonya to “Bring me things to dig into!”  And dig in she has!

There are piles everywhere….things being sorted.

One box for crumbs, one for strings,

Another pile of large-ish hunks and chunks destined to be stripped down via Accuquilt studio when we get around to it.

There isn't a whole lot of sewing going on with her yet, but she is happy as a clam to be digging in the scraps and gleaning pieces that are going to be just right for the projects she has in the works!


Where are you, Tonya?? I know you are here somewhere!

The sad news is that Siobhan isn't able to come due to medical issues.  We are here through Friday, so if she feels better tomorrow or Tuesday she can still come up for a few days.  We miss her, it’s not the same without her!

I was asked by a few folks how Siobhan and Tonya and I all know each other ---we met through the Pieceful Hearts Quilt Guild in North Augusta, SC!  I lived about an hour away in Irmo, SC, and Tonya and Siobhan both lived in Augusta.  I was invited to come out to a guild sew-day and meet some quilters and I did.  We bonded.  We are going on 12 years of friendship next spring --- wow.  I didn’t realize it was that long!

Tonya and I started blogging about the same time in 2005 when she was moving to Egypt due to her hubby’s job, and blogging was a way to share photos and journal and stay in touch with each other.  We never dreamed it would take us where it has since we started.

Blogging was also a way to keep in touch with Siobhan when her hubby’s job took them to England for a few years.

Now all three of us are stateside, but too far apart from each other to make getting together, all of us in the same place, an easy feat.

Photo: Having fun sewing with the ugliest donated scraps possible! You'll never find THESE in a pre-matched jelly roll or charm pack!  Loving the weirdness of these combos, just working dark/light.  #quilt #quilting #patchwork #quiltville #bonniekhunter #carolinachain

What I’m sewing!

There are some really strange fabric combos happening at Quilt Villa!  And I love them…super quirky, full of fun and lots of color.  Lorraine – were these the trolls you sent to me? this is all that is left!  And I had to love the caption too… ((Yes, I’m loving my Galaxy s5! Cool apps and capabilities that I never found on iphone!))


Pile of blocks, ready to assemble!


Test layout….looking good so far!


All the blocks I brought with me are sewn!

Only ---it’s not big enough.  I want to go one row wider, and one row longer because as it stands it’s 54” X 63.  I want it more of a couch snuggle size, and heaven knows if there are still scraps --- KEEP SEWING THEM UP!  But there is a problem --- I didn’t bring any 2” neutrals with me so more blocks are going to have to be cut out after  I get home…..all of these scraps Tonya has been sorting contain ONLY a small smattering of neutrals and there just isn’t enough variety to make it happen.

On to another project!  What will it be tonight?

I’ll show you tomorrow!

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  1. Bonnie, I believe that is the troll fabric I gave you on the Caribbean cruise I took with you and Pat Sloan. It's fun to see you use it in a block.

  2. Anonymous7:56 PM EDT

    Share some of the apps with us.

  3. Bonnie, I don't see anything going on by the 301. It's all tidy. How will we ever guess anything about the new mystery if you don't leave clues? :-)

  4. Oh my, another week of Retreating with Tonya? You are having way too much FUN! I'll be stitching about 40 hours at our County Fair while I watch the people come see the quilts on display. So is a Galaxy Gram an Instagram from your S5? I need to figure that APP out. In my spare time, LOL

  5. Can anyone tell me what Tonya's blog is. I would like to check it out. Thanks

  6. Your living room is a lovely sight!

  7. What a fun mess in your living room! And I love how your quilt is coming together. I may have to add that one to my growing list too. :)

  8. Wow- amazing how some of those less than wonderful fabrics, when combined with others that are no longer in fashion, become a beautiful quilt! Thanks for the inspiration; tomorrow is a sewing day for me!

  9. OH what a wonderful sight! Tell Tonya, I am a sorting nut too. Give me things to sort and I cold go on for days :)

    Looking over the blocks as assembled, is the a light-dark set up in laying them all out?


  10. You are having such a fun time! I'm envious, although my time is coming to sew with friends in a retreat setting.

  11. Bonnie.. would love to read a post on the pluses of a Galaxy 5 over Iphone.. I am smart phone stupid but found my 4S easy to navigate.. now it is time to trade in as this one is getting a bit glitchy and over full of photos... was planning on the iPhone 6 in September. Your thoughts would be appreciated... also like the idea of sharing your fave apps sometime.. once a month maybe???
    So happy you and Tonya are having fun... hopefully your other friend will make it for a few days too. I have a quilty friend who is coming in November! I am very excited :) Thanks for all you do for us Bonnie! You rock :) Kathi

  12. Sending healing vibes to Siobhan - hope you feel well enough to travel to join the girls for the latter part of the retreat - loving that pattern Bonnie - so simple and lends itself so well to scrappy and yet looks sufficiently structured to appease my closet OCD - will have to store that one away for future reference methinks - you are a constant source of inspiration - shame about having to break off for lack of neutrals though :(

  13. So glad that your retreat didn't fall through the cracks completely! Sending healthy thoughts to Siobhan. I love to read and watch as you wave your magic sewing machine and create. It is so encouraging. But Bonnie ... consider it OCD, I guess. Do you see the two beautiful minty green blocks just north of center? They caught my eye in both test layout pictures. Would you move one of them somewhere else, because now my eye just goes right to them, and my OCD says they are too similar and need to be further apart! :-) Waving to Tonya! Have fun!!!

  14. Prayers for Siobahn's health. Thank you for the pictures of the beautifully scrappy Carolina Chain. I have wavered but now I'm convinced that it is on my bucket list.

  15. What fun you're having; I love the blocks you've assembled so far, they are happy colors coexisting nicely!


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