Thursday, August 28, 2014

A No Sew Day?!

This is the town of North Wilkesboro, NC.

It’s about a 30 minute drive from the cabin to downtown North Wilkesboro, and since I had Mona as my co-pilot, I took to her navigating and I saw some things in the area that I did not  even KNOW where here before.

Including a great thrift shop that benefits the Children’s Home, and the prices were AWESOME. 

No, I didn’t buy any shirts, but if I were still in the collecting, this would be a great place. 

I think shirts were $3.00, and they also have sales.

But what’s better is that 100% off the proceeds go to support the Children’s Home, so I know where I will be donating when it is time to unload my closet.  Goodwill is a corporation.  They have their good points, including providing employment and training, but their prices have gone outrageous lately.  I’d much rather donate to a place where the proceeds stay right here within the community, helping fund the Children’s Home.

Mona and I had a great lunch out ---and then headed to get our toes done, because that is just what we both needed!


Hot Pink for me!


Purple for Mona!


Are we stylin’ or what!?

It wa a simple afternoon out with a friend, and little did I realize just how much I needed an afternoon AWAY from the sewing machine!


THIS is the only fabric fondling that has happened today!

See that pile of neutrals?  It’s what we gleaned from the bag of scraps that Lisa brought over, and what was found in the boxes of scraps I showed last week HERE.

I still need 28 Carolina Chain Blocks that are light outside/dark inside, and 28 that are dark outside/light inside to give me the 14 blocks I need for the size I’m shooting for.

Yes, I am switching gears back.  I’m going to finish those Carolina Chain blocks BEFORE this weekend is over, or at least try using the fabric that is on hand.


After cutting!  Hello, beautiful 2” strips!

It feels a lot like living during the depression era in the 1930s for instance ---when all you had to work with was a meager scrap bag, and if you ran out of something, you made it work with something else.

Sometimes the best quilts come to be that way ---my own scraps, combined with some gifted scraps from friends, make this in reality a community quilt!

I’ll spend this evening cutting block parts out, but it’s still a NO SEW DAY ---

That can wait for tomorrow!

Have a great evening, Everyone!

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  1. Bonnie, you make everything sound interesting and exciting!

  2. I quit giving to Goodwill long ago, but I will donate to the Salvation Army Store. In our area, a pair of worn shoes can go for $10 at Goodwill and their 'boutique' area from clothes they were GIVEN FREE, boils my blood.

  3. Those Carolina Chain blocks are sounding more and more inviting every day!!!

  4. We have Goodwill, Salvation Army and another organization called Women's Resource Center ... a local organization to benefit a women's shelter in the area ... THAT is where a donate my "new to someone else" goods. LOVE your stack of neutrals ... my sewing room needs a MAJOR cleaning and organizing ... might just have to do that this weekend! Or at least START it!

  5. Anonymous, This is the USA. Everyone has a right to their opinions and there was no disparaging information given here. If you don't like it go somewhere else!
    Tammy Stack

  6. Toes are lookin'n good,girls. Bonnie, I have those exact same sandals in white. So comfortable!

  7. Anonymous9:32 PM EDT

    We have a local Thrift Store in our town, and all the profits stay in our community, which I like. One can buy men's shirts for $2 any day, but once a month they have a paper grocery bag sale, and you fill the bag for $7. That's when I bought my shirts. The average cost of each shirt was 35 cents. I have made one quilt from those shirts, but have more fabric left to do something else with them. I agree that Goodwill's prices are too high. We have one in our town as well.

  8. I cut 2 1/2 inch strips on the Go Cutter today and I sewed down a binding on a baby quilt. Almost done with that. That makes the third great grand baby quilt this year. Happy here.

  9. Bonnie, just taking some non-quilting time - or time out of the house - can work wonders. Glad you were able to just relax with a friend.

    I believe using scraps for quilts makes you think outside the box. You have to be more inventive, especially in what goes with what. That was so much part of the charm of the Depression Era quilts.

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  10. We are fortunate to have a number of resale stores which benefit various groups ie, Kidney Foundation, Salvation Army, Volunteers of America and Goodwill. I try to visit them all because they provide valuable support to disadvantaged folks in the community. I only became aware recently of how much behind the scenes support our local Goodwill provides to disadvantaged populations. Also, all of these charities do have sale days where things are offered at big discounts.

  11. Eager to see what the strips then blocks will become as a finished quilt! Great toe nail colors on both you girls!

  12. I had a pedicure last week in readiness for our niece's wedding last Saturday. Had a very similar nail colour to your friend Mona, to compliment my purple dress. Never had that colour before but it's great!

  13. Heartily agree with you in the pricing at thrift stores, they do seem to have gone through the roof in the UK too. On more than one occasion I have come across items that are on sale for more than the original purchase price when they were brand new! I appreciate that the charities need to make as much money as they can but I do get annoyed by the over pricing. I still give all my unwanted items to charity but only buy my shirts when they are at sale prices. Many of the shirts are priced at upwards of six dollars even if the had deodorant marks under the arms!

  14. I see a yellow strip in the light and a yellow strip in the dark pile. I can never figure out which pile the yellow should go. I suppose it depends on what else is in that particular block.

  15. Thanks for the edit, Bonnie. Appreciate your concern that information be correct. We all benefit from your generosity.

  16. May I ask what fabric are the shirts and what pattern and size are your blocks? New to your page. Very interesting. Please keep sharing.


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