Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Kensington Palace!

I had a special treat on Sunday ---I had a chance to visit Kensington Palace!

Now, I knew tour guide and long time London friend Stephen was making plans for a tour of somewhere, but I had no idea that it would be Kensington Palace…..what a dream come true!

It turns out he knows someone who knows someone – and as the story goes was able to get a pair of comp tickets, and away we went on foot from the V & A museum ---past buildings and parks and interesting sites. 

I’m a terrible person to walk with, I stop every five feet and find SOMETHING to take a photo of….but we had the afternoon to enjoy, and enjoy it I did.


This is the tower monument that queen Victoria built after the death of her beloved Albert.


And while looking at monuments across the way, don’t forget to look at your own feet!

I almost missed this scalloped clam-shell paving!  I love the curved lines in contrast to the nested squares of the iron at the back of the photo.


Kensington Palace from the front.

((I like the first photo at the top of this post better!))


Queen Victoria Statue in front --

It was the most beautiul day, warm and perfect with gentle breezes blowing and all of London and the gazillion visitors that have descended upon England during the height of the tourist season were out in droves.  MOBS of people everywhere enjoying the park like atmosphere of the palace grounds.


View of the gardens from the inside of the palace!


Another view --

Do you think that Queen Victoria ever stood at this window and looked out? Or maybe Princess Diana? This thought made me smile to myself!


How’s this for silly??

Of ALL the most ridiculous fashions in history, this “broom stick” Mantua style adds new meaning to the phrase “A bit broad around the beam!”  Or “Backside as big as a barn!” or any number of things that I can think of….I also suppose it hides a multitude of sins.  Bring on the bon-bons…..the thunder thighs are kept well from view!


Folks out enjoying the day!


More gardens!

The palace was crowded with people and lighting wasn’t good so I kept my photos mostly to the outside – isn't this so picturesque?


So pretty!


I bet Queen Victoria would have loved this!

Currant and Clotted Cream!


If you can’t beat em, join em!

Find a shady spot on the grass, sit down, kick the shoes off, enjoy the ice cream, not to mention the people watching!  So THIS is how folks spend a gorgeous Sunday afternoon in London? A girl could get used to this!


FABULOUS!!!  Every single minute!

Thanks, Stephen, for giving me your Sunday afternoon and gifting me with this very special day!

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  1. How beautiful.
    It is so nice to see some photos of where I have been and going again.
    Enjoy your trip

  2. Brilliant choice of ice cream. You should be able to wave to the Marshfield cows from your bus tomorrow as you head north on your travels.

  3. Extra visitors to London following the Commonwealth Games in Scotland......so happy you are enjoying England xx

  4. It is a wonderful place a group of needleworkers of which I went with also did this walk a few weeks ago in June. So nice to see the pictures you took during your walk! Thanks!

  5. Great photos of a special time.
    Love the sound of that ice cream too, what a neat flavor.
    On the last photo of the post I see your feet. I have those same sandals in black and they are so comfortable. They are new this year and I think I need another pair so that I can rotate them.
    Keep having fun! Since we can't be there it's like we are all mice in your pocket traveling through all your pictures and posts. Thanks.

  6. LOLOL - Bonnie in her USA jeans coverts into a Victorian lady! Cute idea...think of all of the fabric on you! HOT

    OHHHH Diana --- bless her heart, I hope she is at peace. She left us all 2 wonderful sons!!!! You do not have to be a Brit to love them!

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  7. What a treat! That's one place I wasn't able to go to when I was in London, but hope to someday. Thanks for sharing your journey. Enjoy!!!

  8. I feel like I am reliving my whole London trip through you.

    At the time I visited Kensington Palace, they had a wonderful display of all the wedding gowns that the queens, former queens, and queen moms and Diana and others had worn. Gorgeous.

    I was most impressed by the historical sewing workroom they had set up, where women would be making lace, hand sewing, and tailoring garments for the royal family. I don't think they allowed pictures, post cards would have been a great idea.

  9. Did you get a picture of you and Stephen? Would love to see it. Beautiful photos.

  10. Kensington was the first place I visited when we were in London. It was spring and the flowers were gorgeous. It was just the thing to help with jet lag! Enjoying your visit vicariously.

  11. Love your new dress!!! ;-)
    Miss you!!

  12. Anonymous5:03 PM EDT

    Just a thought - his about coming via Althorpe on your next trip - see the Diana exhibition, and we could introduce you to Holdenby House - not so well known, but stuffed with Civil War history!

    Glad England is on show for you.

    Mrs Stitches

  13. Hilarious how you find ice cream everywhere you go!

    Remember if you see the cows lying down in their pasture, they are telling you it's going to rain.

  14. I have your shoes, I think, and they have traveled to Tortola, BVI and Italy with me. They are very able traveling companions!

  15. You are certainly seeing lots and lots, can you imagine all the grass in front of the palace covered over knee high with flowers, well that was what it looked like when Diana died, I saw it and was speechless.

  16. The pictures are wonderful.... adding to your "dress" photo.... does this dress make my backside look fat? LoL... You think they had to have been pretty wealthy to afford all the fabric to make those dresses... plus they had to learn how to walk in them. Bet the first time was a hoot! Would have loved to have been a fly on the wall to see how they got thru a doorway! Thanks so much for sharing.


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