Saturday, August 30, 2014

Decisions, Decisions!

I finished what I thought were the last two Carolina Chain blocks…only to find that I had TWO too many.

I must have miscounted somewhere.

That’s okay, I don’t mind….this allows me to switch out the least compatible blocks….maybe something is too blendy and disappears, or I have too much repeat of one color or one fabric.

Having extras is a good thing.

I know I’m late writing this this morning – it’s a holiday weekend and I’m on holiday hours, which means that I slept in, took Sadie for a hike, took a shower, enjoyed a big holiday breakfast, sewed a couple blocks, laid them out, took photos..and here I am.  And it’s only 10:00am so I’m not THAT far behind on my day!


Blocks laid out, viewed from the top of the stairs.

Ehhhh.  it’s fun, it’s cute, it’s okay ---it’s SMALL.  At this point it is 54” X 63”  If it gets borders it MIGHT reach couch size.  Do I want to go bigger?  If I add one more row in width and length I can get it to 63” X 72”.  But then 63 X 63 would be a fun square size if I just add one row in width.  And then add borders.


Fun Fabrics!

I love the splash of color and the fact that you have to SEARCH for the chains!  Light in one direction, dark in the other.


But then….we can always put them ON POINT!!

What’s a girl to do??


This morning’s foggy hike!


Sadie staring off into the foggy distance ---

I’ll be sewing this morning…and this afternoon we have plans with friends to head up to Elkin for some antique mall browsing and dinner out at a fun place.  I’m always game for discovering new places and seeing what is out there, so we’ll head out around 3pm and see what fun brings our way.

This evening’s blog post may be really late, or non-existent, but we’ll catch you up tomorrow!

Hooray for long holiday weekends!

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  1. Either layout will be great. In your photos, I see the chains more with the blocks on point. Have a great day sewing, antiquing, eating out and just relaxing!!

  2. OH how I would love to be going for a walk with Sadie....into the fog! and while I am at it--still love the on point look for the same reason I posted to FB. enjoy your weekend!

  3. Go big or go home! :-)

  4. I love your quilt! If I hadn't just started yet another Farmer's Wife quilt, I would so be doing one of these! Love your colors! XO

  5. Beautiful. I love these types of blocks. They are good for relaxing and almost zen meditation. Looks like another for my idea book and a future quilt.

  6. The quilt top is so beautiful Bonnie!
    It was foggy here the a few mornings ago, but clear as a bell this morning.
    Enjoy your long weekend and safe travels.


  7. I hate to say but I like the blocks in a straight set and not on point. That's what make the quilt world go round - doing your own thing. By the way, in the photo taken on the stairs looking down to the blocks, I see a chair in the back of the photo on the right. It appears to be patchwork squares used as upholstery for the chair. Is it really or is it just a quilt folded in the seat? Now, if you start making upholstery for your chairs, we'll know you have gone patchwork crazy. Love all of your work.

  8. Bonnie, the colors are just great on this quilt - lots of bright pinky colors keep it fresh - it will be wonderful no matter how you set it, but I am in the camp with the straight set - that way the chain seems to be on point !!! Have a great weekend.

  9. I'd like to see a picture of the on-point from the loft. close up I like on-point, but I like the diagonal arrows I see in the straight set from the loft view! as you said
    decissions, decissions, decissions!

  10. Love the color and the layout! Enjoy your last few days off! You do deserve it. Hope you have a great weekend and Labor Day!

  11. LOVE the on point . If it was mine that's how I'd do it!

  12. Hi, I am new to this site and I love it. I was wondering how to get on to live quilt cam. Thanks in advance.

  13. Wow!! I love it! I had wondered what it would look like all together. Isn't it amazing changing the direction of the blocks changes the pattern? One can make 2 different looking quilt with the same blocks. Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend! Well deserved!

  14. How big are your men? I find myself always making quilts big enough for my guys, even if the quilt isn't for them. If they can sleep under it and roll around and remain covered, then pretty much anyone else can too. :)

  15. Such a cute quilt any way you lay it. Love the scrappiness of it all.
    Have fun~

  16. Bonnie...Quick question...I would like to use a jell roll for a Scrappy Trip Around the World. Will that work? Vicki

  17. Bonnie K! I do believe it is all your fault that I can not find a decent treadle machine anywhere around these parts lol.

    You see we have Hunter-ites by the thousands...and well, what Bonnie has, they want too.

    I have been wanting one for many years and have decided no time like the present...except...where are they!.
    Sadie looks like you might be wondering if the aliens have landed lol...sweet girl

    Smiles, JulieinTN

  18. Natalie in Maine7:59 AM EDT

    I think I like it better regular and see the smaller dark and light squares going diagonal which ever way you put it You will love it and so will we, love all the bright colors in it. I think I may have to do this one. Maybe in a mini size, maybe 2 1/2 or 3 inch blocks?

  19. Love the layout, and that may be my next project. Love scrappy quilts-so much character.

  20. It will be beautiful whatever setting you decide!

  21. Your quilt or your quilts do two that way you can "have your cake and eat it , too" LOL
    Do you care what I have to say about it, I hope not very much it's your work you are the artist and have proven success doing it your way. I hope my comments are for smiles.

  22. Claire surovell12:45 AM EDT

    And this is a late morning? You're like the Army, doing more before 8 am than the rest of us do all day!


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