Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Wednesday on the Porch!

I had very busy legs today as you can see!

I pulled the treadle out onto the front porch, and Sadie and I spent about 8 hours just loving the beautiful day. 

Did it get warm?

Yes, but the porch is shaded, and the ceiling fans add a nice breeze.  Our humidity is way down today, so it was very pleasant.

Having all the blocks cut out meant that I could just sit and sew to my heart’s ((And feet’s!)) content!

What a perfect August day.  Balm for my soul!


Sadie sunning herself!

The mason jars you see on the wall are solar…they glow at night…I love them!

Photo: Sometimes--you just got to know when I call it quits for the night. *two of these things are not like the others!*  #sadiejaner and I are out for an evening hike! #quilt #quilting #patchwork #quiltville #bonniekhunter #boxkiteblock

Sometimes though…you gotta know when to call it quits!

One block mishap = KEEP SEWING.

Two block mishaps = Call it quits and go take a walk!  So that is where Sadie and I are headed as soon as I post this.


It was such an awesome day on the porch!


Today’s additions!

These are not laid out for color, please don’t tell me about not enough contrast or too much yellow gold in one place..I just laid them out to see what I sewed up today! 22 blocks!  ALL BY TREADLE!

I know I could have done double than that if I were at the 301 ---but it wasn’t about speed today.  Today was a slow treadle on the porch day ---and it felt so good.

I just heard from Tonya, she’s made it home safely and her kitties are happy to see her.

Tomorrow my non-quilting friend Mona and I are planning a girl’s afternoon out.  Lunch and pedicures! 

Even with all this designated quilting time, a girl has gotta take a break when she can.

Have a great evening, everyone!

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  1. Does Sadie have an electric collar or does she just chill out and not run away? I so wish my dog would stay around rather than run at a moments notice. LOL

  2. Sew content oh happy day.

  3. Bonnie, does the peddle to the metal count on your fitbit? Love the squares

  4. Do you get fitbit steps when you treadle?

  5. The blocks look great! I love how the mix of neutrals play up next to each other! I was thinking of you yesterday as we bicycled around Mackinac Island.

  6. Looks like pure heaven!

  7. I'm really liking the overall look of these blocks. This will be a stunning design! (But maybe you're planning another layout?)

  8. Sounds like heaven!

  9. very nice and so good to be able to stitch outside, one advantage of the treadle no electrics needed

  10. Wish I were you! What an enviable life you have, GF. You deserve it for all you give to us. Enjoy.

  11. After all that treadling, you deserve a pedicure! Here's a share: 1/4 cup listerine, 1/4 cup vinegar, and 1/2 cup warm water. Soak your feet for ten minutes and (according to the facebook post), the dead skin will supposedly easily sluff off! I can't wait to try this! Enjoy your pedicure and your outdoor sewing - from one jealous womain in Texas!

  12. I love reading all your posts and all the tips you share - I've loved all your photos from the cabin - thanks for sharing your daily life :)

  13. At least you noticed before the final seams. I did the one block turn yesterday too. At the Fair using the Frogging tool is not FUN. Lots of people watching... Glad you got so many done. How many more are needed?

  14. You are so inspiring! I really want to cut a pattern and be ready to sew like Bonnie but..... I can't settle on a pattern. Each time I see you working on a quilt, I want to do THAT one. ADQD - Attention Deficit Quilt Disorder.

  15. You are getting lots done.It is so much fun spending sewing time with buddies. I look forward to my times with my quilty friends!

  16. It still amazes me how much you accomplish in one sitting! I am picking up on your techniques ( Cooky sheets, and cutting lots of blocks so you can enjoy the sewing aspect of quilting) Time is so precious that when I do sew, I want to make it count and produce something. I'm getting there, my wonky stars are my leaders and Enders . I can't sew now without a Leader and Ender! I am working on Easy Street, smaller version( wedding gift), wonky stars and trying to fit my Turkey Tracks back in there.

  17. I like the lattice affect of your test layout better than the barn raising layout on the Quiltmaker page. I agree with DianneB, seeing this makes me what to stop everything and make one of THOSE! :)

  18. I never thought that one could have to much yellow and I figure to the critics like you... if you don't like my quilt make your own the way you want it and leave me alone lol


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